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Family Dollar

Bargain retailer for household goods

  • In-store shopping
9410 Federal Blvd, Federal Heights, CO, 80260, United States
Closed · Opens at 8 AM


8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 10 PM


175 reviews


"Big selection, good prices."

"The employees dont speak much less look at you the store is little dirty"

"Great customer service the cashier Lonie was very helpful!"

Jasmine Brouhard · 2 years ago

Went in on 03/20/2022 and was sold a gallon of whole milk with the sale date of 03/12/2022, when I realize this morning after Pouring a bowl of cereal for my kid and realizing it’s smelt funny I decided to give them a call and neither the cashier or the manager believed me I was told I needed to bring the gallon of milk in so he could see for himself the fact that they even question me was unbelievable but I have all the proof I need to show them that their milk was bad! bad customer service and bad products !!!

Vic Fletch · 11 months ago

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream had a sign 2 for $8. Manager said they “preset” sales night before and will not honor price until tomorrow. Wow! Won’t be back.

GG XX · 9 months ago

Great customer service the cashier Lonie was very helpful!

Mandy Lee · almost 2 years ago

I bought a manicure system/tool. It didnt work with new batteries. I didn't have the outer packaging or receipt but the manager greeted me at the door and was quick to switch out the item for a new one no problem at all. Very pleasant and unique experience thank you.

Clinton Hightower · more than 10 months ago

While in the store shopping the two employees were constantly complaining about the job and coworkers.

Christina Ribera · almost 3 years ago

I think this may be the only bad review I've ever written. I always try to find the best in companies. I however have never seen such poor and rude customer service. The manager Joshua accused my mother of stealing. She visits this store everyday just to get out of the house and loves to look at the inventory. She always finds something that she just falls in love with and pays for it. Today she was accused of stealing. She came home crying. When I called the store to discuss this with the manager he was very rude and when I asked for the corporate number he dismissed me and said to look online. I will never return to this store. The rest of the staff has always been nice and pleasant. All it takes is one bad employee to lose customers.

jeff cordova · 2 years ago

Al & his staff here have to say put to up with a lot of difficulties between being short staffed and the people on this area being really trashy and to mention simply being asked to wear a mask is practically pulling teeth to some people these days, so heads up if you are rude and don’t know how to be polite don’t come here cause these folks don’t tolerate any stupidity, but that being said this is one of the best family dollars I’ve been to and I’ve lived in the south, Washington state and NE. Much love to this store and the staff

Bobbie Kulik (Demon Fox) · almost 3 years ago

Around 530 this evening I walked in looking for out of all things a stuffed raccoon, I don't know the lay out of the store so I just turned to walk down the back wall, as I walking through the guy you have employed chased after me yelling at me over my bookbag, telling me I know I have to leave it at the front, NO I DID NOT. I literally shop inside every store I go to whether it being king soopers or Walmart with my bookbag on my back, it's not loose and very secured to my back. Now my issue isn't over my bookbag, because I initially started to remove it, it's over the tone, attitude and demeanor in which he addressed me. There's no reason to yell at a customer for any reason, specially over something I was completely unaware of. It's unfortunate that this location is so close to my home because I don't think I will revisit this location after being treated with such animosity.

Mikenzi Cortese · more than 3 years ago

We pulled up to this store at 8:48 pm and the door clearly states open until 9pm. walked in and the dark haired manager around 5 ft tall was rude and hatefule informing us we had 2 minutes. since we knew what we needed we right to it and ready to buy withing 1 minute. walked out of the store at 8:51 pm and the doors were locked right behind me. You would think during these times that customer service would be important to retail. But more importantly being open during your posted hours. Shame that these managers are allowed to get away with locking customers out before posted hours.

April Gallegos · 2 years ago

Shopping at this store until tonight I understand that we are to wear masks in your store but when a customer goes in there and ask for a mask and Family Dollar's irritated employee stated he just sold the last one. But I didn't ask to buy one I asked if they had one I could have. which companies are to provide mask for their customers if they want their business. That Family Dollar will lose out on money from people walking out and going to another store with better customer service and can provide a mask for their customers to shop.



Discount chain carrying a variety of goods, including groceries, household items & beauty products.

Service options

In-store shopping
Same-day delivery


Wheelchair-accessible car park
Wheelchair-accessible entrance


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