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CVS Pharmacy

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105 W Troutman Pkwy, Fort Collins, CO, 80525, United States
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34 reviews


"Shout out of thanks and gratitude to Cami (spelling?) at this location."

"I received a rude look in return for asking and never received an apology."

"Accompanied my girlfriend for her flu shot and it is understaffed and nasty."

P C · 1 year ago

Always nice and helpful. It’s a small pharmacy, so there’s sometimes a line, but the employees make it worth it.

Cheryl Gaysunas Williams · almost 10 months ago

Shout out of thanks and gratitude to Cami (spelling?) at this location. She was a rock star in helping us solve a prescription tangle that we couldn't untie on our own. Pharmacys are understaffed and overworked. Let's cut them some slack and show a little love when the folks there go out of their way to help. THANK YOU!!

Betty Lewis · almost 1 year ago

I have been treated rude more than once. My son went in yesterday to pick up a prescription for me and caught them talking about me. I give them no stars! I'm changing pharmacist and I have been with CVS for over 5 years but I am not going back there again.

Jed Link · 1 year ago

I have used this branch for more than half a decade. The pharmacist are always very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, as they are located within a Target store, where I will no longer shop or visit, I am forced to find a new pharmacy.

T J · 1 year ago

Every time I get a prescription sent here it’s a hassle. It is in part due to my doctor’s errors as well, but when I simply call CVS to get info on my prescription to ensure it’s correct, the pharmacy techs that answer the phone are so rude! One even told me I should try switching medications as if they have more medical knowledge than my licensed physician 🥵

Johnny Poopoo · more than 1 year ago

Always a very long line when picking up my prescriptions. Last time there were about 9 costumers You can see 3 or 4 pharmacist in the back while one or two of them are working the front counter. That’s ridiculous. And there’s 3or4 empty registers They’re filling orders in the back and t he front can’t keep up!!! And I just was put on hold on the phone for 10 minutes, a recording came on and said “all employees are busy call back later” and then it hung up on me. They’re constantly messing up my prescriptions too. I must say the people who work there are really sweet they just need better direction. It’s an easy fix, just fix it!!! Thanks

Jim Klein · 2 years ago

Avoid, simple horrible. Why is zero stars not an option? Was told to come back in an hour to pick up the prescription. Came back and now told it was still not ready as they apparently had to order it, now told to come back at 3pm next day. Came back again next day at 3 (third visit now) and was told still not ready (never actually ordered) apparently due to no pre-authorization, the manager that spoke to us the day before about the prescription never mentioned anything about a pre-auth, and then took the day off and nobody currently working was doing anything to be of help. Phone number is at the top of the form, nobody could be bothered to pick up the phone and c o m m u n i c a t e, it's just our problem to keep going back and forth... I called the doctor myself from the pharmacy as I had understood they didn't do something on their end, the pharmacist is just standing there smirking while I try to get whatever needs doing done. Completely useless and the worst customer service possible, i.e. there was no "service". Never again CVS, not much reason to visit the Target that it's inside of either anymore.

Katherine Wildgen · more than 2 years ago

Busy, employees stumbling over overflowing prescriptions and clutter on floor, employees having unprofessional conversations clearly heard by patients/shoppers in the proximity of the pharmacy. Unorganized and frustrating experience. Made appointment online for flu vaccination, got text and email confirmation. They had no record of my appointment when I showed up and had to start over with forms, lines and more waiting. Will not be using this CVS for future needs.

Chloe Carlson · 5 years ago

The pharmacist is extremely rude and not helpful. She yelled at me for asking her a question while in the pharmacy and later on phone. Will never use this CVS pharmacy location again. The first time I came in, they told me it would be about 20-30 minutes to fill 2 prescriptions. One prescription was filled and the other was pending insurance. I waited for over 45 minute for them to tell me that it would take 3-5 days for the insurance to go through. It has been almost 2 weeks (not their fault) but every time I try to check in with them or ask a question I am yelled at. The pharmacist assistants are very nice and helpful but the pharmacist herself is straight up snotty.

Rachel J · more than 2 years ago

The staff here are nice and they are able to get medications other pharmacies can't. However, every time I call to check on a new prescription or ask if they can order certain medications I am on hold for at least 30 minutes on a good day. There have been several times I have been on hold for an hour or more. Very frustrating.


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