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CVS Pharmacy

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7400 S Gartrell Rd, Aurora, CO, 80016, United States
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46 reviews


"Great prices, staff is always willing to help you find the best price."

"The lines are ridiculous with each customer taking a lot if time at the window."

"Glad that many of the Target pharmacy employees remained at this location."

Ami Thomsen · more than 9 months ago

This is the worst pharmacy, hands down! Michelle, one of the pharmacists is the only one with a shred of decency. We are avidly looking for a new pharmacy. Trying to get refills for a medicine each month has become the bain of our existence. And the incompetent employees are no help. When you keep doing the same thing over and over and over, and it doesn’t work, you try something else. Be smart enough to let the insurance company know in a pre-Auth that you don’t have generic! It would go along in helping us get brand name paid for, which our insurance has done. By the way, don’t ever tell the nurse working on behalf of our family to help get us the medication we need, to not call back again today because you aren’t filling the prescription. You don’t work for the customers. And you certainly don’t care about them! Horrible staff, with the exception of Michelle. Stay far, far away!!!

Kristy Parsons · almost 11 months ago

I had a prescription I needed transferred as after they told me they had it, they then informed me they do not and had no idea when they would. I found another pharmacy that had one of what I needed left in stock. That pharmacy called 3 times asking CVS to transfer it. After 4 hours I called and asked them to, was told they were doing it right then and it had to be faxed. I asked so it should be there now. No I was told it would take about 1 hr to fax. Odd since they told me they were doing it then and since when does it take 1 hr for a fax to go through? I explained that this other pharmacy closes in a few hours and they only have the one left. 1 h our later still no script. I called again and was informed now they are doing it. I tried to stress again the urgency. Was told they are getting to it. The other pharmacy tried again an no result. Finally the other pharmacy was able to get the pharmacist on the phone to verbally share it. I had 10 min before close now to pick it up. It should never have taken that long. Customer service is completely gone from this pharmacy now. I would not go back

Kelly Ellis · almost 9 months ago

We are here for Type 1 diabetes supplies frequently. Our insurance likes to give the run around and those out front try and help troubleshoot any problems we have…grateful for the help!

Twyla Morton · almost 1 year ago

CVS pharmacy in target off of gartrell is an amazing pharmacy. Great prices, staff is always willing to help you find the best price. I always feel like family and ask the staff and pharmacist questions related to health and medication.

Alexandrea Grossnickle · 1 year ago

I would warn anyone who may have a more complex prescription to avoid this pharmacy or at least dealing with the pharmacist. My husband get a prescription filled every two weeks at this location and I call the day before his ex is to be filled to make sure that they have all the information needed to fill this prescription. We have had issues getting this prescription filled in the past so I try to help this process along so that my husband is never out of his medication. Last week on Tuesday I called this pharmacy and asked them if they had everything they needed to fill my husbands prescription, after a few minuets I was told yes it is good to be filled and will be ready the next day, Wednesday, in the afternoon. I then went to the pharmacy the next day to pick up the prescription and to my surprise it was not ready because they were missing information. I was very frustrated because I called the day before and specifically asked if they had everything so I could reach out to our doctor to get it corrected. My doctors office said they never get any facts on prescription issues from this pharmacy so I try to make sure I call out office when I know there is an issue needed to be resolved. Not only was the pharmacist rude and unprofessional to me on more than one occasion, she also was the same way to our doctor when she called to find out what the issue with the prescription was. I just can not fathom the level of unprofessionalism in yelling and being rude to a customer trying to get a prescription and then be unwilling to provide information on what is needed to get it fixed!! If you don’t want to deal with people with kindness and compassion then you shouldn’t be a pharmacist. I would warn anyone to proceed with caution if wanting to use this pharmacy as your home base. The only positive I can say is every time I call or go in in person and talk with Sydnie or Paul they are very helping, kind and willing to assist in anyway they can. They are the saving grace of this pharmacy.

nicolechristina86 · more than 1 year ago

Agree with the lady who said they give Target a bad name! This is a busy pharmacy so you do understand ahead of time things move quickly but the niceties and good customer service shouldn’t lack. And boy do they! I dread going to this location for the constant attitudes from the front counter individuals. The pharmacist who’s been there since the beginning is a sweet, wonderful lady. This is the closest location and most convenient inside of Target. I almost wish Target would not have gotten rid of their pharmacy and unique color coded bottles all together. Been going to this Target/Pharmacy since the store opened 17-18+ years ago and since the CVs switch its been bad. . Hot mess. Go to Walgreens down the way or CVS off Jordan Rd.

Amanda Farland · 1 year ago

Terrible experience. Waited 1.5 hours with two kids under 3 for a flu shot that I made and appointment for. I put in my insurance info when I booked the appointment. To get there and have them ask for it again. They proceeded to make me pay $46 for a flu shot. I didn’t have my wallet because my insurance covers a flu shot in full. They would not give me a flu shot until I paid. A stranger paid for me and I sent her a Venmo. Meanwhile there was no claim sent to my insurance. Cvs/Target pharmacy does not want to help or figure this out. Could not be more disgusted and disappointed.

Erik Fager · 1 year ago

This is the absolute worst pharmacy I have ever interacted with. Target needs to do some customer service training with their pharmacy teams. It’s a joke, the pharmacist refused to come talk to me about getting my sons prescription. Refused to call the doc and insists that we have to wait for the doc, but when I call the doc they immediately answer and have said they have responded to the pharmacies question. 1.5 year old with a 102 fever, it has been 2 days and this place hasn’t filled the prescription.

Alyssa Stanley · more than 1 year ago

Terrible customer service. My medicine is never ready even if I call ahead. The automated system will say something is ready for pick up, but then upon arrival it is not. Their techs are unfriendly and unhelpful. If I am out of my medicine, yes I need it. No, I cant wait a month until your system says it will be ready, especially when I made a point to call AHEAD. I am looking for a new pharmacy.

Michael Keating · more than 1 year ago

The pharmacist on 09/24/2022 (afternoon) was rude, unhelpful, unprofessional and clearly didn't want to be at work. This toxicity trickled down to the other staff working with her. Awful. I am British, (they were aware) they mocked the Royal family and made vomitting noises about them- very poor taste and judgement bearing in mind our Queen has just passed. They laughed, oblivious they are front of house and could be heard. These three individuals have let your brand name down, diabolical behaviour and customer service.


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