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Xfinity Store by Comcast

    5855 Sky Pond Dr F100, Loveland, CO, 80538, United States
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    453 reviews


    "An easily accessible location, providing good service and information."

    "This company treats their customers like trash!!"

    "Staff was ok to deal with but waited 15 minutes just to check in."

    René Sutherlin · 10 months ago

    Initial service was great—when I was setting up new service. My second visit to the store was to return equipment because the service I ordered was not working well in my home. The store was quite obviously short staffed, so that may have played into the woman checking me in being fairly short with me. It was an uncomfortable and seemingly rude encounter. Again, she was most likely extremely busy and probably stressed. Nonetheless, it was not a good experience. Luckily, the gentleman that checked in my returned equipment was very friendly and upbeat.

    Dre Porter · 11 months ago

    I love this Xfinity store. I've used a number of Internet services and I proudly say that Xfinity is one if not the best companies out their. This store in particular needs a full store promotion. The atmospheres was very very welcoming. Someone reached out to aid me the second I stepped into the store. The associate that helped me was absolutely phenomenal. She took the time to make sure I got exactly what I needed and to find the most affordable options. She didn't try to push and up sell me on some big package deal like most companies which I appreciated very much. I recommend using Xfinity for services and if possible go to this location.

    G · 10 months ago

    Came in last night and had a very pleasant experience with Jeff. I just moved into my new apartment and the router I received from another company didn’t work, so I needed some last minute help. It was a quick process, and I was able to get up and running within the hour through the Xfinity app. I thoroughly appreciated Jeff’s straightforwardness, kindness, and conversation….(and thanks for chill bill lol)

    Don · 10 months ago

    The guy that helped me got my phone working had several problems Nobody else could get it working said I had to buy a new phone. I wished I got the guys name. I'm very happy wit Xfinity.

    Bart Urbaniak · 1 year ago

    3pm on 6/22/23 I came in to a set appointment and was met at the desk by Colleen. I’m a white person who speaks English without an accent but am of Eastern European decent with a European last name. Colleen couldn’t pronounce it and proceeded to laugh at me and tell me “ I can’t even begin to pronounce this so I’m sure you’re already used to that. You aren’t a smith I can guarantee that! “ I had no response and she just continued to laugh to herself. Never have I had an employee laugh at me based on my name, nor try to pronounce it. If they can’t pronounce my fairly simple name, usually the first letter of my last name is used as reference…. I then set here after I had an appointment and watched as people who walked in were helped before me while I sat over an hour. When I tried to ask Colleen about where my place in queue was she literally walked away from me while I was mid sentence. Very rude and unprofessional. I believe this was racial profiling and she was much friendlier to all the following customers with American last names. Sad to see in 2023 but I guess some people are stuck in their old ways. Again I would avoid Colleen and mostly likely Comcast altogether.

    Erika Varao · 1 year ago

    Loved Theresa Ramirez, she was so patient with us and helped us so much. I really appreciate her and the entire experience was so much easier. I couldn’t get my moms phone unlocked and she was a champ dealing with it.

    Linda Wieseler · 1 year ago

    Who is this "lady" that everyone seems to have a problem with and why is she still employed at Xfinity Loveland?? My husband went in to cancel our service today and she was HORRIBLE to him. It had to be the same "lady" everyone else is talking about. After waiting patiently for an hour to talk to someone, she was so rude and treated him like she was annoyed that he was there. We were on the fence about going with Pulse or staying with Xfinity but with this last outage, and I work from home and was without service for over 24 hours, we decided to go with Pulse. It was the best decision! Especially after my husband's experience with the "lady" at Xfinity Loveland. Wake up Xfinity and read your reviews... looks like some changes need to happen to keep your customers. P.S. Pulse customer service has been excellent, it's less expensive with faster internet. If your on the fence.... don't wait!

    Tina Jaquess · 1 year ago

    One of the WORST businesses I've ever dealt with, from the front desk to help beyond that, they have no idea what's going on from day to day. I waited FOREVER while they were on their phones texting (I overheard most of them as I was watching so I know it was personal chit chat)and stopping to go get their sodas and snacks "Come on comcast get real you used to have the market but no more"!!!! One lady was smacking her gum so loud it was disgusting and GROSS!

    Stacie Miller · 11 months ago

    Lazy employees. I went in for help with my mobile phone and was told that they don't help with phone issues. He wasn't doing anything besides leaning against the front counter playing with his pen. Wish I could get paid for being useless at my job

    Steven Levernier · almost 11 months ago

    Complete garbage, I called them about slow speeds and they tried every excuse in the book. The final straw was the representative telling me that I have a 580 gb package when we have 1000 gb package since she couldn't explain the speed issues. They are steaking from you by not giving you what you paid for...


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