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Xfinity Store by Comcast

    880 E 88th Ave #100, Thornton, CO, 80229, United States
    Closed · Opens at 10 AM
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    657 reviews


    "Friendly staff, quick to help, not pushy with sales, horrible location."

    "I'm canceling my service due to the crap service this place provides."

    "Poor customer service, mediocre internet with terrible prices."

    Intrepid Bodyworks Integrated Health in Thornton, · 1 year ago

    The man I worked with made everything super easy! I may never call customer service again because they are awful.

    Tr3vaJoan (Tr3va) · more than 1 year ago

    My experience here was positive. I was returning equipment long past the due return date. The staff seemed well organized, the store was clean, busy yet well staffed. I was greeted while in line by a staff member taking customer's names and then informed to wait in line for next available rep to call on me. Total time from walking in before speaking to a rep was seven minutes. While waiting in line I observed a customer with a serious product issue interacting with a rep, and from the little I heard, the rep was responding very professionally & respectfully and clearly de-escalating the situation simply with their demeanor. A rep motioned to me that it was my turn, processed my return, thanked me for using their services and done. I was in and out of that store in about 10 minutes.

    Ashton Hall · 1 year ago

    Employees are nice and resolved my wifi issues immediately. However it is busy all the time and when there are no seats available you are forced to leave and come back later when less busy.

    Monika Flynn · 1 year ago

    The people at this location are incompetent. Tried to get service for my new apartment (I transferred my service from the east coast). Apparently, the previous tenant didn't pay their bill, and there was a "lock" on the line. They also don't tell you that you can't transfer service across state lines. Long story short, I ended up with 2 accounts for the same service address, neither one ever worked. Meanwhile, I had to move out of that apartment, tried to cancel any "services" associated with that service address, and I'm still being charged for service that a. Never worked, and b. I don't live there anymore. Worst experience.

    Lurch warner · 11 months ago

    The worst service in colorado and so they will tell you your phone isn't compatible doesn't matter the brand then will turn around and say the phone is free if you get the number switched over. It's a lie Im Paying 400 dollars more than the phone I already had was and it is the same exact phone. Which supposedly wasn't compatible huh sounds like a rouse it's because it is I just went through that so don't do it

    Micah craven · 1 year ago

    Got a hold of an agent to question charge on account- I didn't authorize 10$ monthly voice. I only authorized fast wifi. The agent told me he was going to remove it but moved the charge to wifi complete upgrade instead. I didn't ask for an upgrade. So instead of paying 15$ as I was I would be paying 25$ for the equipment. I asked why the upgrade was on there when I didn't ask for one and I was told that the charges would be reversed once I agreed to the new conditions. I refused the upgrade again. The agent then reversed last two months charges for the $10 and asked me to agree to the new charges. I said no I have been charged this 10$ voice for a year and a half and didn't notice until I dug deep into my bill I didn't authorize or request it. I don't have Xfinity mobile. I only signed up for wifi. I don't have Xfinity phone service. He said the charges were reversed (2 months instead of yr and a half) and then tried to pressure me into agreeing to the upgrade again (which once again was just moving 10$ voice to a 10$ increase on my equipment when I didn't ask for a complete upgrade just to remove voice. SCAMMY behavior from a business. This is unreputable, dishonest, and an illegal business practice. To upgrade someone without their consent and then tell them you won't reverse inappropriate charges until you agree to the new billing (once again not authorized or requested) is highly disgusting. If I would have known Xfinity was just a rebranding of Comcast I wouldn't have accepted. I plan to switch as soon as I move. What a joke.

    Jena Koon · 1 year ago

    Great customer service. I was able to set up service and make changes to the account all in one visit and it was a very quick process. Hardly any wait time as well.

    Jenna Cikalo · 11 months ago

    Javier was amazing! everyone in there was super friendly and we were in and out witha brand new setup in less than 20 minutes!

    Sonny Lawrence · 1 year ago

    Was a long wait...... And it didn't help matters when not 1-one But 2-two different people who came in after me while I was already sitting down waiting got helped before me..... And the reason I was there was to find out why my phone keeps losing calls... And they couldn't find the problem, My phone reception still is as bad as it's been for the past 2 year's..... They told me that-"Maybe it's time that— I should look for another carrier..... Wow....I was flabbergasted!@#$%???

    Kimberly Manzanares · 11 months ago

    Irving did a great job! He is extremely kind and personable and has great customer service.


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