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Bed Bath & Beyond

Bedding, housewares & home essentials

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110 W Troutman Pkwy, Fort Collins, CO, 80525, United States
Closed · Opens at 10 AM Thu
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728 reviews


"Wide assortment of kitchen gadgets, bathroom accessories, curtains, linens, etc."

"The manager refused to honor the advertised price, charging us $2.40."

"A store and brand which is my goto for kitchen and quality home products."

Richard Mauro Ricchiuti · 1 year ago

I knew years ago they were begging the 8 Ball and or finally caught up with their poor business model. It was often great to visit and see the stuff but when Amazon and other online options overshadowed BB&B it was very clear they weren't moving in the right direction. I'm sure it's tough but either the person(s) directing the company are 90 years old or too young without a vision, it's sad they missed out on what could have been a great online business. Goodbye!

Mona Brooks · almost 1 year ago

So too bad this store closing, but lucky for me, this store was also a rare Buy Buy Baby store. Got a bassinet and travel system (car seat/stroller combo) for my future grandchild at 60% off! Quality products, super staff and great price, awesome...

Javier Victor Mariano Bruno (Derp) · 1 year ago

Prices were never the best, and probably that killed the company. But the places was always easy to find a parking, clean, and relatedly fast check out Sadly the company went bankruptcy. The only shopping probably killed it. Now they are offering at leas 30% off on entire shop, but still with that 30% you search for the very same product online and online still cheaper :/

Cassandra Wieland · 1 year ago

The employees were great! But the store itself is closing, and it's not a mystery as to why. They are overpriced even with a going out of business "sale" they are still more than most places for the same items. Went on the last day they were accepting gift cards/ store credits to use up a credit I had from a while back because I never shop there due to the prices. I ended up going over the gift card by $100 because they didn't have things listed, the sign going into the building said 20% to 40% off, and the app to scan things could not find any item I scanned to give a price (even the employees scanners didn't work for half the stuff they said). I already regret 1 of the items I purchased through them. The store was a bit of a mess; items were just everywhere like you'd find at a dollar store or discount place but priced like Macy's or Nordstrom. I found a tik-tack-toe I wanted, but it was $80 still for plastic! Insane since it would be worth maybe $5. All and all this review doesn't matter since they are already going out of business, but it's no wonder why they are, I simply feel bad for the employees who are losing their jobs over it.

Wolf Paranormal Adventures · 1 year ago

Always been a favorite store of mine. Sad to see it closing for good but all giants must fall well to the online shopping empires. So if your needing anything get it now while the store is still open.

Diana Moseman · 1 year ago

Lots of sales as they will be closed in a few weeks I got twin sets of sheets for$2.99!

Brian Silver · 1 year ago

This has always been a good place to purchase quality products. If I wanted something above average, this was my go to. Not as much inventory this time. Felt like it was going out of business. Sad, but I get it.

Theresa Hoban · 3 years ago

This is a great store with a large inventory of goods for Bed and bath. One of the better stores we have been in. Until you have to go use the restroom… Disgusting and very dirty☹️ I was pretty shocked by it. Spend a few dollars and clean this up.

Victoria McCauley · more than 1 year ago

False & misleading advertising: They had a display sign advertising glasses for $2.00. However, they rung up as $4.00. When we pointed this out the cashier, it took 10 minutes to get a price check from the manager. The manager refused to honor the advertised price, charging us $2.40. Now, that is a pocket change difference for those items. It's still deceitful. Additionally, they advertised a digital photo frame online, claiming it was in-stock at the store. It wasn't. I've experienced this before. I wish corporate would be more upfront and accurate about what they have in-stock to save customers wasted trips. I also hope they choose to honor their advertised prices in the future.

Steve Ross · almost 1 year ago

This place is toast. Not much left on Sunday, which is the last day of BB&B's existence. Got a couple of cheap blankets.



Chain with a varied selection of home goods, including bedding, kitchenware, towels & decor items.

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