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Xfinity Store by Comcast Branded Partner

    4530 Centerplace Dr #372, Greeley, CO, 80634, United States
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    214 reviews


    "Great deal on phone service, I do pay a little to much for home and internet."

    "This is Price Gouging and I have cancelled my service."

    "Xfinity aside, the people who work there are horrible unhelpful."

    Ms. Ryan Lloyd · almost 9 months ago

    I switched my service today to Xfinity mobile and was helped by Brett. He is absolutely awesome! He is knowledgeable and helpful. There was an issue with my Apple Watch getting connected to cellular. Brett took the time to make sure my issue got resolved and was infinitely patient while working with me and escalating the issue through Xfinity tech support. Thank you, Brett! You’re a rockstar!

    Cheyenne Shumway · almost 9 months ago

    Rebekah is amazing! She helped me with transferring my service and made the process smooth and was very efficient and quick to reply to my emails. Would definitely recommend!

    Matt McNear · 9 months ago

    If you need something done, talk to LAURA LAURA LAURA LAURA LAURA…. I cannot express enough how patient and helpful she was when trying to help me deal with change my phone into a new account number. Xfinity/corporate literally would rather you battle robots and people overseas for hours on end than just have a real human help you in five minutes. I would vote Laura as president of the US. Absolute stud and absolute godsend to any kind of customer service. Xfinity/Comcast are you listening???? Make this woman CEO! She’s better than ALL OF YOU

    Nia Ybarra · 1 year ago

    Tyler was a life saver. Back story: I had the worst experience w xfinity customer service (over the phone) this morning. Couple weeks ago I received a bill w a different balance than normal, so I called customer service to get it figured out. Which we did, and the rep told me nothing was going to change and my bill would go back to normal. Two weeks later I get my next bill, and it’s even WAY more this time. Definitely not what was discussed w the rep. So I call this morning to see what is going on, and end up going in circles w the rep on the phone trying to tell me that the changes can not be reversed and I am basically S.O.L. When this whole mess was caused by one of their reps! Escalated and spoke w the supervisor which was no help either. Out of anger and frustration I requested to have my service cancelled. I decided to go into the store a few hours later and see if there was anything they might be able to do. Tyler was extremely understanding and empathetic about my situation. He was able to find a good deal for me that was reasonable compared to what I had before. He literally turned my whole situation around for me and it is greatly appreciated. He was helpful & very kind through the whole process. THANK YOU TYLER!!

    Jillian Allison · 11 months ago

    I've been in 3 times in the last couple of months, nobody had any idea what they were doing. They weren't able to help me with the simplest thing. Went in last night and the lady couldn't explain why I'm paying an extra $50 a month FOR 6 months, she read off the note and either didn't understand me or did not even care! I called the 1.800 xfinity number today and got a refund. You'd think that in-store customer service would care about their customers but they don't. So disappointed as I am in customer service as well, looks like if I ever need anything I'll be driving to another location.

    Nathaniel Addison · more than 10 months ago

    I set up an appointment to get internet installed a week prior. On July 8th a technician named Alex didn't notify me that he arrived 2 hours earlier than the scheduled appointment and had spoke to my landlord who had questions about installation option on her property. The questions were by all means not very difficult questions just clarifying question asking to see if it was a possibility to split the coaxile cable line from the first story into the basement without drilling and installing the hardware in the basement. Otherwise we would pursue the most convenient option if one option didn't work. Rather than answering the question, My landlord informed me after asking what her options were that the technician said to her "you don't know what you're talking about, reschedule when you know what you want." And got into his truck and left without speaking to me. Who initially set up the appointment!? I had no idea he was even at the property that whole time. What an extremely dissapointing, agrivating experience from xfinity.

    Tania Martinez · almost 10 months ago

    Horrible customer service at Greeley store! Tyler was so rude. Told me I was a liar when I told him I had ACP. He told me it was canceled when it wasn't. Poor customer service skills. They haven't been trained in the computer system and they don't know how to treat customers.

    jose Bermudez · 9 months ago

    Brett is the sole responsibility of me leaving this service. Came into the store to ask to down grade from unlimited to the 1gig and he went off on me how thay wouldnt make a difference trying to belittle me then when i asked why he is acting like that he stood right up to me and tried to intimidate me i kept asking why wont he he able to down grade me then he told me i was being unreasonable and i had to leave the store. What a carzy experience xfinity / comcast what kind of people do you hire for customer service? This was such a bad experience that you lost a over 10 year customer due to one employee that couldnt hold his anger and frustration in and wanted to be condescending. I will be contacting corporate about this experience.

    Chris Downes · almost 10 months ago

    I talked to 5 different Xfinity agents on the phone about returning a security camera because they sent the wrong one. All 5 of them (and the website) said to take the video camera to a Xfinity branded partner. Luckily, the associate in the store explained that all 5 of the agents I spoke to and the website ment a corporate store and it wasn't his problem.

    Vitania Kimmel · almost 10 months ago

    People who work there are rude. Especially Tyler and Marvin. Don't expect to be treated with respect. They act like they are doing you a favor by asking for help! When I walked in, they were all standing in a circle laughing while customers were standing at the desk.


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