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CVS Pharmacy

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10445 Reed St, Westminster, CO, 80021, United States
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111 reviews


"Finally switching pharmacies after a year or so of this painfully slow service."

"They need to hire more people and it’s on the company not on the workers."

"Went to the pharmacy and they refused to give me my medication same day."

Daniel Randolph · almost 9 months ago

Waited at the pharmacy for an hour for medication that was supposed to be ready yesterday. Extremely understaffed and not the workers faults. Pay your workers better so you don't inconvenience your customers. Treat your employees better and you wouldn't be losing business.

S Nimz · more than 10 months ago

I have to use CVS per our insurance contract. This unfortunately is the closest one. I don't drive and have multiple serious illnesses that are life threatening without medication, and I am severely immune compromised. They took over 36 hours to fill an antibiotic. When I explained I was on immune suppressants and needed it filled quickly to prevent going to the ER with sepsis I was LAUGHED at on the phone, and the woman snipped back they were understaffed. Prior to that I needed a nebulizer for an acute respiratory illness that also became urgent. 2 days to fill that one. I have now been waiting for over 72 hours for INSULIN. It's not an optional medication, I will die without it. Every time I've tried to call there is either no answer or they are out to lunch. Apparently they'd rather let people die than do their jobs. I am angry that I have to use this pharmacy, zero professionalism and snide employees that will literally laugh at you. I wish I had ANY other option than this pharmacy.

Alicia Christensen · 9 months ago

Like others, I would give this pharmacy a zero if I could. I had to transfer prescriptions over because of insurance requirements. Requested three times in person and online to have prescriptions transferred from old pharmacy to here- never happened in a three week period. New prescription they did not fill completely because they entered the wrong amount. When I tried to calmly and nicely explain this to the pharmacist I was told to stop talking so she could confer with her associate and she would not speak to me directly. Another cvs pharmacy finally noted the error and fixed it. One of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had. Now have to drive much further away to get prescriptions from another cvs, which still isn’t that great. They said they are understaffed- fine and I understand, but in looking at past reviews, they have been understaffed for close to a year. So something major with leadership needs to change with this pharmacy.

Christopher Imbriano · 1 year ago

Wildly complicated and disorganized location. I had to follow up three times to remind them to fill my medication (each time I was told they had it, when they did not) On the third time, a member of their team told me it would be ready within an hour and to come pick it up. After arriving hours later, I was told to give them 15 minutes to fill it. When I returned to the counter, I was notified they actually couldn’t fill it. It was in a box in the back and they were too short staffed unpack it. The pharmacist told me to go to another location (that she verified had inventory) and just let them know to fill it the following day. I called that location to verify they had it. I was then told the original location needed to “release” the prescription to be filled and they couldn’t fill it. I have been to this location before and have overall mixed experiences but the staff has generally been good. Not this time….they over promised and just simply decided they didn’t care to fill it.

Selena Ochoa · 1 year ago

If I could give this pharmacy 0 stars I honestly would. Please do not use this pharmacy especially if you need medications filled consistently. There were times where I spent WEEKS waiting for medications to be filled. Often times messing with my health because I was out of medications regularly even if I requested a refill before running out. The wait time is ridiculous. Be prepared to wait 45-60 minutes in line. Thinking about calling the pharmacy? DONT. You will be on hold for hours just to have someone pick up the phone and hang it up. There were times when they would pick up the phone and not say absolutely anything. All you could hear was outside chatter. I am not sure how the labor department and Colorado health and safety department haven’t shut these locations down honestly. It’s a horrifying experience. Please go else where!

Jessika Akins · 1 year ago

My sister has been using this pharmacy for the last three years and because she is terminally ill I pick up her medication, I’ve had several bad experiences with this particular pharmacy but today was the worst. She had some pain meds called in at 8:30 am. I arrive at 4pm there are at least 25 people in line, I reach the end line around 4:45pm for them to tell me it hasn’t been filled yet because it’s waiting on insurance authorization, she has never had insurance and has never used it in the countless times they’ve filled for her before. I explain and then they tell me it’ll be another 30-45 minutes. I’m now back in line, I’m lucky number 30 this time. I’m utterly disappointed in this pharmacy and after today we’ll be switching because this is absolutely ridiculous.

Amy Pomante · 1 year ago

The incompetent staff were not able to fill my prescription today. When I gave them the information the doctor had given me/who to call to confirm the coverage, was told they “would not be calling anyone.” Luckily the King Soopers pharmacy was staffed with people willing to think/do their jobs. Will never return to this pharmacy again and recommend you start by going somewhere better.

Haakon Sjogren · 1 year ago

Do you love not being notified when a prescription has arrived or been filled? Do you love being told that your pharmacy has your entire prescription filled while they actually don’t? What about waiting in line for an average of 30 minutes to an hour every time you need to pick something up? Maybe you prefer you pharmacy to rehire their entire staff every month? Do you prefer your pharmacy to sometimes only be staffed with one person and have them not send out notifications that they won’t be able to administer any shots for that day? Maybe you love that your pharmacy are actually closed during business hours? Maybe you prefer to arrive at the pharmacy with no one in line only to be yelled at by a staff member that they’re actually closed without giving you any visual cues? What you maybe prefer is to not move an inch while waiting in line, so you can spend your precious time to write this entire review? If you prefer any of those solid 1-star features, then this pharmacy is for you. Please join this pharmacy in being allowed to waste your time today!

Drew Crosson · 9 months ago

Worst pharmacy I've ever dealt with. On hold forever, get there and wait in line forever To find out they don't have my prescription and there was also a mouse in the aisle Of the Target store this cvs is located inside of Completely avoid this place.

Brandon Holt · 1 year ago

I was going to be a new customer at this pharmacy even though I was weary about the reviews. I get to the pharmacy and see 6 people already in line and no one being helped while there were at least 5+ workers. After 15 min in line I decided that I wasn't going to deal with this. The reviews are right, don't waste your time here. Hopefully they figure it out or get new management.



Drugstore chain selling a variety of beauty & health products, plus some grocery & household items.

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