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U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer

    10203 S Parker Rd, Parker, CO, 80134, United States
    Closed · Opens at 10 AM Tue
    10 AM - 5:30 PM
    10 AM - 5:30 PM
    10 AM - 5:30 PM
    10 AM - 5:30 PM
    10 AM - 5:30 PM
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    49 reviews


    "Very friendly people and awesome service."

    "The rudest staff imaginable."

    "Well run u-haul facility."

    Mike Langford · 9 months ago

    The truck was ok. Not as clean or nice as the ones off of airport road in Aurora, but got the job done. Picking up took more than 40 minutes and required a call to customer service because nobody was responding to the chat and for some reason it said they needed to call a reference to confirm I am who I say I am. I haven't ever had to jump through so many hoops and it got us off to a late start, but the location was convenient for what we needed.

    Seth Nederveld. · almost 11 months ago

    I'm just trying to give out this information to all of those fellow people who are struggling to pay rent I just found out from U-Haul corporate as long as you're not late on your payment you can live in the U-Haul at the price of rent this is cheaper

    Marcus Johnson · almost 4 years ago

    Consistently their service is excellent and a great example for others to emulate. If you're visiting a feed store for the first time, the umpteenth time, or the first in a very long time like myself, they provide the same warm and honest service which goes a long way toward making life a little more tolerable. No easy task that.

    Ashley Brooks · 3 years ago

    I had a great experience here. I’m not sure why other people are saying the customer service was bad; it was wonderful! The lady was very friendly and quick. I placed a reservation a couple days before and had no issue when it came to changing the driver last minute. I will definitely rent a truck here again!

    Jenna Yoches · almost 6 years ago

    UPDATE: June 30, 2018. My boyfriend and I found ourselves in need of a Uhaul again for an unexpected move. When my boyfriend called UHaul to reserve a truck they suggested he visit this location. We were hesitant because of our previous experience, but we were in a trickey situation. He went to the shop and explained how UHaul said they had a truck for rent at this location when a worker ("Debby") yelled at him saying there were no UHaul's available in the Denver -Metro area and was extremely rude. My boyfriend continued to explain that the UHaul representative said there was one truck available she continued to argued and yelled at him until he left. This is the SECOND time we have delt with "Debby" and she has been rude, unprofessional and argumentative. There is absolutely no reason for this behavior when we have been nothing but kind and communicative. She should not treat customers this way especially considering that they maybe moving and having a long/tough day. This place and their employees DON'T EVEN DESERVE ONE STAR. They should not be a UHaul representative because they do nothing but argue and tell at customers. *Original post* I called this facility for information on how to drop off my uhaul. The first women I spoke to was difficult to understand and had no idea what I was talking about. She referred me to have her manager call me back. I received a call 2 hours later from a "Debby". She had an additude and was extremely impatient. When I explained that I was in the middle moving and needed a moment she continued to talk over me. Throughout the conversation the women got increaslying more rude and talked over me. When I explained that her manner was unprofessional she hung up on me. Although there was confusion, the woman did not need to be rude or unprofessional. If I need to return my uhaul to this location I will arrange differently and even a pay a fee. As a customer, and someone who has worked in the service industry, there is not reason for the attitude.

    WB FOOT LLC · more than 2 years ago

    This is right next door to Parker feed and I believe that the ladies that own the Parker feed own this business as well or run it at least and if you live in Parker you should support your small business and this is a great example of that.

    Sterling Sessions · 7 years ago

    Rented a U haul for a short move, returned the truck a couple hours early. Filled it up on the way back. Drove a total of 35 miles. The truck was old, and rickety. It had over 155k miles on it, and hadn't been maintained well. Upon returning, I asked the gentleman sitting at the desk if he wanted to come and inspect the truck and check the gas level, he laughed and said no, you're good, we'll just send you the bill. They did, they hit me with an extra $33 fuel surcharge. When I called to check on the charge I got a lady that was arguing ticks on the gas gauge with me. The $33 isn't a big deal. Feeling like I was treated dishonestly is.

    Kelly Brown · almost 4 years ago

    The worst customer service experience ever. Blamed me that they forgot the dolly. 15 minutes late opening and 45 minute wait for rental. Never again! I hesitate to even give 1 star.

    David Hicks · 3 years ago

    Very friendly people and awesome service. After this experience they are my new go to place for other things as well.

    Jacob Naeyaert · almost 3 years ago

    Hard people to deal with. If there's more then one or two customer at the facility it's hectic for them.



    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance


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