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Bed Bath & Beyond

Bedding, housewares & home essentials

    9315 Dorchester St, Highlands Ranch, CO, 80129, United States


    263 reviews


    "Excellent service from the sales personnel at this location."

    "A nice selection of sheets at discount prices."

    "A great place for home and personal items."

    Chris Treagesser · almost 11 months ago

    Great location and big store sad to see it closing appreciate all the help.

    Tim S · 1 year ago

    Bed Bath & Beyond used to offer quality products at a premium price. They now offer junk for premium prices. Ripping off customers just because online retail has cut into your profits is disgusting. I purchased a $200 down duvet that was complete trash, the fabric was crunchy and abrasive and it spews feathers all over my bed room. The first 30 days was minimal, and i put it in a duvet cover to help with the poor fabric quality. By 40 days it's full on littering feathers out of the cover, through the cover, everywhere. Obviously I cannot return it or keep using it. $200 on a useless duvet, $200 more dollars on a replacement from elsewhere, $400 down. Bed Bath & Beyond has fully lost my trust and I don't recommend you trust them either!

    Janice Lee · 2 years ago

    Thank you store lead Sandy and Angelina for being above and beyond! Their down-to-earth and understanding attitude really makes a difference. This is my first visit to an actual store, because of an unresolved online order that I can't get any solution from online customer service for 8 weeks. I decided to give BBB one last chance and to my surprise, I am really impressed after this in-store experience. Sandy and Angelina are the gem of this company. While they are affirmative about the company policy, they are willing to listen and work it out. Now I decided to keep the membership and will definitely shop at the store next time! (not the online store again tho)

    Kathy Koenig · almost 2 years ago

    employee Gabe made my shopping trip enjoyable. He helped me with my coupons, signed me up for online stuff and Even helped me with suggestions. Great customer service. You have a gem in young Gabe!

    Chris Fedde · almost 11 months ago

    Get there soon they're about done with the heir clearance sale and are shutting down

    Keith Worfel · more than 1 year ago

    Nice transactions & deals, but I never received my email receipts from 2 separate purchases; I tried to call, but their phone system doesn't work, so you can't speak to anyone.

    Mauricio Larrosa · almost 3 years ago

    Nice store but people who work here need to have more training to help costumers. I did have to talk with 3 people just to get a simple money difference back for a vacuum and the last one while I was explaining what I need she was look at me with huge eyes like I was from other planet...until finally the manager was called and after he call other manager because he didn’t know the procedure...he was “new” on management..but was a help.

    Anthony Atha · 3 years ago

    I’ve always liked bed, bath, and beyond. This location seems a bit smaller than previous locations I have shopped at. We purchase an robot vacuum and mop, and had a few questions. The employee was super helpful and shared her experiences with her robots. Signed up for the plus membership and saved an additional $80. Great visit.

    Zach Pollack · more than 2 years ago

    It’s fine if you need BBB but gosh do I avoid this place. It’s always messy and dirty. Items are disheveled on the racks and the aisles are tight. The staff are not particularly helpful and it’s slow to check out. I find myself leaving here empty handed more often than not. Check the packages haven’t been opened and use a coupon or it’s not worth going here.

    Ariel Gobble · more than 4 years ago

    Best customer service experience. I was looking for a very specific product with limited availability and no ability to order online. Darby helped me locate it in store and ship to me locally. She was so sweet and helpful. I spoke to many of the crew during the checkout process and am so impressed. 5/5 Thank you Highlands Ranch Bed Bath and Beyond for going above and beyond for me.



    Chain with a varied selection of home goods, including bedding, kitchenware, towels & decor items.

    Service options

    Kerbside pickup
    In-store pick-up
    In-store shopping


    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance


    Repair services


    NFC mobile payments


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