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Walmart Pharmacy

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541 Warrior Way, Grand Junction, CO, 81504, United States
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24 reviews


"Nice drive up window fast friendly service , need I say more."

"If you can’t push people quickly through your drive thru then have them come in."

"Go in after work and gym around 5 and they didn't even start filling it!"

Brittani Peters · 1 year ago

Been having more and more issues with getting prescriptions filled at a reasonable time. Day two of waiting for my husband’s meds to help with his recovery after surgery. When I came in I was told it wasn’t ready so I asked when do they expect a shipment and the response was today. They then went and talked to a pharmacist and they had the smaller version of the meds but needed a doc’s approval. I’m sorry that is ridiculous if you give someone the same amount. I had no more shopping to do so I checked out and came back. I waited on the side thinking if they had heard something. After waiting and my frozen food sit outside of a freezer, I finally decided to get in line. They then said the office was closed and I could go find it at another pharmacy. No that is not my job this pharmacy should have a way to find someone that does or you know actually call the right person. About 8:00 when my husband said they were able to get a hold of an on call doc. Something smells fishy because why would someone be returning a call 4 hours later if they are on call or why would the even be trying this late. So now I have been sitting in the drive thru for over 30 min in my pjs, waisting gas, with curlers in my hair while trying not to fall asleep. If you can’t push people quickly through your drive thru then have them come in. Or just do your job instead of waisting my time. Why wasn’t the on call doc called earlier? Even if they did I highly doubt they would call back 4 hours later… I guess I need to find a new pharmacy. This Walmart sucks too.

Greg Crum · almost 11 months ago

My wife has been trying to get her medication for over two weeks. Complete incompetence by staff. They say it will be ready in two hours and yet it isn't and they can't find any notes about prior conversations.

Ashton Wryn · 1 year ago

Called my prescription in at 9am to be refilled. Go in after work and gym around 5 and they didn't even start filling it! Ask about my other medications I had refilled and they are out of one of them. Which I get except they have been out for 3months! I will be switching to any other pharmacy than this one. It's a joke!

J G · almost 2 years ago

Great service. I had 1 prescription called in and 3 transferred from 2 different pharmacies and before I finished shopping and got back to the car I got a text they were all ready. FANTASTIC service! And with a smile.

Doug Duncan · almost 2 years ago

Very fast, convenient pharmacy. Don't even have to get out of the car, using the drive through. Staff is very friendly as well. I buy all my drugs here, and well continue.

Vivicheri · 4 years ago

I'm surprised by some of the reviews, because I have never had a single negative interaction with any of the employees. It's been my experience that they go above and beyond to make sure orders are filled in a timely manner and even have helped me out with Good Rx since I don't have a smart phone and that alone saved me over $60. I have been using this pharmacy since it opened, so it's been a while. They have always been beyond polite, professional and helpful.

Kathy Magers · almost 2 years ago

Convenient drive up. Very nice staff. Our family uses them as our primary pharmacy.

Brandi Jaramillo · 5 years ago

If it wasn't such a hassle to switch pharmacy's, I would. Everytime I come here (twice a month), it's 20+ minutes per customer. And the customer service skills of the ladies in the drive up window is obserd. Either leave your problems at home, or get a different job that isn't customer service .

Spencer Sciorra · more than 4 years ago

Literally the rudest people I’ve ever encountered. They act like people picking up their prescriptions is putting them out when it’s their job to give us our prescriptions. I got in line and the lady rolled her eyes at me and acted annoyed that I came to get my prescription before it was ready.

kim shanholtz · almost 8 years ago

This is the most helpful and friendly pharmacy I have ever dealt with. They definitely go above and beyond expections...every single time I go. I feel very grateful that we have such good people working here. They are a role model for customer service!


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