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Safeway Pharmacy

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2512 S Broadway, Grand Junction, CO, 81507, United States
Open · Closes at 7 PM
8 AM - 7 PM
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8 AM - 7 PM
8 AM - 7 PM
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13 reviews


"The pharmacy staff at this location went above and beyond!"

"Friendly staff and caring pharmacists."

"No extra charge for the rudeness."

Michael C Flaherty · more than 7 months ago

In and out of the store in minutes and the down home atmosphere goes a lot further than you think! I personally am prescribed meds that other pharmacy might give you a hard time with id and scrutiny we all don't need! Thnx give them your birthday and out the door you go!

Laura Selover · 8 months ago

Best pharmacy in town! Friendly staff and caring pharmacists. Always patient and kind on phone and in person. Been to 3 other pharmacy's by moving doctor's highly recommended. So glad I made the switch.

Melinda Wissinger · almost 2 years ago

The pharmacy staff at this location went above and beyond! Tia took the time to have a conversation with our insurance company and advocate for our sons medication coverage while we needed an emergency prescription fill while our family was traveling on vacation. She really did save our vacation and my son's end of summer plans with his best friend and his family.

Mark Carrico · more than 1 year ago

Don't plan on scheduling a Covid booster with ANY of the Safeway stores in the Grand Valley. Their website makes you go thru the filling out of all the info then after entering the zip code (81501) it says that there are no stores in the area. This has happened several times this past week, and after calling the pharmacy today and speaking with them she said she heard that there has been issues but there's nothing she can do about it. Talk about FRUSTRATING, I called another place and got my booster scheduled 2 days from now, that entire phone call took no more than five minutes. I recommend going elsewhere to get your vaccinations other than a Safeway pharmacy.

Amy Cox · almost 2 years ago

They switch a medication to whatever brand without saying why, I show up and every month it's a different form of a medication with different levels of hormones witch makes me sick, break out. It feels like they don't care about me personally, I know they know the side affects of the medication they are giving out,they SHOULD know what it will do to me but still switch me EVERY MONTH! If I ask for my desired meds they can't get them or won't have them for another 3 weeks. If they would let me know I could just switch pharmacys but they don't care to call to simply have some communication. I now have to switch to a different pharmacy OUT OF MY WAY to get care. It's sad they don't care.

Liam D · 2 years ago

I scheduled a vaccination appointment, and arrived early with all required documentation. After waiting for 40 minutes, I politely inquired about the appointment, and was rudely told by a tech "we have 950 prescriptions to fill. You can stay or you can go!" Plan to wait a very long time for prescriptions or vaccinations here. No extra charge for the rudeness.

Karen Ansell · more than 1 year ago

Always takes forever to fill, and sometimes waiting and waiting.

Elizabeth Hochevar · almost 3 years ago

Always ready and happy to answer questions

Michael Moseman · 4 years ago

Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff.

E V · almost 11 months ago

Best pharmacy


Service options

Has online care
In-store pick-up
In-store shopping
Same-day delivery


Wheelchair-accessible car park
Wheelchair-accessible entrance


LGBTQ+ friendly


Appointment required
Quick visit
Tests limited to certain patients
Appointment required for Covid test
Referral required


Debit cards
Credit cards


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