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3847 E 120th Ave, Denver, CO, 80233, United States
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31 reviews


"Crew was kind and worked quickly with set up and removal of furniture."

"When they delivered the stuff they scratched all my paint to hell."

"These people have zero customer service skills."

Jennifer Prestwich · 3 years ago

I needed a small couch to stage a listing and at first RAC hadn't occurred to me - I was thinking they only did longer-term rentals. Not so! From my initial phone to the delivery, Sandra and her delivery woman (didn't catch her name, unfortunately!) were friendly, professional, and efficient. Sandra took the time to ask my name while on the phone, then greeted me by name when I arrived in person. Sandra helped me pick out a great little loveseat and it was delivered within hours. I highly recommend the Rent a Center at 120th and Colorado in Mission Trace Shopping Center, and I'll be back!

Owner's response · 3 years ago

Thank you, Jennifer. Can't wait to see you again soon! ^Rent A Center Digital Care Team

Destini Smith · 6 years ago

This store has a new manager named Andrea, and she is very rude. When I went in to pick stuff out I literally sat in the store for three hours waiting. When they delivered the stuff they scratched all my paint to hell. Then 3 months later I had an emergency come up an couldn’t make a payment and they continued to tell me they didn’t care and that the payment has to be made. They called me and my boyfriend prob 4 times a day for like a week. I continues to tell them the situation and same response. So finally I told them they could come get there stuff. They didn’t want to. So they stopped calling for like 2 days and then started calling again. Continuously. So I told them once again to come get there stuff, so they came in and had a bad attitude. I showed them the messed up paint. Told them to watch it. And then taking the appliances out they scratched it more and said they didn’t care. It’s minor. And they will just take the repercussions later. Would not recommend these people at all. Nothing but disrespectful. :) so 0 stars

T Taylor · 6 years ago

The people were very nice. I would say not to do an online rental because the forms you fill out online are different from the ones in the store so you end up basically doing it all over again. Also, what you pick out online is probably not going to be what you get at the store. Corporate office needs to look at streamlining the rental process so it is not such a long process. Delivery also needs to be managed better. I was supposed to get my things today, we discussed it on the day I rented the W/D. It had to be by a certain time since I had to leave for work. I called them 30 minutes before I had to leave and that's when they told me that a staff member had called out, Hopefully tomorrow.

Randy Clark · more than 3 years ago

Would recommend useing a different rent a center, If your going to use rent a center at all. They are fast to make promises, And then place blame with the customer when they do not fulfill their promises. Was a much better store Before Mike the old manager left.

Owner's response · 3 years ago

Thank you for reaching out, Randy. We take feedback very seriously, and would like to ensure yours is delivered to the best leadership to address the situation you describe. I can appreciate your frustration, and have activated support by escalating the feedback in your review to the locations District Manager. If there is any more support we can provide you with in the future, please contact our Solution Center at 1-800-422-8186 to connect with a network of support. Thank you. ^Rent-A-Center Digital Care

Amanda Barcelona · 5 years ago

I was going to this rent a center for years!! Always paid everything on time and usually early. Then one day my chair broke. It's a power chair. They refused to fix it saying it was tampered with, which I never touched it. Then while they had it in their possession they lost power cord. I've been asking for it back for OVER 6 months. They have a new manager who says he will help, but that has been awhile too. I am getting so frustrated with being patient with them I'm ready to take them to small claims court!!!

Julie Rodda · 7 years ago

Chris the store manager was so helpful!! He was very patient and helped me pick what would work best for my spaces. He suggested other items (like a lamp!) but was not pushy about it at all when I declined. I should have got them though lol! Crew was kind and worked quickly with set up and removal of furniture. Thanks for taking a bit of stress away from me!!!

Katherine Jones · 3 years ago

Sandra and Savanah definitely know their stuff. Very respectful and willing to help with any questions or concerns. The entire process was practically effortless and their delivery was wonderful. I would highly recommend this Rent-A-Center, and would ask for Sandra or Savanah. These ladies are very professional and extremely helpful from application to delivery. Thanks Sandra and Savanah!

Owner's response · 3 years ago

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a thoughtful review about our staff, and how we helped you have a great experience, Katherine. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do for you. Have a great day! ^Rent-A-Center Digital Care Team

Angie Smith · more than 6 years ago

Very lengthy process. I was in the store for at least 2 hours for only 2 items. Printer wasnt working properly. The manager seemed unlearned on the system, manager kept butting in to help other associates with other customers unnecessarily. They don't have public restrooms. Then I called back to give an update on my info and a rude person answered and let me know I wasn't on schedule as told. And when ai expressed my disdain he just wanted to say I need to talk to the manager. Just rude. These people have zero customer service skills. Zero Stars

Deirdre A Jimenez · 5 years ago

Staff is extremely rude and harras’s customer if late even after being told in advance that the payment will be a couple days late. Even for being one day late I have gotten multiple calls while I am working from different employees. Eventhough I’ve explained to them I cannot get into the store until a certain day.

Thomas Johns · 5 years ago

WARNING!! Worst place to rent just remember if your thinking of getting something from any rent a center. They will call you everyday like 6 times a day after your first day of missing a payment. They lie and tell you they follow your pay days. They don't they will say you only paid the week before. BEWARE they are not a good company.


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