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Hunting, fishing & camping equipment

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14050 Lincoln St, Thornton, CO, 80023, United States
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4013 reviews


"Always great service, selection, prices and just a fun place to go."

"Great deals and and very nice place beats competition up north"

"The QR code is a start, only if staff will actually work through the queue."

Laci Zimmermann · 10 months ago

It was very nice, I got a super cute and high quality jacket, the worker were very nice.

Owner's response · almost 10 months ago

Thanks for shopping with us!

Bodies By Farny · more than 1 year ago

There’s a reason online shopping has become more popular and this store is a prime Example of that. Little to no inventory besides one size fits all items. Little to no staff. Don’t walk too far in the back or you’ll get verbally assaulted by random people selling vacations. Doesn’t seem like the business is doing all that great if you have to have another business inside selling what is basically the in person spam version of high pressured vacation sales. You should not let people harass your customers. They also pretended to be staff so when we were looking for something they said “yeah we work here” then proceeded to give the sales pitch. Very annoying when you’re trying to find someone who actually works there. If you need help on the floor maybe the 5 to 6 people working in the gun library could be dispersed into the actual store. Just an idea… I’d would take an insane blow out sale for me to ever want to come back to this store as there is no one to really help and no items in stock to buy. Definitely recommend going online verse in store because even if you wanted to try on items you’re interested in. Chances are it’s not an option. If you need guns or fishing poles, plenty of those in stock. Most other items, good luck.

Owner's response · more than 1 year ago

We're very concerned to hear this. The details of your visit have been forwarded to our management team to review for changes where they may be needed. We strive to provide a legendary experience and are disappointed that this was far from your experience. In the future, we'll be working to make your next visit a 5-star one. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Frank Buck · 10 months ago

I had to drop in for a set of binoculars & a range finder. My got stolen. I went to the counter to look at some items & this customer service person - John L was the one who took care of me. He worked with me & gave me some great advice & allowed me to make my decision & was so good at his service, it was impressive. He knew the product, knew how to advise without the pressure of sales. It was a very good experience. In fact, everytime I've walked into this store I have always had great service. Whether it was Fly Fishing, shoes, apparel, ammunition, Guns, or whatever, it has ALWAYS been an experience of great customer service. Highly recommended. Enjoy

David Cooke · 1 year ago

Had an excellent experience here! Went to purchase my first firearm and they were too helpful. Buddha was great in giving me advice on what I needed to be able to purchase/own a firearm, Joe was amazing in helping me pick out what I was interested in as well as the accessories and getting all my paper work/background check done properly, Louis was very friendly and had great knowledge on what ever I asked him and Alyssa was very helpful and nice through the whole process! You all were great! Can’t say enough good things about everyone, thank you again!

Owner's response · 1 year ago

We are so glad to hear that it was an excellent experience. Thanks for choosing Cabela's!

Daniel Gregory · almost 1 year ago

I came in here to get a good pair of binoculars. Butch helped me choose the best pair for my needs. We had a great chat he was very knowledgeable and super friendly. Store was nice and clean with everything you need for a good time. Highly recommend.

Owner's response · almost 1 year ago

Thanks for the excellent feedback. We hope to see you again soon.

Jerome Hoffman · more than 9 months ago

Called store and asked questions about fly-fishing rods, specifically tips, and was told “no problem, we have wide selection…”. Drove to store and not only did they not have what I needed (GLoomis), there was no one in store that could assist me in that department - manager stated that everyone that worked in fly shop was on VACA. Couldn’t answer questions regarding flys, line, etc…. “Sorry about that” was all I got. Should have known better - went to Arbor Anglers in Lafayette and bought all I needed and cust service was too-notch.

Fiestas303 · more than 1 year ago

The store has the essentials , great if nearby, the pricing and variety is not bad on some items, I haven't quite got a great feel for it as usually have stopped by short on time. The place is maintained well, the staff is helpful if seeking something in particular and suggestions.

Tom Mills · 5 years ago

They do actually have every thing you can imagine here for outdoors stuff. Very knowledgeable firearms staff as well! In fact, I was pretty blown away by this place! I have never seen so many fishing poles, accessories, clothes, hunting, camping, gear of every type and variety in my life, and I'm 53. No where I have ever witnessed has such an overwhelming volume of outdoors stuff! They have little wood stoves to warm your tent! They have everything you might even think of needing to tie flies. I can't even list everything! Surprisingly reasonable prices too.

Page Garza · almost 2 years ago

If you need to buy a gift for someone that loves the outdoors, this is the perfect store. It's a fun place to bring kids also since they can learn about animals. They have a mountain full of real, stuffed animals that you may never get a chance to see in the wild. I bought a beautiful plaid shirt for Fall that I could not resist.

Nameless Allowance · 10 months ago

This is gonna be as honest as I can be with a review of a place perfect for hunting/firearm needs. I recently visited the Bass Pro shop location in Denver recently and was coincidentally recommended this Cabela’s location for some specific primers I needed. I’ve gone to this Cabela’s location only twice now, due to it being so far from where I live, and I’ve never had much reason to shop at one until I got into hunting/firearms recently. But my second, most recent visit, was nowhere close to my first visit. My uncle and I went in looking for some basic ammunition and a very specific firearm primer. I noticed immediately after browning some AR parts and the handgun counter that I was being watched more than usual. This isn’t being dramatic. There’s surveillance and then there’s “watch these people.” Which didn’t bother me, I’m not gonna steal stupid parts and ammo. If I somehow fit the cliche description of a thief, with my extra large hockey jersey Polo club jeans and Converse, then apprehend me and send me on my way. Don’t make us feel like you’re loaded and ready to take us down. It felt like that within 10 minutes of us being at the location. But what really bothers me is when we ask where the other AR models are, we were pointed to “the gun library” by the gentleman who helped me purchase my firearm my first visit. It wasn’t just a Glock, or any gun, it was a Navy colt revolver. I’d bet 1/500 gun buyers go in to buy one of those. I’ve only been in the retail business for 5 years or so. I remember hundreds of customers especially if they return. In your case, purchased a very unique firearm. I’m not asking to be looked at like a president. But no “hey you’re back, how’s the pistol been handling?” Because I know 1/500 people buy black powder firearms. If that. So, my uncle and I made our way to this gun library, and as I walked in I said “hey how are you doing,” to I’m assuming, the security guard, and got met with no answer or no form of customer service. Which immediately made the entire trip to the location extremely uncomfortable for my uncle and I. We didn’t have a single of the, I’m assuming, 4 workers standing there come up and offer any form of assistance in finding anything. No greeting from any of them. The “gun library” is the perfect place to offer your peak, 10/10 customer service to firearm enthusiasts. You guys have World War 2 firearms, and oddball weapons that, if you would have offered me some insight on, I would have considered looking into. Instead, my uncle and I were met with no customer service. Stares. And when I asked, I’m assuming, a woman working there “hey can I put these on the table for a second?” Because I don’t wanna hold 6 cases of ammo while I browse firearms, she shrugged me off. If I would have been approached about these unique firearms, I more than likely would have purchased your Springfield rifle. But instead, my uncle and I both left so uncomfortable, as if we were held at gun point. I don’t recommend this location for anything firearm related. If you ask about firearms, you’ll be looked at like a criminal. If you ask for special ammo, you’ll be followed like a criminal. If you look at the best firearms there, you’ll be looked at like a criminal.



Retail mainstay stocking a huge inventory of hunting, fishing & camping supplies, plus boats & ATVs.

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