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Bed Bath & Beyond

Bedding, housewares & home essentials

    11435 Twenty Mile Rd, Parker, CO, 80134, United States


    213 reviews


    "Great staff super helpful lots of inventory."

    "I love this place for the gifts you can buy for friends and family!"

    "They ordered it and gave me a discount on my item for all the hassle."

    William Hartman · 1 year ago

    Quite a disappointment going here. I agreed to go with my wife to see if there were any deals worth looking into. Don't bother unless 10% off is your jam (the place is incredibly picked through, so i guess some folks are thinking, "score!" With the 10% off). It's odd to me that going out of business means miniscule discounts. 10% off on a $259 item isn't worth it for me. It's also not worth it on a $9.99 item either. I'm not surprised this place is going out of business. What a waste of time.

    Melodie Gonzalez · almost 1 year ago

    I know the store is closing. With that said I went and bought a floor model vacuum. What a huge mistake! It had been used to clean ink or oil, garbage and leaves were in the hose and rollers. It had none of the attachments and they only reduced the price by 40%. Buyers be aware!!

    Austin Shaffer · almost 11 months ago

    Nice staff but the stores empty except for shelves and racking that you can buy two old used mattresses that were display that's it

    Shawn Buster · 11 months ago

    The place was stripped because of it closing in 2 weeks. But the people were friendly and awesome. It sucks they are going to online only.

    Alan Ball · 1 year ago

    Selection is really dwindling down. Considering they are going out of business, the prices aren't that low.

    Gautam M · almost 1 year ago

    Store was almost empty. Prices were not captivating.

    Chris Roth · more than 2 years ago

    Have had okay experiences at this location in the past, but this one was terrible. I ordered an item online for in store pickup, and got a confirmation email that I was able to pick it up in store that day. I drove to the store and had to wait in line for like 15 minutes. When I got to customer service, they asked for my ID and looked up my order, only to tell me that they had manually canceled it, because they didn’t have the item in store. I asked why I wasn’t notified of that via call or email before driving in, and they said it was their standard process. I then let them know I had already paid for it, and wanted to know if I would be refunded. The front end manager acted annoyed that I asked, and said that I might get a refund in the next couple of days. She was really just pretty rude to me throughout the entire ordeal. Just a big swing and a miss by Bed Bath and Beyond this time around. Didn’t notify me that they cancelled my order, long wait times in store, and pretty rude customer service. Fingers crossed I actually get my refund!

    TRW · more than 5 years ago

    Better than ordering online as you can use all your senses to determine if items are correct for you. However there are several of these stores in the Denver surrounding area that are larger and have better items on clearance. The staff are great and friendly. There is not hard pressure sales on any items which makes it easier.

    Kenn Brantley · 3 years ago

    Called in on a defective product that was smoking and going to catch fire and they said of course bring it in and swap it out. Drove 25 minutes to original location only to be told that it was past the 60 day window. I explained over the phone when I bought it but was told no way when I got here by Kevin. I miss the old customer service and don’t know why I would shop in store rather than a different online retailer that takes care of their customers.

    Sharla Long · 2 years ago

    I found the long elastic sheet straps. I've been putting 4 of the very short ones together. What a mess that was. But no more of that. I have a hospital bed and the sheets don't stay on the bed. One roll over and you become a person wrapped in a sheet. I put them on 3 days ago and the sheets are still as the were when I put them on. One thing I did notice was there were employees there but none of them were asking if they could help find something. You guys are probably as short handed like were I work but there maybe someone should be just asking if they can help you. They can always be helping the store and putting the load out.



    Chain with a varied selection of home goods, including bedding, kitchenware, towels & decor items.

    Service options

    Kerbside pickup
    In-store shopping


    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance


    Repair services


    Debit cards
    NFC mobile payments
    Credit cards


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