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Dollar Tree

Wide range of products at bargain prices

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6000 E 64th Ave, Commerce City, CO, 80022, United States
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9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM


312 reviews


"Great selection of dollar priced food drinks and household goods"

"Employees park in handicapped are without a permit dont care"

"Very cheap good quality and good service"

Chanelle Butterfield · 1 year ago

I'd never been in a Dollar Tree prior to about 5 years ago but they had some surprises for me. They gave me my first job in 16+ yrs deciding to give me a chance, and I'm forever grateful. Had my first pay that was above $6.50 an hour, and my first semi-promotion too. I worked a total of 21 months and met a lot of great people, only 15-20% of which were staff, co-workers and such, but the warmest welcome was the customers. I ended up leaving the job though because from the beginning I didn't have the greatest of treatment from (a) boss/co-worker (s). It was the customers more than anything that convinced me that I deserved better and I am grateful to them 💖 after about a year elsewhere I decided I wanted to go back. And they took me back with a whole new staff save 2. Our store has good deals and you're bound to find a few things you haven't at other Trees. You'll definitely find a warm, outgoing staff, but I'd have to say the one at the top (of our store at least) is the main reason we all take such pride in where we work. Store manager Kayla Catherman greets both staff and customer the same, with an open ear, sometimes a giggle, and advice should you come looking. My purpose in this review is to call attention to her hard work and determination to make the shopping and working experience a good one every time. I also hope that all the higher ups from her will see what a gem she is and listen to her, ACTUALLY LISTEN to the things she has to say, and maybe try a few out. What's the worst that could happen... right?! One more thing...thank you to every single customer that made/makes me feel want, those people that lifted me up when I was at an emotional bottom because of previously spoke about reasons, and also to those that even took the step in their life to try to work at the Tree.

Thiccletics · more than 1 year ago

Lots of crafts for every season here. I will come here first before I go to Michael’s from now on. Cashier was super friendly on the morning of 10/11/22. She was nice to my kids, too. Will definitely be back.

Gina Marquez · 5 years ago

Wow for such a little store it literally had items and products that I wouldn't have expected to find in a DOLLAR TREE.. GREAT SHOPPING EXPERIENCE

Juan adan Elizalde · 1 year ago

The company itself is a Christian own company but never help their employees. People that get hurt on the job don’t get help, women that are pregnant won’t get get fmla. On top of that they make it hard to get any help

Wendy Pfannenstiel · 1 year ago

Very dirty boxes on floor to hard to move not a whole lot of seasonal won't shop there again

Jamie Mcclung · 2 years ago

Just went to this Dollar tree this morning at about 9:00. When they open went to the door. Doors were still locked. Looked in the door. Nobody inside but there were a couple cars outside so I know the workers were there. Went back to my car. Waited for at least 10 to 15 minutes and went back. Still no open door. The hours are not accurate so I suggest people get there about 9:30 if they want to get in the Dollar tree at this location.

Momma Ramirez · 2 years ago

I appreciate the new management at this store. I don't know his name but ever since he came to this store, the store is clean, the store is well stocked and the employees are all just as great & work hard to make this store nice. Keep up the good work! ❤

Bertha M Soria · more than 1 year ago

Inspite of Store Name.. Item Prices are $1.25 & Higher with only very few @ 2 for $1. Great prices but as in all Places Selling Food & Snacks Always Be Sure to Ck Product Expiration Dates. Commerce City now joins many other cities with 2 store locations available for the convenience of its Citizen's.

Lori McMahon · 3 years ago

I will never Go back into the store. I have been going to the store for almost 10 years. Today they’re revamping the store so the customers they could care less about. The checker was rude when I asked for her to call someone else to help. Then when I talk to the manager she indicated that her store was being revamped so she couldn’t help as quick as we needed. The line was clear to the back of the store. So I guess they don’t understand the people that shop there pay their paychecks. I’ll drive to Brighton first.The store in Brighton is Cleaner and the staff as well as rude

troylynn garcia · almost 2 years ago

This store has not been open for awhile. Went a few weeks back and the workers were locking the closing and locking the doors they stated there was no management to open the store went back afew days later sign on the door stated closed until further notice weeks later still closed



Chain offering a mix of household items, beauty products, food & more at discount prices.

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