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3511 N Salida Ct, Aurora, CO, 80011, United States
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2331 reviews


"Great prices and customers service!!"


"Super helpful and great price on a small upright freezer."

Sharron Ice-Werner · almost 9 months ago

Had to go to the Geek Squad. The guy that waited on me was great! I had two kids with me aged 15 and 8. Luckily, Best Buy kept them occupied while I was tending to my business. Got everything I needed done, and the kids were happy.

Laura Adams · 9 months ago

I went to Best Buy and Brice was the employee that help me and my daughter purchase the correct laptop, and accessories. He was very respectful, great attitude, and did not try to get t us to purchase a more expensive laptop. I was very happy to take the advice to get The Geek Squad Protection plan. I'm so glad that it was a 10 out of 10 shopping experience.

Ashley Chavez · almost 9 months ago

Went in for a new tv. There was a group of employees standing right next to us, and not one approached us. We finally went and found someone else to assist us. He was very helpful and had great suggestions. Went in thinking a 55in is what we wanted but left with a 65in!

R J Whetstone · 9 months ago

Helpful service and able to get questions answered as well as the best solution for my needs.

Isaac Ortiz · almost 11 months ago

This is one of the worst experiences I’ve had as a customer. I ordered a tv online, only to be called and told that the open box item I had ordered was broken. The manager Shane that called me told me there would be options available for exchange, but when I came to the store he didn’t even have the curtesy to speak with me in person. Instead another rude associate told me there was nothing I could do, so I drove to the store for no reason. I wish I could give minus stars, terrible service and terrible management from Shane.

Lady Ashura · 11 months ago

It took 60 minutes to finally get someone to unlock the cage for a portable hard drive. (Was actually wanting a 2TB Portable SSD, but everything was empty amd disorganized). It's like everyone in the store disappeared. Multiple trips back and forth from customer service to try and get help, yet no one came. I resorted to just lightly kicking the cage to annoy someone enough to show up. Off and on for 30 minutes. No one showed up. I could of walked to my jeep, grabbed my bolt cutters and cut the lock off myself, cleaned out the entire cage and walked out without even a glance. Lots of customers, only 1 employee at customer service. Meanwhile, whomever the guy was in the back room was BLASTING Spanish music, as if he was the only person in the entire building. 40 minutes until I found someone that was helping other customers, which I had to stand and wait for another 20 minutes before she was available. Then, as we were walking to the cage, she kept asking me over and over, which hard drive I wanted... as if she had xray vision through 3 isles of products. At that point, I didn't even want to try and get help to find and/or buy an SSD. So, I ended up with an HDD instead, for an external game drive for my Steam Deck. Also, it was VERY HOT in that building. What happened to you guys? You used to be far better than this! I'm very disappointed with your employees, your store due to a severe lack of products, empty shelves and the product I ended up getting because of all this.

Jake Loftus · 11 months ago

I think I'm just done trying to get anything from this store. This is the second time in a row that I haven't gotten a pre-ordered item on release. Pre-order months in advance, choose this store for pickup, only to be left on "Oh we're waiting for stock to come in". My Tears of the Kingdom collector's edition took a literal week after release to be available for pickup. I've never had an issue at any other store but this one.

A A · 5 years ago

Ok, so I can only give them 3 stars based on a few important things I noticed. First and most importantly, the sales members on the floor are worse than car salesmen!!! Let me breathe and look around for more than 30 seconds PLEASE!!! Honestly, I was approached by at least 10 salespeople in 10-15 minutes today! I was so turned off o decided NOT to buy anything. They are not paid commissions but are incentivized very similarly! This is a very small store and several of the items I was looking for were not in stock. I did have a very positive interaction at the Geek Squad and was very pleased with the quick service I received!

Steve O. · almost 2 years ago

I ordered new door speakers online for in store pick up. I was in and out in less than 3 minutes. Great customer service and I was helped by an employee that wanted to work and seemed like he liked his job. I will be back to this store. Thank you Best Buy

Denise · almost 1 year ago

Abysmal service from store "Manager" and Geek Squad. I recently went to Belmar Colorado Best Best seeking some help on how to use my AirTags and they advised the reason it did not work was because my iOS was not up to date. As such I went home and updated my iOS and returned to a different store close to work thinking that I'd get the same awesome service to let them know my AirTags still did not work despite doing what the other guys suggested. They changed the battery of one AirTag to test if its a battery issue which indeed it was and then had the audacity to charge me for these batteries when the item I bought (granted it was an open box item but still should make no difference) should have been in excellent condition as described which it was not. How does this even make sense given I made the purchase in late Feb and the item never worked (I only found out in May when I was travelling and needed to use the item). The only solution they could offer me was a "discount" on the battery price. Do not go here.



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