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Walmart Pharmacy

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6101 S Aurora Pkwy, Aurora, CO, 80016, United States
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18 reviews


"I refill my medications here and never have any issues. 👍"

"Male Pharmacist was rude and unhelpful."

"Staff is helpful and informative."

Danielle Greaves · 1 year ago

Staff is helpful and informative. Always answers the phone. (unlike Walgreens) Will let you know if drugs are out of stock. I have been very happy since switching!

Lori Babers · 2 years ago

Waited 2 hours for a prescription. They knew I was waiting and I verified my number so they would text when ready. Showed up 2 minutes before their lunch break to double check and they were still there and it was done but they would not help me. Never sent a text. If it is good customer service you want go elsewhere. Had to wait an additional 30 minutes because of their error and lack of concern. I miss the old pharmacist. He was great.

Amy Lore · more than 1 year ago

This pharmacy is top notch!!! After leaving Walgreens and being so frustrated with King Soopers, who does not even fill a prescription until you go to pick it up, then wait hours, this pharmacy was a breath of fresh air!!! I went to pick it up right after my provider called it in, not even thinking it would be ready but it was! Not only that the entire staff I dealt with (because my provider sent my Rx to King Soopers too) helped me get my Rx cancelled at KS. I am a pharmacy/pharmaceutical rep and I call on a lot of pharmacies all over the state and this is the best one I have ever encountered! Shout out to the Pharmacist Ramia, who was so nice and helpful but the entire staff working that day (I dealt with three different people) were all so pleasant and helpful. Kuddos to this pharmacy. You have all our business now and I will spread the word on how well you are doing in a time when pharmacies are so overworked and overwhelmed due to Covid. Well done!!

Colleen O'Neill · almost 3 years ago

Not only are they usually out of my prescriptions, but they regularly refill my prescriptions late. They treat me as an addict rather than someone with depression. Withdrawals from medications because your pharmacy is behind is not enjoyable, so I am truly looking forward to switching ALL of my prescriptions to a different pharmacy that respects me and keeps my medications in stock

Ms Lopez · 2 years ago

I've been going to this pharmacy for about a decade. It's fantastic. Chloé is amazing. So knowledgeable and helpful every time. Sometimes her information is more helpful then my own doctor. Love her. ❤️

Julie · 1 year ago

Jason is wonderful. He goes above and beyond, always has a great attitude and is funny too.

Chelsea Summers · 6 years ago

The female pharmacist that not only took my prescription but was to fill it was behind on filling her scripts due to "chit-chatting" with other customers who were not picking up prescriptions just merely checking out with less than 5 items. It took more than 30 mins to get 2 simple prescriptions filled. Note to Wal-Mart: your employees can be personable but don't waste other people's time while they are supposed to be doing their job. Completely unprofessional

Aisha Khalfay · almost 5 years ago

They used to be a great pharmacy and be very patient with me, but now they are trying to quickly explain things, and get rid of you as soon as possible They also rudely have told me to get in line after o was the first one in line and have been waiting on my refill before everyone multiple times now. I’m switching pharmacies.

Michael Pucciarelli · 6 years ago

Male Pharmacist was rude and unhelpful. He didnt care to help out with questions or invest anytime in what was being asked. He gave generic lazy answers and after research he was wrong on the information given.

sheryl lambrecht · 4 years ago

I had to fill a prescription today and when I was told about the cost at checkout it was more than I could afford. The clerk helped me . to reduce the.cost by a significant amount. ISthink


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