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Safeway Pharmacy

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181 W Mineral Ave, Littleton, CO, 80120, United States
Closed · Opens at 9 AM
9 AM - 1:30 PM
2 PM - 8 PM
9 AM - 1:30 PM
2 PM - 8 PM
9 AM - 1:30 PM
2 PM - 8 PM
9 AM - 1:30 PM
2 PM - 5 PM
9 AM - 1:30 PM
2 PM - 5 PM
9 AM - 1:30 PM
2 PM - 8 PM
9 AM - 1:30 PM
2 PM - 8 PM


17 reviews


"Extremely sadden by the way I was treated by the pharmacist at this location."

""If you willing to wait 30 mins we'll have it filled for you"."

"After that we waited for the technician to come."

Kevin stephens · 10 months ago

Closing from 130-2 is not cool at all. Wasting time in traffic and taking off from work just to come out here and turn around.

Ann Steeno · 1 year ago

Hello! I have been with this Pharmacy for MANY years and honestly they are pretty outstanding. Numerous times they have had to call physicians for me for refills which SHOULD have been in the system...they were stellar through the pandemic. At one intersection going through VERY complex medical they even kindly flagged when physicians ordered for me a script which was incorrect and another combo which could have been fatal due physician challenges in our area under Medicare and Medicaid. It is TRUE they are sometimes QUITE busy and with only two behind the desk most IS a popular and well loved Safeway for outstanding Customer Service/Care and frankly they were absolutely the CLEANEST and in our minds thus SAFEST thru even the Pandemic. I am a hard gal to please lately due medical tho this Safeway gets five stars tho shhhhhh - don't tell or they could become more busy which could take away from the CARE. <3

Darrell L · more than 2 years ago

Pharmacy is extremely short staffed. Here on a Monday evening trying to get some much needed antibiotics for my sick, infant daughter and instead stuck in a 10+ person line with ONE person working! Will be moving all prescriptions to the King Soopers across the street as I’ve never had an issue like this with ones over there

joseph peralta · 1 year ago

After I had given all necessary information and was about to handed my prescription I went to get the pamphlet from the bag when all of a sudden the lady violently snatched the bag away from me hitting my hand in the process. She single handedly gave me the worst experience in a store I have ever had. When I asked why she had done that, she said I shouldn't have tried to gab the bag! And then gave the bag to me. What she did was not only wrong, but it was against the law. I am seriously considering a lawsuit.

Michele Winkler · 9 months ago

Pharmacists are helpful and courteous. Wait just depends on chance, although I've waited less in the mornings usually.

Julie Walker · almost 9 months ago

Very rude and not helpful at this location. I'm considering driving a little further to go back to the one on Kipling and 470 because they are GREAT there.

Diana Walter · more than 2 years ago

The staff at this pharmacy is extremely unfriendly and rude. I arrived 10 minutes early for my 3pm covid booster appointment. I was told to have a seat and that I would be checked in at 3. While I sat there, 3 more patients arrived for a 3pm booster appointment and were told the same as me to wait to be checked in at 3. At 3:10, none of the patients including myself had been checked in for the appointment. Feeling uneasy about how unorganized the pharmacy was, I contacted another pharmacy up the road who gladly told me to come over. I will not use this pharmacy again and would urge others to do the same.

Jordyn Nebeker · 2 years ago

Extremely sadden by the way I was treated by the pharmacist at this location. My doctor's office faxed a prescription on Friday afternoon. Saturday afternoon, I went to check if they received it and the pharmacist was the only one working. After being unfriendly from the start of our interaction, she said she had nothing on record and then asked two questions before saying she had nothing so I left. The prescription was apparently filled on Sunday, but I wasn't called until Monday morning. I tried calling the pharmacy on Monday morning, but was on hold for 10 minutes before getting sent to voicemail. When I picked up the medication on Monday afternoon, I asked the tech when they received the script and she informed me it was received a few days prior. I am not sure if this issue is due to staff shortages, but I will not come back to this pharmacy due to this incident.

Steve Zavilla · 11 months ago

Every time I visit the pharmacy, I am treated properly and professionally.

Ricky Henry-Pierre · more than 3 years ago

I went Tuesday for my senior flu shot. Couldn't have it as my insurance website was down. Was told I would be telephoned when it was up. Nobody called, me so Friday I called and was told to come in. I arrived and was told to wait. In the waiting room where there were two people filling in their forms. One of them a male, had his mask pulled down below his chin. I sat there while they completed forms and the female went to hand them in. After that we waited for the technician to come. Whe she arrived she took the couple first and left me waiting again. At almost 80 I was left to sit with unmasked persons in a small room. Not happy at all and will never use that pharmacy again.


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In-store pick-up
In-store shopping
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Appointment required for Covid test
Referral required


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