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Safeway Pharmacy

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860 Cleveland Ave, Loveland, CO, 80537, United States
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16 reviews


"I was so impressed with the service I got tonight at the pharmacy."

"Don't waste your time or money until they fix this man's rude behavior."

"The pharmacy gave me illegal prescriptions and I could have gone to jail."

Elyse Reed · more than 9 months ago

I was so impressed with the service I got tonight at the pharmacy. I had a late day appointment and prescription from my doctor and really needed to get it filled before I went out of town the next morning. Unfortunately, I did not realize that the pharmacy closed at 6pm! Yikes! I called to see if the RX had made it over there and at that point (4:45pm) it had not. I briefly gave the person who answered the phone my information, but said I would call back in about 20 min. I tried calling, but they were obviously busy and didn't get an answer, so I took at chance and went up there. When I arrived I gave the pharmacist my name (by now it's 5:30!) and she's like "oh yes, we've been waiting for you, I'm almost finished filling it!" THAT is service! I didn't even tell them I was stopping in, only that I would call back to see if the RX had made it there! They saved me a huge headache and having to delay my departure the next day. Thank you so much, Safeway Pharmacy!

Bubs · 11 months ago

I love Greg. He is the absolute best to me when I go in. Love the guy, I have no idea what these people think about or do but what they say about him is not true.

Heather Irvin · almost 2 years ago

The Pharmisist named Greg was very rude and made me feel like a burden when asked to apply my GoodRX card. Will never go there again, his customer service skills are non-existent. Don't understand why he is still working there, come to find out he's been overcharging my mom on her prescriptions. The Pharmisist named Stacey there is awesome though!

Amber Lane · almost 2 years ago

Pharmacist was short with me and didn't really want to deal with my coupon. I felt like I was a burden to him for using my good RX coupon which saved me $18. Made some comment about them not making money. This was my first and last time coming here. Not good customer service skills.

Brienna Crown · more than 1 year ago

Greg, the man who says he is the pharmacist over the phone (but I don’t believe he is as another lady was working behind the counter one day as the pharmacist (and was very sweet and helpful by the way) is RUDE, SHORT, and refused to run my 75 Cents GoodRX coupon because “I go through this with customers all day long! It’s not gonna work!” Long story short,l insisted he run the coupon and to their surprise it was 75 cents! Also, when I had my last prescription transferred because of his horrendous attitude, it should’ve had one refill…Right before I had this prescription transferred, I kindly told him he had bad customer service, and a rude attitude to which he apologized - so I know he took my refill off ON PURPOSE. Go anywhere, but here!!!!! You will also be waiting in line for 15+ minutes, and you’ll be wondering why your migraine medication is labeled with one of your other medication sticker labels 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Josaline Green · more than 3 years ago

Decided to go in after calling in to attempt transferring a prescription and not getting an answer after a six minute hold. When we got there we were told that they would have to order it in, no big deal; except that when we asked if he could help us check the other locations for faster pickup we were told he was too busy to help and that we hadn't called the pharmacy. After explaining we had most definitely called, the man who was running the counter was adamant we had not and refused to even acknowledge that we might have, all the while being very rude about it. Don't waste your time or money until they fix this man's rude behavior.

Sharon Villegas · more than 2 years ago

Will not set foot inside this store again. Pharmacist in a round about way called me a liar.and said who did you talk to? There are no girls here... Thank you so much for making me feel stupid. Customer service skills are non existent.

Rich Luna · almost 2 years ago

The only reason I'm giving this place 3 stars is because they transferred my prescription correctly, but horrible customer service. Bill was willing to turn me away without knowing the situation

Johanna Sexton · 4 years ago

The pharmacy gave me illegal prescriptions and I could have gone to jail. I would never recommend this pharmacy to anyone who wants to stay out of jail. I didn’t even want to give them a star. And then when I called they said that they made no mistake and when I finally got him to admit he was wrong and did mess up he yelled at me and wouldn’t let me speak. Absolutely unprofessional both the old man who did the prescription and the other guy who answered the phone. Done with this Safeway!!!

David Allen · almost 1 year ago

Greg is the best! Always on top of it!!


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