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8575 S Quebec St Ste B, Highlands Ranch, CO, 80130, United States
Open · Closes at 10 PM


8 AM - 10 PM
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336 reviews


"Good customer s service and obviously prices."

"Halloween decorations, spices ceramic plates & silverware."

"Great place to grab anything from cleaning supplies to gift bags."

Deidre Hudson · 1 year ago

Horribly unfriendly staff. Yelling at people over the intercom. Older lady at the front yelled at my 2 year old for picking up some miniature kitchen tongs. “Those are not toys!” I will never visit this location again. I have never been in a store with staff like this.

Snappy · 1 year ago

This dollar store has always been nice, more so then the others. This store especially shines if you want nice cheap silverware or mugs, quick brand name eats and drinks, or basic office/party supplies. Store is cleanly and employees are mostly always nice, though the costumers can be sleezy sometimes.

Zach Neal · 1 year ago

I've actually never shopped at this location but a lot of my close friends have and all day good things. I came out of the closet some time ago and my friend spotted this on the bottom of his purchase so as a bottom player myself I felt the need to leave a 5 star review for dollar tree supporting me in my love life more than anywhere else. Bottom and proud and thank you so much to dollar tree for the self confidence. I love you

JULIO LOPEZ · 2 years ago

Great service! JEFF was awesome. My wife wanted some balloons and he went and grab them for us. Jeff your awesome.

Alana Costello · 10 months ago

Easy layout. Friendly staff. No wait in line.

Melissa Davis · 1 year ago

Fast, friendly staff, and I found most of what I wanted. There was no freezer section and so wasn't able to get that.

metaptn metaptn · more than 1 year ago

Worst experience when we went there there was one helper in the ship who is shouting on everyone and screaming that everyone need to keep it in order where are..there. I really felt offended and she need to clearly change her attitude...customers are not the one for her to get rid of her frustration...if she is working there we may not visit that store...she is seriously omg shouting on customers never ever saw that anywhere else...hope manager of that store can take some appropriate action...

Taylor P · almost 2 years ago

UPDATE 2: I recently had a very pleasant interaction with the manager of the store. So much so I'm raising the stars to 4. I can absolutely see how the debauchery from the customers here would get to literally anyone. I also like how this location is (currently-as of Aug 2022) open til 10. Update: dropping to 3 stars because if you're in there 45 min before closing time get ready to be yelled at the second you walk in (not s hello or anything else), yelled at on the intercom every 5 minutes that they're about to close and for you to GTFO. starting at 15 after the hour is excessive. Stopping in the middle of checking someone out to say it when it's STILL 25 min to just rude. Otherwise: It's a fine dollar store. It could be updated, especially for the area. I've never gone in and left with less than triple the amount of things I went in for, so there is that. Most recently it was the only place that still had bunny ears in stock at like 8pm on Easter Sunday, which was critical for the photoshoot (see photo) back at home 🤗. Staff is hit or miss. It gets busy, expect to wait on busy days in line, but I think that's at every dollar store. They recently put in the $5 section which is cool, dangerous, but I dig the options. I will say though if you're looking for purely $1 everything has gone up to $1.25 basically- which I'm attributing to rampant inflation, but if you think about it, value is still (questionable) the same. I took a star off because of the need for an update/layout change and one of the managers(?) is fairly outwardly grouchy every time.

Lindi Todd · 2 years ago

4/16/2022 went into this store around 11:30am and witnessed a female employee being so incredibly rude to an elderly man who was having trouble running his credit card. I have never seen anyone treated so horribly! She should be absolutely ashamed of herself. The line of people was very long and I think she was stressed out but that is no excuse to treat an elderly person that way.

Benjamin Boaz · more than 3 years ago

Very nice job to Melissa, the cashier, she was happy and friendly but professional. The only suggestion would be to get a little better on stocking. This is a busy time though so no big deal. :) Well done!



Chain offering a mix of household items, beauty products, food & more at discount prices.

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