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CVS Pharmacy

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11150 S Twenty Mile Rd, Parker, CO, 80134, United States
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53 reviews


"Unbelievable lack of communication between the doctor’s office and this place."

"Try and get that kind of service from Walgreens."

"The attitudes of the staff and manager are horrible."

Sarah Merrill · 10 months ago

I would give NEGATIVE starts if i could! I got a text that said my medication was being substituted. What meds? Tried to call to see what they were talking about. NO ONE would answer so called corporate to report them. Even corporate COULDNT get a hold of them!! Then corporate tried to transfer to another CVS but couldn't since this location had put some sort of hold on it. Corporate told me i needed to go talk to them. I did, and told the pharmacy to remove their hold so I could have it filled at another CVS. So they supposedly did and then I called the other location to see if they had received it. They said no, and in fact there was NOTHING in the system for me since March and that the previous location had most likely DELETED IT!! So got home and called corporate again to report their EMPLOYEE DELETING MY MEDICATION THAT I NEED PRIOR TO A MEDICAL PROCEDURE IN 2 DAYS! so thanks to this CVS location I now need to reschedule a procedure that has taken MONTH to schedule because they ROYALLY SCREWED UP MY MEDICATION AND I HAVE SOME VERY STRONG WORDS FOR THEM!!!!!

Stephanie P · more than 10 months ago

2 weeks ago spent over an hour on hold trying to figure out my rx. They told me it was in stock at another nearby pharmacy but they couldn't transfer it, this was 6 pm on Friday do my doctor couldn't call in a new one. I expressed frustration because I had called earlier and was told they couldn't see if the other pharmacy had it. Had they told me at that call I could have had my doctor call it in to the other pharmacy hut at this point I was going to be without my medicine for at least 2 more days. The pharmacist said "im helping you and I expect a thank you" which is absolutely out of line and she wasn't actually helping. Yesterday I called regarding a rx for my son as it was supposed to be filled the day before and kept getting pushed back. I was on hold for over 2 hours. I finally awoke to someone who said it would be ready by 2. I went in at 7 to pick it up, waited in line for half an hour only to get to the counter and find out not only was it not filled but they couldn't find the box the medicine was in. I had to wait another half hour while they searched for it. They finally found it and filled it but this is absolutely unacceptable

Warren Astler · almost 1 year ago

I wish I could have given "0" stars..mainly because of one hot shot young pharmacist who does not have any idea of what good customer service looks like. I went in to ask about a recall I had heard about from my doctor (who had received the recall from my insurance). This guy proceeded to rudely ask where I had heard about the recall because he had heard nothing of a recall. I told him, I had heard from my doctor. I am not sure how this came about, but he proceeded to say, as he pointed at me, "I am done with you." I am assuming because I questioned his amazing and immense knowledge (sarcasm) and so he became defensive instead of informative. Although the line can be long and unorganized at times, all other people at this pharmacy have so far treated me well with quick and accurate information in terms of prescriptions being ready, etc.

Jared Carbo · 10 months ago

I don't do this often and I hate giving bad ratings but…this is one-star material. While the techs are nice, this location is criminally understaffed. Like, to the point where they get a queue build-up of 10 people even during the slow times throughout the day (weekdays in the morning to afternoon). There's typically only 3 people working. a pharmacist and 2 techs, one of whom is behind the counter filling prescriptions, so that leaves 1 tech to handle any volume of people. And, again - while the techs are nice - there are 2 that work with 0 urgency whatsoever, which is ridiculous when you get these long queues.

Grant Crooks · 1 year ago

Wonderful Wonderful Pharmacist who is totally being abused by CVS. Corporate CVS won't pay techs and pharmacy staff what they deserve so this place is running with only 1 person working. Line was 12 people deep tonight. Phone rang the whole time I stood in line. The sole worker, the pharmacist, at 7pm said she has been alone since 2:30. She deserves praise. She deserves much better than CVS. She is being taken advantage of and inhumanely treated by with mega-wealthy corporation. I won't support CVS any longer. And I hope this pharmacist finds a new job soon.

Matthew Kurko · 11 months ago

5 Stars! Thank you Bobby (pharmacist) and Megan for your help today so my child wouldn't miss a dose of his meds. EVERYONE at this location has been consistently professional. THANK YOU!

Jory Rayton · 1 year ago

The pharmacy is absolutely terrible. The employees look overwhelmed, confused, and way in over their heads. I can't tell you how many times I've been told my prescription is ready just to go there and be told it's not ready come back in an hour. Other times, they lose prescriptions, which is dandy. They can't answer a phone, and the drive-through omg don't even get me started on that. you'll get through a line on a busy day at Universal Studios before you'll get through that cvs drive-through line.

Matt · 11 months ago

Lied about the pricing of my prescription the day before I picked it up, stating that it would be half the price and I didn’t need to go anywhere else to get my prescription. Went the next day and said there was nothing they could do, and had to pay full price. Leaving this pharmacy immediately

Logan Lillis · 1 year ago

This location is horribly understaffed - prepare to wait in line at least 30 minutes. Prescriptions can take DAYS to be filled after being called in, and I have called multiple times and been on hold for 30+ minutes with no answer.

Devon McKenzie · more than 1 year ago

The CVS app will tell me that my prescriptions are ready, and then after waiting 20 minutes in line to pick them up, they don't have the prescription filled. Then this pharmacy tells me that the prescriptions are "on hold" or they need to "contact the provider to verify." Every month. Every. Month. They don't answer their phones, either, so I can't call them to verify that my prescriptions are actually filled. Today I gave up after being on hold for 35 minutes. To get your prescriptions at this CVS, you have to stand in line for 10-30 minutes, have them actually fill the prescriptions, and then wait 10-30 minutes AGAIN to pick up the prescriptions.



Drugstore chain selling a variety of beauty & health products, plus some grocery & household items.

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