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3455 Salida St c, Aurora, CO, 80011, United States
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207 reviews


"Nice people work here good service too 👌👍"

"Friendly staff, knowledgeable, great prices"

"He was very kind, he has very good customer skills you do see that anymore ."

Timothy L. Smith · more than 10 months ago

Thank you to Game stop and more importantly Alyssa for service today. She assisted us with 3 games, explained how to take more of an advantage of my rewards membership and maximize our gaming experience. Alyssa was pleasant, an expert in the gaming world and a awesome.human being. Come to this game stop for your gaming needs and a cool time.

Mitchell DeVito · almost 11 months ago

I’ve come here 3 times this week and ever time I come there is a sign on the door that says they have had to step away. They NEVER answer the phone. What is the point in having a location that is never open. This is why Amazon is so dominant. It’s cheaper and always accessible.

Kevin “Mr. I can not gonna drown” Hughes · 11 months ago

This is agreat place. There's a dude with a beard that works here. He's my superhero. I hope he's there every time I'm there. Every time. His knowledge of video games makes me thirsty for more. If he never leaves I'll be happy forever. Keep the bearded dude. He's the greatest. I just hope he knows what he means to me, waiting there, just for ne to come in and say hello. Well, my friend, here's a "hello" for you forever big guy! We will see each other again very, very soon.

Brian Prescott · more than 9 months ago

Alyssa was so wonderful helping out my friend and I! I haven’t been in a GameStop in years and it was a blast from the past and a great experience

jeremy zody · 1 year ago

The gentleman that worked here today made me go to a different GameStop to trade in my PlayStation 4. He wouldn't accept it. Went to the one by the Aurora Mall accepted it no problem last time I go to this store. You guys need to keep your consistency.

Daniel Lorenz (Shadow) · 1 year ago

This Gamestop is great! always can snag a few games for a decent price on the used rack! They kinda fudged up a pre order of mine once,but it was a huge game drop. They fixed the situation. Got my money back & another copy 13 days later. They put in the extra effort. I appreciate that! Customer service is alive & well at Gamestop on Tower Rd.

Alex Guad · 1 year ago

CROOKS RUN THIS STORE! Today, 6/1/23, at 3:50PM, I was helped by a man named James. James seemed nice at first until I had asked about buying a Steam wallet code with my monthly pro account 5 dollars. Upon hearing this, James became very shifty and made it very clear that the store had nothing to do with the code once it was printed. I found this okay as I have done this with many other gamestop's and it seemed precautionary. However, James was different... This man went on for a good couple of minutes in a very shady manner and I had brushed it off. I went to try and install the code but it seems as if there might have been a signal jammer in there because I could not get any signal (despite my 2 bars of LTE) but what do you know? The second I walk out of the store my phone loads! Now I know what you might be thinking, this seems a little far fetched, however when I asked James for his name during the encounter, he said his name was Michael! Why would he do this if he was being an honest employee? Very disappointed in this gamestop and I want my money back and for this man to be fired.

Jake Loftus · 1 year ago

Pre ordered Tears of the Kingdom here soley to get the wooden plaque that comes with the pre order. "Sorry we ran out".... How do you run out at 11am on release day. Scummy GameStop really hates keeping customers

Max Esayev · 1 year ago

My account was recently hacked and my login email was changed. My payment information was stolen and I had to freeze my credit cards. After spending days being ignored by GameStop customer service through phone and email, I got in touch with Caesar from this location. He did his best to try and track down a solution for me, going above and beyond to research a resolution. I still don’t have access to my account, but Caesar is the only one from GameStop who has made any effort at all to fix my situation so far.

abi rao · 10 months ago

D was exceptional in helping with all the questions I had and very knowledgeable and friendly!



Chain retailer offering new & used video games, plus consoles, controllers & related gear.

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