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CVS Pharmacy

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1265 Sergeant Jon Stiles Dr, Highlands Ranch, CO, 80129, United States
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56 reviews


"Showed up Monday, told they're filling it and to wait 15 mins."

"The staff are always extremely rude and snarky."

"They are always unhelpful and not very knowledgeable at this location."

Brad B · 1 year ago

I have walked into the target pharmacy for the last two days to experience a line of 10 people in front of me. I understand the pharmacy is busy, but there were three extra people working behind the counter and only one person helping process customers. The first night I stood in line for 28 minutes and finally gave up. I went back today to find the same quantity of people nine customers in front of me I stood and waited in pain in the agony while I was there to pick up pain pills for a recent surgery. through no fault of her on the elderly lady at the counter, was having trouble getting her insurance to process not a problem, my problem was that three other people are standing back there, looking out of the long line of crowd, not seeming to care that people are becoming discontent with waiting in line. My pain became so excruciating. I felt like I was going to pass out, and I leaned against the counter. I did not want to have to come back for a third day so I decided to wait it out. I finally got to the front of the line and I asked the girl why they were so not interested in customer service that three people would stand back behind the counter, watching the line, and only allowing one person to work register at a time she explained to me that she was going as fast as she could. Again, not a problem, but why did one of the other three not come forward to help reduce the lime in a quicker fashion. I am absolutely appalled with how much lack of customer care and concern there are for the people waiting in line at the pharmacy, it is obvious the customers are in need of medication.

Kevin stephens · almost 11 months ago

Out of stock on my prescription Friday. Said it would be here Monday. Showed up Monday, told they're filling it and to wait 15 mins. Showed up 15 mins later, they said it was out of stock. Started to raise hell and ask for a gift card for being so late on it. Did get the gift card, and I guess someone in back managed to find and fill it within a minute? 🤷‍♂️. Anyway. Added two stars for customer service, but I'm in the business of not wasting time. Still will probably go somewhere else next time to be sure I get my medicine not 3 days late and after wasting two hours

David Futch · 1 year ago

I was at Target on Sgt Jon Stiles looking for some over the counter meds to help with some pain. I went to the CVS counter to ask the pharmacist advice on what I could get without a prescription. The young female pharmacist came to speak to me and was visibly irritated to come down from the perch where prescriptions were being filled. I asked what she could recommend for over the counter to get the response ‘I don’t know what Target carries (my immediate thought was that is a stupid response to come from a college educated pharmacist working in Target), go to that aisle (she pointed to G4)’. She walked off as I was still talking to her. I thought the interaction was odd but went to look for the meds. I couldn’t find what the pharmacist recommended so I checked the Target app to see there was supposed to be 30 in stock so I went back to the CVS counter to ask for help to locate it. Another clerk said ‘Target doesn’t carry that product’ so I showed him the app where it showed 30 in stock. The next statement clarified the poor interaction with the pharmacist. He said ‘go find a Target employee to help you’. I asked ‘you are not a part of Target?’ and got the response ‘no, we are CVS’. I responded ‘that’s no good’. The attitude from the CVS team was significantly bad and less than acceptable. This may have something to do with why this CVS gets a 2.5 out of 5 rating on both Google and Yelp. I have been to other Target stores where the CVS employees behind the counter helped me find what I needed in the Target area so I thought Target and CVS were one team. I went off to find a Target employee who told me to look on the same aisle up high to find what you need. Management at this Target needs to address this issue with possibly a sign or a line on the floor to designate what is CVS and what is Target. Customer service training would also help the CVS team know what good like as compared to what they currently provide.

Tony Stornetta · 1 year ago

I know there can be issues with prescriptions and it can take time to fill a prescription, but the Target CVS Pharmacy is so much more competent than our last pharmacy. It is a pleasure to work with them. It is rare that there is a long line. My issues have always been resolved. Thank you CVS Target!

Michele Renfrow · 1 year ago

The pharmacy staff here is amazing! I want to give a shout out to Dennis and all the pharmacists and techs at this location. Unfortunately due to recent medical issues, I have had to spend WAY more time at doctor's and pharmacies than I would like. I hope that people keep in mind that these folks are where our doctors, insurance, supply chain, the law (opioids, etc) and technology (like sending in scripts, etc) come together to try to help us all feel better. I've seen way too many of these hard-working, overstressed and understaffed people get ripped apart for something that's not their fault (don't shoot the messenger). Try saying something kind and encouraging next time you visit your pharmacy. To the staff - thank you for all that you do for all of us. This customer is very grateful for the hard work that you do.

G S · almost 1 year ago

They consistently do not refill prescriptions when they are ordered. Often you have to show up or call to get them filled even though you’ve ordered them online.

Christie · 1 year ago

Michael in Pharmacy provided exceptional customer service over the phone today. He was helpful and thorough. This has not always been my experience here so I was very thankful for the positive interaction.

Devin Brookhart · 1 year ago

The staff are always extremely rude and snarky. They act impatient and annoyed from the moment they begin interacting with customers. I’ve observed this behavior both towards myself and other customers being helped at the same time as me. I pride myself on being very polite, prepared, and calm—because why wouldn’t anyone be?—and yet I only receive hostile, dismissive service in return, often before I can even open my mouth. I think this location ought to seriously consider cleaning house of its burnt out, unprofessional staff. Its customers deserve much better.

Irene Berry · more than 1 year ago

I want to thank the team of pharmacists who helped me get the medicine just before the closing on the eve of Thanksgiving. They went above and beyond to get through my insurance. The pharmacists were very polite and friendly and the customer service was excellent. Thank you! You really made a difference.

Kelly Flaherty · almost 2 years ago

If I could give a ZERO I would! They do not answer their phone (was trying to move a prescription from Highlands Ranch to Bozeman because we were traveling, Bozeman CVS did not answer their phone either - on hold for more than 30 minutes both places). I recognize they are understaffed, but CVS administration needs to be changed! Am moving all of our prescriptions elsewhere!


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