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CVS Pharmacy

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16920 Lincoln Ave, Parker, CO, 80134, United States
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41 reviews


"Rude and unhelpful pharmacy staff."

"As we were there and waited half an hour?"

"This pharmacist received a prescription written for six weeks."

Gina Incorvaia · 1 year ago

This is a very busy store, but I have never had anything but helpful, kind people in the pharmacy. They are willing to spend time calling providers and insurance, which means they are giving each individual a lot of attention, hence why the phone often goes unanswered. They are understaffed, but that is not the fault of the individuals who are there. Please be patient, kind, and yes, give yourself extra time. Let’s be thankful we have access to medications and breathe. I have never seen anyone slacking off in there, it’s just a busy place. Shout outs to Eric and David who really gave 100% to a recent tricky insurance situation.

Douglas Eilrich · 1 year ago

This pharmacist received a prescription written for six weeks. In this day and age, all prescriptions are written as a one month supply. Instead of contacting me and asking if there was a mistake or raising some a red flag, he charged me a double copay. When I attempted to resolve the situation he told me that he couldn't do anything about it as he filled it as the doctor prescribed it. I'm finding a pharmacy that cares enough to give you a call when there seems to be an issue. I am also dumping the physician's assistant.

Chelsea Haines · 1 year ago

They do not answer their phones and it is infuriating. It is so known that when I called the front of the store to ask if anyone was working in the pharmacy, they laughed and said it was best to just come in because they don’t answer the phone. I have moved my business to Walgreens.

Lisa Wynn · 1 year ago

Spent over an hour on hold only to find out they don’t have the medication in stock. In line to pick a different medication and they are trying to close the pharmacy despite 10 people standing in line. They say that they announced the lunch closure, but the woman who’s been in line ahead of me for 1 hour said they never made the announcement. They don’t close for lunch for another 30min, but I guess that doesn’t matter. This has been a horrible experience all around. This used to be my primary pharmacy. This will be the last time I ever use this CVS!

Mike J · 1 year ago

Maybe the worst pharmacy experience I have had or heard of. Prescription, for drops, which requires no more work than finding the box was not ready 5 hours after it was called in. No one answers the phone, so to find out it is not ready we got to wait for 30 mins. Would they do it next? As we were there and waited half an hour? Of course not. They estimated it would take another yes, find the bottle of drops. Hard to imagine that incompetence and disregard for patient care.

Ryan F · 1 year ago

Answer your phones in a timely fashion. With 5 employees behind the pharmacy counter, nobody's call should go unanswered for hours, and/or until they're forced to come into the store.

Gayle Shepard · 1 year ago

W-A-I-T and wait AND wait some more! I have honestly never ever seen anything like this! If I could find another pharmacy that wasn’t as bad as this one is-I would switch-immediately?

GoGrow LED Growlights · 1 year ago

The absolute worst place to get your meds filled. They don't answer the phone. Told something is ready, go the next day to pick it up,told an hour. Soooo done switching to Wal-Mart

Andrew Rymer · more than 9 months ago

CVS is so understaffed. Have to wait in hold FOREVER to speak to a pharmacist. SUCKS!!!

Brittany · 1 year ago

No one ever answers the phone. I've waited over two hours. No one answers. They are fully staffed, usually 5 people in the pharmacy and they all stand there and ignore the phone. Not okay.


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