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Xfinity Store by Comcast

    1350 S Ironton St, Aurora, CO, 80012, United States
    Closed · Opens at 10 AM
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    735 reviews


    "10/10 a++ Those folks need a raise compared to the rest of the company’s staff!"

    "All the employees were very friendly.Very good work, good service!"

    "Comcast loves your money but hates to do anything to serve its customers."

    Mrs Scott · 10 months ago

    Showed up right at 10am. I was 2nd in line. Nikko was AMAZING. Handled the issue in less than 5 minutes. Wish all customer service agents were as good as him!!

    Aaron Crawford · 1 year ago

    Was put on a wait list and told we'd be txt then called when it was our turn! We never got a txt, then a lady called and said we had 10 mins to get back here...we made it on time only to still be waiting an hr and half later! Do not come here...not to mention the multiple employees just standing around 5 or more by my count! To top it off "appointments" keep strolling in to go ahead of us as there is now nowhere the wait we are going to leave. Was gonna look into a new phone...pretty sure I'm going with another provider...when we asked about the delay for the 3rd time the manager just kinda stuttered, acted stoned w/attitude and didn't really have a response! 1/2 a ☆ for customer service!!!

    Melissa Gutierrez · 1 year ago

    I wait about 15 minutes. there was a waiting list it wasn't bad for me ,It is a very busy store. So if you visit this store keep in mind that it will be busy. All the employees were very friendly.Very good work, good service!

    Melissa Vazquez · almost 9 months ago

    My five star goes to Nikko N. He helped me fix something so difficult with Xfinity . He was super patient with me. Very down to earth. I’m not easy to deal with when I’m upset. He deserves all the respect for helping Xfinity as a company. He should not be considered disposable as an employee. Matter of fact I think he should be higher management with the knowledge, skills, and customer service he provided me. A bonus or something .

    Robin Adams · 9 months ago

    When speaking to customers, maybe you should look at them. I simply asked when my husband was going to be helped and Martin got snappy with me, saying my husband was okay with waiting. Excuse me Martin, not for 45 minutes while you guys push your cell phone plans on people. We were there to simply pick up a box for our services. I personally believe that Martin needs more training and to not treat the customers that way. He kept on looking at his screen instead of acknowledging me and was completely rude. And then what makes it worse is that they were calling customers who walked in after him, he stays quiet. I on the other hand don’t stay quiet, even the DMV operates better than this place.

    Yesenia Roque · almost 1 year ago

    0 stars if I could after waiting for 2hours for poor service.i have gone to this location twice poor customer service. I went to take on an offer to be told, the phone I was offered was not the right one.i was giving the exact phone I had. I transported my number anyways and left the store they lock the door behind as they were closing.when I noticed my phone was not activated as I was told I knocked on the door.the guy new he had lied to me. He turned his back pretended he did not hear me banging.the next day phones were activated buy my husband had to call me from his coworker phone said poor connection he couldn't even get a call out. I called customer they could hear me metro pcs was better.then the bill is higher then what I was told it would be.

    Michelle · almost 11 months ago

    The lady that "helped" us was extremely rude, curt and very disinterested... I would put her name in my review, however she was not wearing a name tag (so on top of everything, she was unprofessional as well), and she she did not introduce herself. We came in to get a cable box, because after numerous attempts through customer service and getting nowhere, we figured the store was our only option. We explained to her that we could no longer access all of our services, because there had been an upgrade and we were told we needed a newer cable box, and customer service - on two separate occasions - said they were ship us the new one, but never did. Customer service also kept saying modem.... which we did not need a new modem, we needed a new cable box. She appeared to not listen AT ALL, and was immediately defensive and said the store was the only way you can get new anything, and I suggested maybe customer service needs to be told that, because two different people said it could be shipped. She also kept saying modem, and I finally asked her if she meant modem or cable box, because we had this issue with customer service as well - we don't need a MODEM, we need a CABLE BOX. She proceeded to look me up and down and scoff at me, and she replied nastily "I know the equipment", before stomping off to get the cable box. She was literally naming a different piece of equipment than what I asked for, and I wanted to make sure we were on the same page, and somehow I'M the rude one for verifying we were getting what we needed, and what we asked for? Very poor experience, horrible customer service, especially since the employee was the one who didn't listen and kept naming something other than what we requested, and then acted like I was a jerk for confirming we were being given what we had asked for. I would rather drive the distance to another location than go through that kind of interaction again.

    Jasmine B · 11 months ago

    This is my second visit to this store and each time the service has been terrible. I held off on making a review until I visited a second time. The first time, I came in to get information about getting my security equipment taken down because I am moving (at a fee of course). I was told by 3 different ppl to include a manager that they no longer offer this service and I need to contact a third party to come and remove the equipment they installed. After leaving the store I called customer service and was easily able to schedule a technician to come and remove my equipment. They stated they never stopped providing this service. Today I go in to turn my equipment. I signed in and was told there were 6 ppl in front of me. Those 6 ppl and 4 ppl that signed in after me were all taken care off. Apparently, the person who checked me didn't put any notes by my name so everyone overlooked me. Overall, if you can avoid the store and deal with customer service reps (phone or app), I would recommend you take that route.

    Trevor Myall · 11 months ago

    Was told I needed an appointment just to change the address. I get there when the text told me I was 15 min from my apt. They still told me I’m late and now need to go to the back of their line to get help. Then I can’t even have them just text me so we aren’t all shoulder to shoulder in this tiny store but no I have to stay and waste my time. Do everything you can to avoid their stores.

    Eldad Malka · 10 months ago

    I came in with a specific question, they were really nice and helped , but gave me the WRONG INFORMATION and now im stuck overseas with no solution. Be careful with their service. Dealing with their online support is even harder. .


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