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Dollar Tree

Wide range of products at bargain prices

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4385 W Florida Ave, Denver, CO, 80219, United States
Open 路 Closes at 9 PM


9 AM - 9 PM
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9 AM - 9 PM
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9 AM - 9 PM


297 reviews


"I buy certain food, candy, paper plates, and other stuff."

"The manager is amazing and the rest of the staff are kind and helpful."

"The shelves and frozen food section were very well stocked."

Eunice Diaz9 months ago

I used to go to this dollar tree & it was never this bad but every single time I have gone to these last few months it is always closed when the sign clearly says open. I have seen the manager there a few times, watching from inside the store with the doors locked & yet doesn鈥檛 bother to unlock the doors I find that very unprofessional on their part. This store should be closed or get people that actually want to work.

Zully Jimenez10 months ago

Terrible service I took a box to put glass plates and the cashier named DEE said that she couldn't take the box because they had inventory I asked for a manager and when Dave arrived the handler hit him with a box and said that he didn't know the bad way I asked why and he told me that it was money for dollar tree and they recycled them I have worked a lot in stores as a general manager and I thought it was incredible the bad service they have since customer service is the main thing in this type of business There were many boxes and the one I was going to take was not complete. I even get annoyed a lot and I invite people to avoid leaving their money in this type of business that do not have a good attitude with their customers.

Ash jalmost 8 months ago

There is never more than one cashier and the freezers are constantly empty. It's cool I'll go inside and get the next box. We all know that dollar tree is known for having cluttered stores and no customer service but you can't get mad at them. They try.

julie carlsonmore than 8 months ago

What is going on in there !!! Last two times inside the cashiers very rude, brought my own bag and wouldn鈥檛 bag it an than no thanks, felt so unwelcome WOW

Desire Giles1 year ago

The store was organized and clean. I was able to find everything I was looking for. The store associate was friendly.

Vanette Gomogdamore than 1 year ago

I have lived in the neighborhood for 70 years the manager a male is very aggressive and rude un fair to employees and treats them with no respect we got into a discussion with the other people in store he continued to badger me well yelling I said if he couldn't exchange a 50 he had just opened up I had it in my hand after waiting 25 minutes in other line. Asked if he could break it down from other register said no Asked if I should get back in other line so that was when he was badgering me threatened to call the police and refused service. He has not been there longer than the neighborhood it's not the best area but the people are hard working he is very unprofessional think he forgot who pays his salary 馃 I realize customer service is not easy .hope they put someone in there with a little more professionalism thanks this is the 2nd time it's happened at that location

Abel Duran1 year ago

I now have to drive across town to buy DollarTree products. It seems that stores in my neighborhood are closed permanently which is an inconvenience but at least I know that the Denver-W. Florida Ave store has what I need. I was not permitted to utilize the restrooms because there were too many people in line and the cashier was too busy to assist. Thanx, but No Thanx.

louis galluzzi jr2 years ago

I've been to Manny dollar stores but this one was well stocked I spent more this store than any other store in one setting... Not to mention that most everything is a$1.25 now and the have changed their items to $3-5 dollars on new items they stock. Cudos to dollar tree for a few of them new items are a hit! Just don't go any higher on those "use to be" dollar items. For a few years please.

A 1almost 2 years ago

Always friendly people great help to Sunday school festivities. Great value at truly a low price. I'm not a commercial. I am a satisfied customer for years. Price Change is nice . An excellent help to any community.

Peaches Thesordidmore than 10 months ago

There's nothing like skipping through the craft section at the dollar tree.



Chain offering a mix of household items, beauty products, food & more at discount prices.

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