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14490 E 6th Ave, Aurora, CO, 80011, United States


116 reviews


"Cool store but a bit small"

"Service was terrible."

"The staff are really friendly and the store is always clean."

jake h · 10 months ago

Someone here is selling phone numbers to scammers. After using my phone number here for a discount I'm getting up to a dozen scam calls in a day, only new place I've given my number in about a year and it started the next morning.

Doug Robl · 1 year ago

Horrible gas station. All the employees were so rude. Not sure, Veem is a manager or what but he behaves like he is the manager and treats customers as a garbage. It’s not like It used to be when there was a young sweet guy, polite, working there from a long time, I still miss him . He was the only reason I stop at this gas station.

monica lakin · almost 2 years ago

They are usually one of the lower gas prices around Aurora, with good gas. Convenience store pricing, but not gouging. Some of the clerks are friendly and others are all business. This is my corner store fore about 4yrs and I trust the gas and fair pricing.

Chad Porter · 4 years ago

Please be mindful that this stores has the glass window atthe front counter. And also really be mindful that the guy at the register just might swipe your brand new debit card a few times! Not just once but multiply times. I work really hard for the little money i do have but it really sucks at 6 a.m.

Ian Callahan · 7 years ago

High prices. Only time I go here is if its aftet11pm and the convienence store down the street is closed. Bad customer service also.

Manda Mae (Amanda) · 1 year ago

Doors were locked when I arrived, as I walked away the employee unlocked the door for the man that walked up right after, so I walked back to the door but he relocked the door while shaking his head

Philip Cowand · 1 year ago

Very respectful people not bad expirence

Jazmin Watson · almost 5 years ago

I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Veem! My car ran out of gas and I literally coasted in, but on the wrong side to pump gas. I was then having issues with my card not reading and getting the gas can to work . He was so helpful and patient with me. I truly appreciate all of his help and time. I didn't catch the name of the other man behind the counter but he was also very kind. Thank you to both for their generosity.

Britany Hoppes · 3 years ago

I always açcidentally end up here because it is so close to my house. Staff is always distracted and rude. One time the guy would not stop watching YouTube while checking me out. Hardly speak at all. Terrible customer service.

ryan clark · 2 years ago

They're great. Plain and simple. You have to go to the window after 10. Great prices on everything.



Wheelchair-accessible car park
Wheelchair-accessible entrance
Wheelchair-accessible toilet


Diesel fuel




Debit cards
NFC mobile payments
Credit cards


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