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1325 N Denver Ave, Loveland, CO, 80537, United States
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26 reviews


"I’ve always received good service!"

"It's not the policy that is upsetting it's the staff wasting my time with lies."

"Last year I could have switched pharmacies or gone to mail order."

Jennifer Roberson Clark · 1 year ago

The pharmacist helped me find everything I needed! They were helpful, courteous, & efficient! Overall Great Experience!!

Tristen Wudarczyk · 1 year ago

Great pharmacy. Always gets my meds on time. Just make sure the time your order your mess actually coralates with when your insurance paid for them. Don't get mad at the pharmacy when insurance won't pay. Overheard to many convos

David Janosky · almost 2 years ago

The service here is horrible and unprofessional. After taking some time off work from a new position, and moving states, I got a prescription I needed and attempted to fill it at this store. They did not have stock (probably a lie, I'll explain). I talk over the phone the next day and they lie and say "it's illegal for us to fill this, your doctor isn't legitimate as an online doctor" when what they should have said is "a policy literally implemented today, and our exercising of our own discretion means we will not fill your prescription, another pharmacy will however". I would have been fine with the latter but I thought I was being scammed so I canceled my card and called my doctor angry. He was confused and explained everything to me and got my prescription filled after hours at another pharmacy. I went in to complain and get a straight answer and they kept lying to me saying my address was wrong (it wasn't) or 30 minutes is too far away from my doctor (?). Then they called security on me and I politely exited the premises. I won't even be shopping in this store anymore. It's not the policy that is upsetting it's the staff wasting my time with lies.

Ms. GW Davis · almost 2 years ago

We've gone here mostly for our Covid-19 shots. You can make an appointment online. They have never kept us waiting. They will fill out your vaccine cards, too! It's very convenient.

Jordy Adams · 8 years ago

Without a doubt the worst pharmacy I've been to. I've had the same prescription for about 4 years, and I never had a single problem filling it... until I moved to Loveland. I'm right around the corner from this Walmart, so I figured it'd be the most convenient location to fill my prescriptions. I was wrong. I've been there 5 times so far, and EVERY SINGLE TIME they messed something up. First, because I had overlapping prescriptions from my old and new doctors, they canceled one without calling the doctor and asking about it, and refused to fill the other for over 24 hours, which caused me to miss my medication for a day. Then they "never received a script" twice in a row despite my doctor confirming they'd sent it to the right place, causing 24-hour delays again. Most recently, they flat-out refused a request directly from my doctor's office to renew a prescription because it "hadn't been long enough" -- despite the fact that I'm 3x lower than the maximum dose and have barely increased the dose in 4 years. So these people know better than my doctor how to care for my well-being? I don't think so. I will never go back to this pharmacy, and I recommend that you don't either.

Madison Van Bibber · almost 5 years ago

Ashamed to say I haven’t switched my pharmacy. By far the most unorganized, failure to communicate and slow establishment I have associated myself with. My medications are constantly out of stock, and each time I call to check on them the person I’m speaking with makes no effort to help find a solution. The lack of knowledge is astounding. If I get a notification saying my script will be ready in 1-2 days, I expect some sort of communication the medication is still not shipped and in stock after the two days have passed. Clearly nothing has changed and probably won’t change from the amount of terrible reviews I’m reading. This pharmacy is a JOKE people. Don’t waste your time coming here.

Sara Creque · 2 years ago

I can go back to this Pharmacy year after year because my experience has always been outstanding. Rhonda has exceptional customer service skills!!! Thank you for all you do!!!

George Stevens · 4 years ago

I have been going to this pharmacy for six years. On one level I understand some of the frustration expressed in some over-the-top negative reviews I read but worst ever...? The pharmacy is incredibly busy and LOTS of people are served there. Do I have an occasional delay on receiving a med? Yes, I have chronic illnesses and take several meds. I note the one or two meds (e.g. clonidine patch) is one. The pharmacy is not the issue; it is the distributor I believe. People at the pharmacy ARE accommodating. I have gotten partial refills or emergency refills. Are they nice to me? Absolutely! Sugar works a lot better than vinegar! I know pharmacy staff including the pharmacists — Pharmacist Craig and Pharmacist Registered Assistant Stephanie are the best, but everyone there has been helpful to me. Yes, pharmacists may know MORE than your doctor when it comes to factors such as drug interactions. I take more than 10 meds a day. Meds get changed. I need to know about them — when to take them, with what, and does time of day matter? Your GP reads the bottle like you do. Pharmacists know the meds and available substitutes, side effects, etc. Last year I could have switched pharmacies or gone to mail order. I did not.

Christina Manis · 7 years ago

Just had to transfer my prescription from Texas. Spoke with a very nice woman who was efficient, professional and friendly. She told me it would be ready today. I said I can't pick it up for a couple of days and she told me they will hold for up to 9 days. Very helpful and wonderful customer care!

pamela kersten · 7 years ago

They mess something up everytime for every single member of my family. They always have to call the doctor back 18 times before they get it right. They dont keep insurance info on file even though they say they do. They cant get our names correct, so made us pay out of pocket saying prescriptions arent covered when they just didnt spell our names right. Loveland is an awful place to live. It usually takes me at minimum 3 hours at the pharmacy to fill something if they have it. Switching pharmacies even though this one is closer. Not worth it.


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