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CVS Pharmacy

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9390 W Cross Dr, Littleton, CO, 80123, United States
Open · Closes at 1:30 PM
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34 reviews


"Always recommend this place to family and friends!"

"This location is worse than the dmv as far as wait times."

"The employees at this CVS are not very customer service oriented."

Benjamin Michael · 1 year ago

This pharmacy will text you that your order is ready. Let you drive all the way there. Stand in line for twenty minutes, just to tell you that you still have to wait for 20 minutes. Good thing im not sick or disabled while you play these tricks on me. Shame on this Pharmacy for tricking the sick to come and sit at the store for god knows how long. Why even text us its ready its a blatent lie!!! You wonder why so many patients loose their patience at the counter... its YOUR FAULT!!!!

Annemarie Mulei · 11 months ago

Horrible!!! Always have to wait in extremely long line!! I get a text saying my prescription is ready!!! But Nooo!! Soo i just waited in line for nothing!! They are very unorganized!! And the pharmacy technicians are extremely rude

June Schumacher · 9 months ago

There’s like four people working well like ignoring the people that are there to pick up their prescriptions The one woman comes along as I will get to you when I can??? So whatever so I wait and wait and wait. No one comes to help me. I left. This place is pathetic. Zero customer service zero they don’t even know what customer service is.

Amber Wermerskirchen · 1 year ago

This pharmacy is always fast and friendly. They are kind to my whole family and I appreciate how quickly they try to run through long long lines!

Sabrina Sheehan · 1 year ago

I've come to pick up prescriptions from this location several times and not once have they been ready. They haven't been able to pull it together one time! Today I had 2 refills, I called yesterday and today, spoke with a person each time who told me they would be ready by 3pm. It's 5:32pm, I left work early, and I'm sitting waiting to pick up my prescriptions because they only had one ready.... it's almost comical how bad this pharmacy has been. Go elsewhere.

Rich E · almost 2 years ago

I think the people that are writing these bad comments on this staff are wrong. This is a smaller CVS in a huge target sometimes the line will get long but customer service is never been bad. If you are grumpy from waiting in line go to a bigger CVS. They can only help so many people at a time. There staff is always and polite and never have I ever seen them be rude. On the other hand I have seen so many people in a ((rush)) be rude to them. I appreciate this staff and all they do there. Thank you!

DIXIE CHAMBERS · 1 year ago

My first experience with this Pharmacy is they filled my prescription under my husband's name instead of mine. My second experience is my doctor could never get them to answer the phone to phone in my prescription I was on hold twice for 30 minutes each time no answer when my husband got there to pick up the prescription they said that the doctor hadn't called it in well duh you can't call it in if they don't answer will be looking for a new Pharmacy for sure

Jen DeHerrera · more than 2 years ago

The pharmacists are great! However, every experience I have makes me walk away feeling they are short staffed. I just spent an hour and six minutes on hold this evening waiting to speak to anyone before I gave up. I really need a prescription filled and this was the only time I had to call. So I will be looking for a new pharmacy. Great people, but I can't afford to wait for so long.

Anthony Martinez · more than 1 year ago

Always a great experience here, thank you so much for helping with any unforeseen circumstances. Every single associate and pharmacists has jumped in to help me and I’m forever grateful for that because it’s not often you see that in most places. Always recommend this place to family and friends!

Brianne Nelson · almost 6 years ago

The staff are nice and I appreciate their work, but the whole layout of the pharmacy is incredibly poor. There's no place to stand when a line forms without blocking the whole aisle, there's only 1 bench to sit on and wait for your prescription, the drop off window is always backed up and they can't help you at any other window if that person is busy. Last time I was there I had to wait 15 minutes for the patient on the phone to let the pharmacy tech off the line just to wait another almost 10 to find out they didn't have my medication in stock. Which is odd, because half the time I call I have to wait a long time to speak with anyone. This pharmacy desperately needs a remodel and more staffing.


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