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King Soopers Pharmacy

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9820 W Belleview Ave, Littleton, CO, 80123, United States
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36 reviews


"Great friendly service."

"These people are incompetent, it was a female pharmacist that jacked it all up."

"Waited 4 days for my post surgery meds for pain."

Melinda Estrada · almost 1 year ago

I wasn’t surprised when I seen a 2.7 star rating for this pharmacy unless you like to wait I would advise that you go through the drive-through I went in and was totally ignored for over five minutes until I had to say something then a pharmacy rep name. Tammy helped me, she might’ve been a little annoyed by my voice, but that’s OK. She help me in the end, but that other staff that continue to work with no one not even saying someone will be with you in just a Moment Speaks volumes about this pharmacy. I’m seriously thinking about changing to another pharmacy. Once again, stay away from this pharmacy. I’m seriously not happy with them.

James Griffin · more than 8 months ago

TERRIBLE! I hate to write bad reviews but this place is literally the worst pharmacy in Colorado. The staff here is so rude, they refuse to help, they will lie to you just because they don’t want to do their job. Tell you they don’t have the medication or that they aren’t able to something and change the reasoning for it if any questions are asked. The manager here, Nicole, screams at customers often and seems to think it’s a good business practice to talk down to people trying to get their medication. I have no idea how they stay in business. I would very much caution against going here for anything pharmacy related. There are tons of other options where you don’t risk witnessing people getting screamed at for asking about their medication or it happening to you.

Lucinda Castaneda · almost 1 year ago

I have used this pharmacy for several years due to us living in the area. I switched from another kingsoopers pharmacy closer to my last apartment and they were amazing! For awhile at the beginning it was ok but about a year ago there is an employee that was hired who is the rudest person I have ever dealt with. I dreaded going there when I saw her. When there is a mistake with my pills I am afraid to let her know because I just don’t want to deal with how rude she is. I never got her name which I should have. I put my girls medications back to my old kingsoopers pharmacy because it’s closer to where I currently live. I had to pick up my meds first at this pharmacy I called it in did not get to a live person and they filled an old prescription which if I had to a live person I might have gotten the right prescription. When I went to pick it up I saw the woman and when I saw the wrong amount I just said, “forget it I am not bothering even though it was probably their fault which it was as I confirmed with my doctor. I went to pick up my girls meds at the old pharmacy at the kingsoopers on 80th and Sheridan. They greeted me right away. Noticed it was a new prescription for my daughter and asked me if I wanted information. It happened to be the same dosage that my daughter has so I gave her those pills and called my doctor and made sure the correct amount was sent to the other pharmacy. I couldn’t pick up my meds for a few days and they personally called me to check when I could pick them up. When I called them today to have my husband who was in the area pick them up they answered me and were polite and helpful. As most of the reviews say on here stay clear of this pharmacy on Kipling and bellview they are awful and their customer service. I will never go back to them again. Especially as long as that awful rude woman works there. I have a feeling the other review was referring to that same employee there.

Brianna Wilber · 1 year ago

Every time I call I get put on hold and nobody gets to me. I’ve called SEVERAL times today specifically and can’t get ahold of anybody. In the past, I’f I am able to get a hold of anyone, they are always very rude. On top of that my prescription has never been ready when they said it would be and it couldn’t be more frustrating. Do not fill your prescription here, I guarantee you will have the same experience. Horrible and hope I never have to fill anything there again.

Christy B · almost 2 years ago

Everyone has always been super helpful and pleasant. My prescriptions are always correct and ready when I need them. I've never had a bad experience here, definitely my favorite pharmacy!! I wish I could give a shout out to a specific person but I'm terrible at names and every single person has been great! I can only imagine what you all have had to deal with through the pandemic so i sincerely thank you all for being awesome !!

travis mcconnell · 1 year ago

This is the second time I've gone to pick up a prescription that was supposed to be available the day prior, only to be told they don't have it and I'll have to wait a couple days. Their only job is to stock pills and then put said pills into a bottle. Clearly, that is beyond this management staff and this will be the last time I use this, or any other Kroger adjacent, pharmacy Edit: Apparently they have plenty of my medication at a pharmacy two miles away. Rather than doing the right thing any other company would do and having that pharmacy send the Rx to them, they send me to that pharmacy. Never ever again will I come back, and I might stop grocery shopping here, too

Sherry P · more than 1 year ago

Frank was servicing both windows by himself on a busy morning. This guy was working hard! He did his best to keep both lines moving. He was courteous and helpful. I got checked in for my vaccination in less than 4 minutes. I was called in to the clinic in about 10 minutes. I got the COVID-19 updated booster, given by Cindy. She had a very gentle touch. It felt less painful than a pinch.

namaste1234 Hoppe · 2 years ago

Been going to this pharmacy for years now. They are Always keeping me posted on my prescription status. I got married a few months ago in Maui and they really went above and beyond to help me make sure I had enough of my prescription to get me through the three weeks I would be gone. Jordan the pharmacy tech and I always exchange stories about married life as he was married around the same time as me. It’s those personal touches that keep me coming back each time (even though I moved to Lone Tree) . Thank you king soopers pharmacy governors ranch for remembering your patients and always bringing a smile to my face. Drive through and hours are convenient too! Thanks again!

Chelsea Ilfeld · 1 year ago

Quite honestly the worst pharmacy I've ever been to. The staff is SO rude and unhelpful, everytime I have to go here there's always an issue.

Chris Corbin · almost 2 years ago

Asked the guy sitting next to the service window there for help. He literally rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders like it was the biggest deal, while saying “ sir I’m on my lunch”. I said I just needed to know where the Benadryl was… he sighed and pointed to the aisle saying “middle aisle ugh”. Sorry I bothered him but I’d bet that is their overall service. Stay away.


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