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Circle K

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1240 E 1st Ave, Broomfield, CO, 80020, United States
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27 reviews


"This is a very clean and well stocked store and very friendly staff."

"Vacuum cleaner is a scam, collects money, and doesn't work."

"Store employees should not be asking to pet service animals."

Matt Thompson · 1 year ago

So I went to the Shell gas station Circle K store this morning on April 12 Wednesday. They have a car wash behind the Circle K and my card would not work in the card reader I tried it several times the manager came out asked me if I needed help, he tried his own card. It still would not work and so this very nice Manager wanted to make sure I had good customer service so he went inside. Got me a code for the car wash came back out put the code in and gave me a free car wash. Kudos to him very nice guy. I can’t tell you his name he was a very good manager. Great customer service.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hello Thank you for the excellent feedback! Circle K appreciates your kind words and we hope to see you again soon.

De Fraze · 1 year ago

Store employee excitedly said hi to my service animal, making her break focus. Then she asked “service animal?” and I said yes. Then she asked to pet my service animal. Then she said she had a service animal at home. She should know the ADA then. I’m not coming back to this location. Store employees should not be asking to pet service animals. Store employees shouldn’t speak to service animals with a baby voice. Store employee have two questions they can legally ask according to the ADA: Is that a service animal. What job / task does she perform? That is it.

Collyce Gallagher · 10 months ago

Your night time cashier should not be in this store if you want to make money. Prefers you to go to self checkout and refuses to sell lottery tickets! Hire someone who speaks English and who actually wants to work.

Lea Saurini · almost 10 months ago

Nice employees. Vacuum cleaner is a scam, collects money, and doesn't work. They don't have the decency to put an Out of Order sign on it.

Daniel Holladay · 1 year ago

i went into the store in a jovial mood, to buy two packs of cigarettes, The computer you use to add your phone number for discounts was sticking/glitching, after trying three times i was going to pay the full price for the cigarettes.Then, the 20 something year old male behind the counter got smart and said 'it doesn't want to work for YOU'. This was very disrespectful. Customer service is important, and disrespecting your elders is an terrible act of un-professionalism. If you do not enjoy being at work, please don't take purpose and aim to ruin every other person's day. Part of your job is being polite and respectful.

Michael Wolfe · 9 months ago

Gas was 30 cents more expensive at the pump than what the sign showed. Went inside to grab a couple things and waited at counter while the three people behind the chatted for a couple minutes.

Chris Provost · 5 years ago

Desperately needs upgrades but the owner hasn't invested. I frequently find the car wash out of order with a traffic cone blocking the entrance or this wonderful note on the card reader if you want to purchase at the carwash point of sale. The gas prices allow you to use a discount at King Soopers which is nice and they remain competitive with the surrounding fuel stations in the area.

Owner's response · 5 years ago

Hi Christopher, thank you for letting us know and we are sorry about your experience. We have passed on your message to our local management team.

Melanie Pinzon · almost 6 years ago

The older woman working graveyard shift didn't pay attention to us when we walked in and stood at the counter to prepay for gas. Then, when she finally acknowledged that we were there, she prepaid us for the wrong amount and we went over and had to look for the change to pay them. If she can't do her job properlproperly, then she shouldn't be there. I've worked in a gas station. It's not that hard. Especially when you're just sitting around doing nothing as she was.

Owner's response · almost 6 years ago

Hi Melanie, we are sorry about your experience at our store. We would appreciate if you can contact us at (720) 758-6200 or via email Our local management team would like to follow up with you on this. Thanks!

Ronwe · almost 5 years ago

I'm Asian I got kick out today. Because I call one of the cashier"racism". I just want to get powerball. I didn't look like 21 .ok I have pictures ID. And she said I cannot take it. She don't even look. As long as have DOB picture on it. It work. This is not a federal government office ! Then the manager told me leave! Never comeback "we are not welcome you " because I comeback with value Id maybe she don't happy for it.i did told her I come here for 5year's for longtime customer. And today I only want a powerball. This it. And I'm no longer welcome here from the manager. Because at the first moment she did that I gonna told everyone at Broomfield. For what she did 😀

Ice Ice · 5 years ago

If you want to buy a car wash here then you have to buy it at the pump or inside otherwise you can plan on having your time wasted and to have to ask everyone in line behind you to back up and let you out since the machine won't accept cash even though the option is offered on the kiosk screen. Employees claim they can't put up any signage that doesn"t blow away but that is a worthless excuse. Get your machine fixed! How about that as a resolution?

Owner's response · 5 years ago

Hi Elaine, thank you for letting us know and we are sorry about your experience. We have passed on your message to our local management team.


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