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Super 99+ Cents

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2155 S Sheridan Blvd, Denver, CO, 80227, United States
Open · Closes at 9 PM


10 AM - 9 PM
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1441 reviews


"Awsome place and crazy cheap price in quality stuff"

"Can't beat the prices on vape products."

"The selection on the clothes area was great, a ton of options to choose from."

Cristen Aragon · 8 months ago

I always call this Super Magic Fun Store. All kinds of stuff. Bongs, munchies, makeups, even fish. If you go when they close, the parking lot becomes the fast and furious movie! Can someone teach me how to do a burnout?

Becky Hurst · more than 8 months ago

My favorite dollar store, however, My daughter and I went last night and she wanted a beta fish, so we bought a glass bowl, the fish, some rocks and went to get the fish food and there's none anywhere. I asked the guy at the register where the fish food was for the betas and he responded it was in their shipment they just received and they haven't unpacked it yet.... Hmm... It was super annoying to get a fish without the fish food at the same time.

Seraphina Raziel · almost 10 months ago

Super rude. They locked the doors at 740pm on Sunday. I could see people shopping inside. The guy is waving me away in the window, telling me I can't come in I honestly just needed one thing. I saw many other people also get turned away. Bad business.

Dee C · 10 months ago

I love this place. one stop shop. anything from bongs to kitchenware to panties and shoes. who knew. as well as their discount items. guess it depends on your preference of a discount shop most of their items are made fairly decent. they even have speakers and posters and anime posters.

Shelley Valdez · 1 year ago

I've been buying from there for awhile..I've bought plenty of contacts, ..I bought two yesterday, velvet green and honey .the green worked fine yesterday..Today I tried the honey and they kept going up my eyelids ,not staying on the eyeball..I tried different ways and it didn't work..I called to exchange them and the guy said since I opened them they can't sell them again .I said they're defective..why would you try and sell them AGAIN? He said there was NOTHING HE COULD DO!! OR Wanted to do!!I Basically gave him money for a defective product!! He didn't even try to help me..I spend lots of money there and they lost a good CUSTOMER FOR SHITTYY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Some of these fools need an Education before working with the PUBLIC

The Spainard · almost 8 months ago

Waited quite a long time to be helped or even greeted. But, was definitely watched closely & some point followed throughout the store despite the hundreds of security cameras throughout the store.

Samantha vigil · almost 8 months ago

Love this place they have decent prices on their items and have cheaper cigarettes then 711

Hello Byebye · almost 11 months ago

Me and my mother have been shopping here for a while now. Since they opened the store. Today we went there as usual on the weekends and i picked up a pool noodle because i was going to buy it and all i hear on the speakers is “if you aren’t going to buy it, don't play with them” but in spanish. I said i was going to purchase it and he asked me through the speakers “did you understand me” and as a joke i said “no” and he asked me if i was stupid and if i had no brain. Of course i got angry and i told my mom. My mom asked him why he did that and he started arguing with my mom and i tried to clear up any misunderstanding and he told me to shut up. We tried telling the manager and he had a horrible facial expression that made it seem like he didnt care. Honestly i used to think the costumer service was great but now i am disappointed and offended.

Trixie Ann · 1 year ago

Rewards program when u put ur number in the system only adults they denied my son not cool ...made my boy sad. But as we were paying someone paid for our stuff whoever you were thank you! Prices are good for some few things over-priced but great glass for smokers

eric heinz · more than 8 months ago

Lots of ok stuff. Fun place to check out. Espesiallllly if you need travel sized stuff.


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