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Family Dollar

Bargain retailer for household goods

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620 Peoria St, Aurora, CO, 80011, United States
Closed · Opens at 8 AM Thu


8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM


127 reviews


"Always good service! just keep the boot leg movie man away"

"Rather give my money to walmart"

"These family dollars have the worst staff, everyone I go too."

Sheri Stratton · almost 2 years ago

Horrible experience. This store is close to you house and I shop there regularly. After today I was so humiliated I will never be back. Just because I had a small back pack on. A one star is even to much. You don't treat people that way.

bryan quiroz · more than 1 year ago

Very nasty manager (the short one with the buzz cut) delivered here once and she was yelling at me from across the store because she wanted me to separate and move my stuff even tho were not supposed to. Super embarrassing.

Jamelle Johnson · almost 2 years ago

Won't be coming back to this store as long as Erick is here. I've watched him several times in confrontations with customers and had my own negative experience with him over a bag of frozen items i had bought at king soopers.

Joanne Macias · almost 2 years ago

Good place for deals love that I can find deals on xxx womens clothes for good price my new location I used to shop on alemeda an chambers for cleanliness and friendly staff dont no what happen there haven't shopped FD for a few months since this location has a manager that is there day in day out and is literally working doing something

Ja Lewis · 2 years ago

They just illegally checked (kids) bags after just cashing them out and racially profiled them these kids where no older then 10 & 11.I work in service and I can openly tell you it is illegal to say someone is stealing and check there bag or receipt and if they are stilling the most you can do is call the cops. The store associates were being unjust and tried to take advantage of these children and took there bags to check them keep in mind these are kids they just went in the store for there parents & when I tried to call the manager to inform them of there customer service they hung up !!! They wouldn’t dare do that to an adult so why do it to children.

Kayla Caine · 3 years ago

I came in 3/5 around 7 and the person at the counter was RUDE , UNPROFESSIONAL AND AWFUL . I asked where a night light was she was telling me with her mask on and I couldn’t understand so I asked again . The lady ignored me so I asked again , she finally responded with an attitude and said she was counting money (how was I supposed to know that? I’m just thinking I’m being ignored) Then the rude thing got an attitude and said she refuses to ring me up . I feel her approach was awful and she definitely seems like she’s a miserable person ! If you don’t like your job , get another one ! SIMPLE . The worse experience ever please get someone else or better training !!!!

Montesa Currie · more than 1 year ago

Was great fully stocked and definitely upgraded couldn't find alot of the things I needed because I didn't know location but workers did.

Melissa Valdez · more than 1 year ago

The employees here are so disrespectful and rude! I wouldn't give this place one star! I will definitely be reaching out to corporate.

LaDonna Jones · 4 years ago

Below is an incident that happened about 6 months ago. They seem to have cleaned the store up. My experience a young lady named TAMARA was excellent! I understand stock runs low from tine to tine but this young lady searched high and low with me for an item that I needed. She apologized that the item wasn't in stock and assisted me in for doing an alternative so that I wouldn't have to go to another store. Sometimes these stores don't recognize when they have a strong addition to their backbone. I hope this review reaches her and the store. Thank you Tamara. You're an all star! My 14 year old son and I rode our bikes to this location.... The store is a total mess. While I'm shopping I overheard the red head clerk talking to one of the managers. She says..."Big boy needs to get off that bike. You see that back tire? It's like wooomf..." She didn't know that his mother was in the store. The manager did and he about panicked. I made sure the manager acknowledged that she was talking to him...I get a ipmish..."I'll talk to the other one" whatever that means. Your store is a total mess and anyone could fall over the boxes and debris that's all over the floors and then sue...can you people really afford that? Maybe instead if fat shaming kids...clean your store and yes... your clerks as well. The woman shaming my some had bad hygiene and I stopped her from talking to me because of the odor emitting from her mouth. I always told my kids that bad words and mean talk makes your breath stink. I feel I've met the mother of the all. But this bullying will not go unnoticed. How dare you pick at my kid and all he was doing was being a kid. This isn't over by far...

Bakari Fuller · 4 years ago

We are in the middle of a shut down their is no toilet tissue anywhere than I find out they have tissue so I go to the door with my two kids and they denied me entry. Couple of minutes later the police came and the associates had hit a customer. Long storie short still no tissue. These family dollars have the worst staff, everyone I go too.



Discount chain carrying a variety of goods, including groceries, household items & beauty products.

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