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Sprouts Farmers Market

Natural & organic grocery store

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98 Wadsworth Blvd Unit 112, Denver, CO, 80226, United States
Open · Closes at 10 PM


7 AM - 10 PM
7 AM - 10 PM
7 AM - 10 PM
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7 AM - 10 PM
7 AM - 10 PM
7 AM - 10 PM


651 reviews


"Place has great service, great atmosphere, great produce and meat selections."

"Good selection of fresh produce, bulk items and discounted sushi on Wednesday!"

"The employees are very kind and the shelves are well stocked."

Sandi Esquivel · more than 9 months ago

Sprouts is a great chain, lots of good options for supplements and healthy choices. However, this location is not representing the brand in a good light. We thought we could get a couple deli sandwiches quickly and hit the road. With no line the lady making the sandwiches took longer than reasonable. Others working with her checked in with her as it was obvious it wasn’t going well. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like with more than one customer. But the weirdest thing- the front lounge area, which in any other Sprouts or grocery store is designated for customers to sit and eat deli sandwiches, etc- HAS BEEN CONVERTED INTO THE EMPLOYEE BREAK ROOM. How does this make any sense? We sat there briefly then realized what it was after an employee reached over my head to use the microwave. I can’t imagine what’s going on behind the scenes for things to have declined so badly. I hope they can get it together. Visitors from places with normal Sprouts are bound to be severely disappointed as we were.

Lori · 11 months ago

Love this store and usually only shop at this location. Employees are usually the best and very helpful but unfortunately my last two trips were not that great. Before it was the clerk working the meat department, just seemed like he didn’t want to be there and kinda slammed the packaged meat on the counter, didn’t ask if I needed anything else so I just took the first package and didn’t order the rest. This last time the cashier was not very friendly and had a noticeable attitude which made my experience not a good one since she was the last interaction I had. I guess good customer service is hard to come by these days. I won’t be shopping this location anymore

Owner's response · 11 months ago

Hi Lori, we apologize for your experience. Our guests are like family and we always want you to feel welcomed and appreciated when you shop with us. Sending you home with a smile is always our goal, and we're sorry to hear we missed the mark. Your concerns have been addressed with the appropriate levels of management so this can be used as a coaching opportunity. We hope we'll have another chance in the future to impress you.

Preston Horn · 1 year ago

My daughter and I frequently drop in for the veggies and fruits. While there I always end up getting sandwiches from the deli. The $4.99 per handmade sandwich can't be beat! I would like to give a special shout out to Cherie, who frequently makes my sandwiches. She always has a great attitude, happy, great eye contact, remembers me by name and greets my daughter with the biggest of smiles. She's quicker than most at getting my order made just the way I like it. I dropped in today for another couple of sandwiches. Thanks Cherie and thanks Sprouts for the great service and products.

Owner's response · almost 3 years ago

We appreciate your review and we're glad you enjoyed your shopping trip! Please don't hesitate to connect with us at with any additional feedback you may have. We'd love to hear how we can earn five stars from you. Hope to see you again soon!

Alice Ehr · more than 10 months ago

I used to shop here exclusively.... Every time I come it gets worse. I intentionally waited until 8:30 for shopping... Still nothing out nothing in the meat counter area to purchase. Disappointing. I just needed some fish, but there's nobody there to help me purchase that it's too bad this store has gone downhill.

Soft Sand · 11 months ago

Good service from the cashiers, except the employees wearing light blue shirts (I know they are shift leaders) are lazy. They just stand around letting the lines get long and don't want to help. I feel bad for the cashiers. What happened to team work? Also, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) activists you have standing right in front of the store harassing customers for donations are mad annoying bro.

Dana Williams · 1 year ago

The cashiers at this store are very nice and the store itself seems clean and alright, but this store needs a better meat and dairy selection. Vegans only make up 1% of the population, and I think it's good that vegans have options now, but there are so many vegan things on the shelves. Quite a bit of the meat and dairy section is fake meat and fake cheese. It doesn't make sense to cater so much to such a small percentage of the population. A farmers market should have lots of real, natural meat, cheese, and milk. I couldn't even find real crab meat. I would have even appreciated organic imitation crab meat that doesn't have bioengineered food ingredients in it.

Matt “Lindy” · 1 year ago

Literally just got done shopping here right before close for the first time at this specific location and all I can say is absolutely outstanding customer service. At a time of night so close to close I understand or even expect employees to be not all too eager to go above and beyond but this staff not only we're kind and helpful as well as knowledgeable they were just genuinely friendly as well as caring it truly was a refreshing experience. The lady who checked me out, Ashlyne was wonderful and helped me with the price of a product in the back of the store. And Joey who I believe to have been a manager was helpful in refunding me a couple dollars that I didn't even ask for due to my issues with the water refill station he was also as kind as could be. Experiences like this restore my faith in humanity and remind me why I love Sprouts not only for products but for their above and beyond customer service which seems to be a consistency across locations from my experience at the two I have been to now. If any corporate people read this; The entire Sunday night/closing crew deserves praise and raise!

Rhonda Curtis · 1 year ago

Asked for help finding an item. Went to get asparagus and came back. Clerk was gone. I found by accident. Didn't have flavor I wanted. Went to checkout. Standing in checkout the clerk came to fund me. To follow through on my request. Great customer service. Found her boss and left a good in person comment. Great boss for given her kudos right then. I've had knee replacement, so it's nice to have help..

Olga Blyednova · 1 year ago

Our favorite place to do grocery shopping. The store layout allows you to quickly grab the stuff you need rather than go through the maze to grab one bottle of milk as in old school grocery stores. Very clean, friendly staff.

B.jamin D'Amour · 1 year ago

Vegetables, bulk grains, and dairy. They'll give customers all due deference, but I haven't much else good to say about their habits. Still, they have a better selection than Soopers. *edit* I forgot to mention the dollar filled carts. These are worth a trip, but the good stuff is limited in supply.



Specialty chain offering a range of natural & organic grocery items, including own-brand goods.

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