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Dollar Tree

Wide range of products at bargain prices

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1407 W 84th Ave Ste A1-3, Federal Heights, CO, 80260, United States
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262 reviews


"A lot of the customers can be rude but the location and the staff are great."

"Filthy hands that touched my stuff and the b.o almost knocked me over...."

"Love the prices, the products and the people!!"

Sarah Dawnmore than 1 year ago

I am constanly impressed by the people working at this dollar tree over the past year (some of the people I'm speaking about are more recent and some have been there longer). They are working under conditions that may be difficult (heat, for example) but they are kind and helpful and professional. I also get the feeling the employees get along w/ and respect one another; that's such a nice thing to see in a place of business! And they are just and kind and helpful to us customers who come in. When I make orders to pick up in the store, I always appreciate how the employees at this dollar tree handle that process. I think the manager at this store is a special gem of a human and so are the employees they have right now. If I could write the names of some of the amazing employees, I would but I think that may be a privacy issue. Thank you to the people of this Dollar Tree for your positive attitudes, professionalism and for going above and beyond.

Christina Martinez1 year ago

It was nice to have a very pleasant experience in store! My most recent visit I found an employee by the name of Katie to be very nice and helpful!! Very upbeat working through a leaky situation.

Stephanie Harris2 years ago

Since the first of November I have noticed a huge and I do mean huge difference in this dollar tree. This particular dollar tree is not in the best part of town and this has showed until the new manager Chris took over. Immediately I noticed a change not only In the way the store looked but how it smelled! The shelves were stocked every day , the store was clean and mopped and the moral of the crew members was the best I鈥檝e ever seen! I have been shopping at this store for about eight years and sadly this store has been a dump. The difference here is amazing! I know really love coming here! A big congrats 馃嵕馃巿馃帄 to this young man for going above and beyond. He always greets me as well as other customers with a smile and he doesn鈥檛 hide in the office like the past managers did.

Sheila Brown2 years ago

There鈥檚 a huge difference in our neighborhood Dollar Tree ! Since Chris , the new manager has taken over the store appearance has changed dramatically! Shelves are stocked and neat, and no longer looks like a dump! The staff is friendly and happy. Chris is on the floor helping customers out with their purchase鈥檚 , welcomes everyone with a smile and always visible to help ! He鈥檚 definitely going above and beyond the call of duty and it shows. The parking lot is full of shoppers and it鈥檚 wonderful to see it come alive again. I鈥檝e lived in the area for 30 + years and have seen this store decline, but now, with Chris at the helm it鈥檚 coming back! And thank you Alexia? For your great service!

Maryssa Gonzalez2 years ago

I stopped coming to this Dollar Tree because it was dirty, disorganized, and rude staff. After a couple of months, I stopped by and OH MY GOODNESS!! It changed tremendously. The entire store, inside and out looked amazing. The staff are very kind. Keep up the good work. I highly recommend this going to this Dollar Tree :)

Meg Balmost 3 years ago

Two stars because I love Dollar Tree, but this location is my least favorite. Avoid it if you can. They rarely have their store clean and stocked like other Dollar Tree's. They often have a large line and the cashiers are slow and rude when they have people waiting. Several times (like last night 6/10/21 at 6pm) I have come and they are closed during regular hours because their staff didn't show. This location needs to get it together. There are several Dollar Trees in the area that are nice, I'd rather drive the few extra minutes to avoid this location. I even like the new Dollar Spot at certain stores, where things are $3 to $5, there are some good deals. They have to compete with places like Five Below so it was bound to happen. I'm glad they are keeping most items $1.

Clayton Burkhardt2 years ago

I used to shop at this Dollar tree all the time before I started working here it wasn't in the best of shape nobody took care of it and there was no good customer service. Now that Chris took over the store things have changed it looks a lot cleaner shelves And they are always stocked and us employees always have the best attitudes.

Ed Wiebers Scarbor2 years ago

Finally you can walk in the store and you can find the areas where the product should be. Only if they would send the store more of the product and not have so many empty shelves. The new store manager is extremely friendly and helpful. Almost all the staff knows where the product should be and they will help you if they'r the only employee Plus in store manager on the floor.

Connie Underwoodalmost 3 years ago

The store is.a.mess. Boxes and products on the floors. Long line for check out until finally a 2nd cashier opened. I understand there is not enough employees but this seems to be and ongoing issue. Just does not measure up to other dollar trees I have been to and are much larger.

ryu highabusaalmost 10 months ago

Not a safe space for neurodivergent people to shop.



Chain offering a mix of household items, beauty products, food & more at discount prices.

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