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Walmart Pharmacy

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2545 Rimrock Ave, Grand Junction, CO, 81505, United States
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18 reviews


"The staff are always warm and friendly."

"Pharmacy techs were rude, disgruntled, and delivered horrible customer service."

"The Montrose Wal-Mart questioned this but did refill for 90 days."

Morgan Rainey · 10 months ago

I work for a medical office and calling from a professional standpoint the staff who answered phone was rude and not helpful with answering any questions related to the medication I was trying to help a Patient be able to afford and pick up. I'm so sad at the decline in customer service and kindness in society much less this review I'm not sure why I'm wasting my time reviewing. Boo.

John Quinn · more than 10 months ago

The particular generics they use for my prescriptions make me throw up EVERY SINGLE TIME I take my meds. Walmart just sucks in general...

MLINDSEY · 2 years ago

I understand that there are staffing and shipping issues. It's bad enough that I have to deal with not having medication that I need, but constantly getting the run around from one tech and another. They keep telling me different times, days, stories. Every month I go a week without medication that I've been on for 2 decades. This is not okay.

Alice Lobato · 5 years ago

I can't believe these negative reviews. They are always very helpful, the app is great...I have never had one issue with the Walmart pharmacy. If you get your act together, which mine usually isn't, you can even use the express pickup. Mostly, though, the staff is very friendly, helpful and professional. And the prices are great. Anywhere else I went in town the prices were much higher.

Lisa Smith · 5 years ago

Staff was understaffed so didn't bother to call the number on the insurance card tonight when my daughter visited (obviously feverish and sick) needing antibiotics. Just charged the full price, "so she could get the medicine quicker". Seriously, a five minute phone call. Take a little time people, do it right! People are clearly not up to challenging you when they are feeling so poorly. I feel like my daughter was taken advantage of.

Michael Acord · more than 5 years ago

If you like poor customer service and enjoy feeling like you're stupid and less than dirt, please go to this pharmacy for all your medications! For large chunks of your hard earned money, they'll gladly take it and then won't communicate with you! Go ahead and try to call, and you'll sit on hold for 10-15 minutes. Only to be rerouted to the customer service desk 6-7 times. If you like feel like waiting your time and gas to go and talk to them, they'll tell you they haven't filled it because they "forgot to tell you that it would be a couple days." Have fun and good luck. They aren't getting any more of my business.

Melody Potts · 4 years ago

I was shocked to see this Walmart only had a 2.5 star rating. First of all no one gets everything perfect all of the time and second of all you must not have visited many Walmart pharmacies across the country. This is BY FAR THE BEST Walmart pharmacy I've ever done business with. Not only are they professional but friendly and caring at the same time. I've even see charity cases that were helped by thoughtful caring employees which is so rare to see nowadays. Lines are rarely long and I've watched employees go above and beyond to explain and/or show where items are located. My Walmart is part of my extended family and friends and when I see them in the community we stop and chat briefly. Take other reviews with a grain of salt!

Ellen Hendricks · almost 2 years ago

I have never had a good experience at this pharmacy. They lie, are incompetent and I have to make 3-4 phone calls to my doctor just to get a Rx filled. What a disgrace!!!

Leyman Williams · almost 6 years ago

We use Wal-Mart pharmacies for our medicine since we travel for long periods in our RV. In June we arrived in Grand Junction and immediately called to get refills on our medication. Later in the month we traveled to Montrose CO. While fixing my pill packs later in June, I realized that I had been charged for 90 day supply of one of my medications but only had 30 day supply. The Montrose Wal-Mart questioned this but did refill for 90 days. This week we called Montrose Wal-Mart to refill 7 meds. It seems when they contacted Grand Junction store they were told we had no refills WHEN IN REALITY WE HAD TWO REMAINING and it is very clear on the old bottles. They contacted the doctor to have new prescriptions written. When we got text that meds were ready for pickup, they were at a Wal-Mart in Arizona near the doctor! Such a waste of time for me and the doctor as well as 3 different Wal-Mart stores. Apparently less effort to pass on bad info to another store than to be responsible!! Seriously NO customer service.

Jesse Bennett · more than 4 years ago

I called a couple times from my phone just to ask if they had a certain medication. They said they couldnt hear me. I called from my wifes phone and they just hung up on me saying they couldnt hear me again (sounded rude by the way) I dont care if your too busy just send me to voicemail. If you need a medication like my wife needed after surgery call anyone else.


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