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11 W Flatiron Crossing Dr, Broomfield, CO, 80021, United States
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1173 reviews


"The delivery guys respected me, my space, and my furniture being delivered."

"Received amazing service at checkout, after finding some excellent buys."

"Excellent place to shop, friendly staff, good price."

Jo -SWEETS- C. · 10 months ago

What a SAD experience Macy’s has become! Frankly the entire story looks like it is going out of business in the fast lane. I strolled through, thinking I might find a dress for my sons wedding. (Admittedly, it has been over 15 years since I’ve been in a Macy’s). The dress department looked like a collection of Carnival costumes. The rest of the store was simply, empty of employees and looked abandoned. Yikes!

Krista Beth · almost 11 months ago

Such great deals right now. On the verge of closing this location don't miss out

malia calip · more than 9 months ago

Came to Macy's today to shop for Estée Lauder make-up because the store I went to first did not have the shade I wanted. What a great freaking experience! Ginger who works at the Estée Lauder counter was so helpful and nice. She took the time to color match me and made so many helpful suggestions on which foundation would be best for me. I actually had so much anxiety about the whole experience since make-up can be so overwhelming and sometimes people in the make-up industry just aren't very nice. Ginger made me feel like she was a friend just helping me out. Thanks again Ginger for just being an amazing human!

Chris Pilarski · 5 years ago

Of course I had to plan a day around the delivery of a mattress. Then they gave a window of 2:30-4:30 the day prior. nice. On the day of, I get a text that it will be delivered between 10:30 and 11:30. when i text back and call to say I'm at work, there is no response. Cancel all plans, get time off work, so I don't come home to a mattress on the patio. what a joke!!

Ayesha Abbas · 1 year ago

I went to the jewelry department and I was looking for a nice set of earrings for my mother in law. At first, there wasn’t anyone at the counter to help out. And then when someone came around after about 5 minutes, they didn’t ask or even try to put in the effort of what my husband and I were trying to look for even though we asked for help. I asked the staff to show me what options they have that fit what I was looking for but then they were just standing around at the counter and not helping, talking to other staff about cleaning,etc. Jewelry is an item that needs to be shown and you can’t just pick up one and decide right away. So having some interest in what customers are looking for and trying to help them out can make their shopping experience at least pleasant.

Christine Spencer · 1 year ago

The one and only reason I am scoring 5 stars is because of the interaction I had with the sales associate in the Backstage area. Her name is Sadie. Macy’s as a whole is suffering in many ways. Hard to find help getting to items that are secured. Just hard to find help. Areas of store are in a mess. When I did find associates they were talking amongst themselves but loud enough for anyone else to hear them. The topics, in my opinion, were not appropriate work discussions. I spent three hours in the store and visited every area on the first floor. So I had been shopping the children’s clearance section and have an armful of clothes that were very hard to manage. I was waiting for a text to verify sizes so I approached Sadie at the register and asked her if I could leave them with her while I continued to shop. She was happy to put the items aside for me. When I returned it was 8pm. The mall closes but Macy’s stays open until 9. I had another armful of items. I had the wrong size picked out so I needed to go through a huge selection to figure out what I was buying and what I wasn’t. Sadie welcomed me to the counter and told me to use as much room as I needed and take as much time as I wanted. We had pleasant conversation and at one point I stated how thirsty I was and this lady walks away for a couple seconds and returns with a fresh bottle of water! Before she started ringing up my choices she excused herself to the bathroom to wash her hands as she had been cleaning the counter area and didn’t want to touch my things with dirty hands. So thoughtful! This person is a super star. I had an issue with the app and online accounts and she was patient and offered suggestions. These days customer service is just disappointing. I have gotten use to that and now don’t expect too much. At a time of night when most would be hasty and anxious to clock out Sadie was the opposite. I left feeling like I made a new friend. I hope she gets the recognition she deserves. I just can’t say enough great things about her. Thank you Sadie!

Jessica A · 10 months ago

I took my kids school shopping here and I had to exchange my teens polo shirts and jacket because he grabbed the wrong sizes. Due to the cashier’s language barrier I really didn’t understand why we couldn’t do an exchange when they were not worn with tags attached and had the receipt so I agreed to do the return and paid again for the items. 11 days later and each day I’m checking for bank account for my return and still haven’t received it. I paid two times for these items.

B H · 1 year ago

"Sweet Caroline... Good times never seemed so good." Thanks for selling me this watch. I love it! Caroline came in just in time. She's got great attitude and super cool to work with. She even resized my watch three times to make it perfect! Give that girl a raise! For real

Erica Seegrist · almost 1 year ago

Cute clothes, a bit pricey though buy good quality. Friendly workers but not enough places to check out and had to wait and find another one because no one showed up.

Rob Fitzpatrick · 1 year ago

I was there the other day. It wasn't very busy, but that didn't stop the staff from ignoring me completely. They literally didn't even look up during the time I was there. I was clearly there to buy, was looking through products, no help or contact from staff. At least if you shop online you can look at inventory, and not waste gas money.



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