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CVS Pharmacy

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460 S Vance St, Lakewood, CO, 80226, United States
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54 reviews


"Wonderful staff who is always happy to answer questions."

"Getting angry at my doctor’s office for trying to solve the problem?"

"You can’t transfer prescriptions to another location through the app."

Sammie Stopol · 1 year ago

The people at this location are nice, but the system in general is extremely frustrating. You can’t transfer prescriptions to another location through the app. You have to call and get through tons of robot questions before actually speaking with someone. You have to make sure to call the location that you want to transfer TO. If you call the location that your prescriptions are currently at, they’ll tell you to hang up and call the other location. As someone who travels a lot, this experience is so frustrating. CVS also keeps requesting my prescriptions from my old doctor, even though I have repeatedly asked them to stop and been in contact with my new doctor about this. I’ve wasted so many hours of my life on CVS.

Anthony Burnam · 1 year ago

I was shocked what a Doctor of Pharmacology is paid. I thought they would make at least 250,000 a year they are doctors after all. Not at all; lady said she didn't make half of that. It made me feel bad. She works hard.

Laura Sincere · almost 2 years ago

Customer service is great. The pharmacist Karelee is amazing and will always put the customer first! However,I'm a little disappointed in the computer system of CVS. :( Sometimes it will take multiple days to order some medications that aren't in stock. It can be quite an inconvenience when you're trying to leave town and you can't bring your medications. Other than that I think the employees that are doing wonderful job!

Linda · almost 2 years ago

I would give 0 if it allows. I encountered a very rude pharmacist when I was in emergency needs of a medication for my family member. A skinny lady was so impatient with giving the name of the suggested the medication, as a result I could not find it on the shelf, I had to ask her 3 times, each time she responded without looking at me and gave some quick and vague names. I had to grab a bunch of the medication from the shelf thinking one of them might be the correct one, but they were not. I kept on bringing medication from the shelf to her until finally one of the bottles was "kind of the same"(according to the pharmacist). What a good customer service!!! BTW, at the whole time, she was giving a training to another associate with the same kind of attitude. CVS, you cannot allow someone like THIS to train another associate, they can pass on the attitude to the new comers.

Andrea C · almost 2 years ago

I am positive CVS pharmacy must be the most horrible place to work. For years I have witnessed CVS forcing one single pharmacist fill prescriptions, work the cash register, answer phones, give vaccines and help the customers with no lunch or breaks day after day year after year. I wonder if the pharmacists knew they would have to work this hard with that much education. Sad and greedy shame on you CVS!!!! My insurance forces me to use this pharmacy or I would have left years ago!!!! Recently the pharmacist filled my prescription based on his convenience and opinion and not by the actual Doctors orders I assume he did this to save himself some time but this is unacceptable to me and when I explained to the pharmacist he must fill the prescriptions based on Doctors orders and not his opinion the pharmacist did not agree.

Lizley Abarca · 2 years ago

Horrible costumer care, disorganized, zero empathy and no communication skills. Camille was the lady that supposed to help me. And decided to “look” for my medicine but instead she decided to say she couldn’t find it and was putting all the other medicine away, and right when she was done with everything else, she magically found mine (how convenient,not). CVS should truly watch who they hire for this type of careers. If you don’t like your job, find something different. Definitely moving my prescription somewhere else.

Miles Higher · more than 2 years ago

This pharmacy used to provide exceptional service and courteous employees. Towards the end of 2021 their ability to provide adequate service has completely stopped. They are totally understaffed. You will spend 45 minutes in the pick up line and they will never answer their phones. I just pulled all my scripts from them and now pay out of pocket instead of getting them free with insurance just to avoid the headache at this store.

Debra K. Gomez · 2 years ago

I went to pick up my prescriptions at CVS about 3 weeks ago and I was standing in line talking to a Lakewood Sergeant about an incident that had taken place the night before and of course I cursed a little bit while I was on my cell phone. When it was my turn, the pharmacist said to me that she would help me only when I was off my call!!! I was a bit perturbed for her to tell me this as she did not know what the situation was nor who I was speaking to. I ended my call and said I would call him back after I was done. She then proceeded to tell me that there were some young kids standing behind me and heard me cursing. I turned around and did not see any kids nearby or in sight. Personally, she needs to MIND her own business!!! Just RUDE!!!

Anthony Martinez · 2 years ago

(Spelling for names?) Chris and Carrie Lee are amazing and have always been helpful, so nothing on them. They’re perfect! However…. not sure if it’s a new turnover but the new staff is not helpful, actually quite rude in fact. I don’t normally do reviews like this because there are more important things in life. But a medication that I need daily is not something a pharmacy I’ve been going to for years should brush off. I was told by several it would be in stock and was told it would be ready by noon… at noon I get an automated call saying it’s out of stock. Next person says “oh looks like it’s out of stock sorry” followed by awkward silence. Can you like… I don’t know, help? I think and say. Why say it’s getting ready when it’s not there? Laziness? Getting angry at my doctor’s office for trying to solve the problem? Not cool. Not professional.

Beth Alison · 3 years ago

Absolutely useless. Today I had the displeasure of encountering a shockingly rude woman with glasses/blonde hair who would rather insult customers than go to the trouble of smiling at anyone. Actually, she did smile, while mocking me before storming off and saying “Yeah fine my pharmacist will deal with you”. Although the pharmacist had initially been kind the first few times I had spoken to her, her attitude did a complete 180 when I asked her why she hadn’t been honest with me to begin with. She proceeded to blame me for their inability to properly stock common medications, and not once did she apologize nor attempt to empathize whatsoever. She only defended herself and told me it was my fault. CVS is always hit or miss, but this is one of the worse I’ve ever encountered.


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