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1 W Flatiron Crossing Dr #2176, Broomfield, CO, 80021, United States
Closed · Opens at 11 AM


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167 reviews


"Good prices and staff is cool."

"I can't belive I wasted half an hour waiting to be dissapointed."

"Awesome service, highly recommend"

Play Casket YT · 1 year ago

This store was ABYSMAL! Deader than a mausoleum. This place, for being a mall store, has damn near nothing available for gamers. Nothing for Xbox, or Nintendo, and Playstation. Hell, their toys & collectables are so highly priced, their clearance numbers don't make a lick of sense. Then there is the service, as we rung out, the man said they had stuff sitting in the back for days he wasn't motivated to put back on the shelf. And even then, that wasn't much more of a selection. This felt more like a cave spelunking expedition than a game store. Empty.

Victor Mendez · 10 months ago

Signed up for the pro and got a free booster Pokemon pack great store friendly

Alan Palomino · more than 1 year ago

If I could rate this GameStop a 0 I would. This store telling my mother to tell me that I should watch out for cameras just in case I steal. Well I’m 22 and for someone to tell that to my mother is unacceptable and I’ve been a customer at GameStop since I was a little. I’ve spent so much money with you guys and I’m not going to come back. I bought my Xbox Series X through you guys and waited two years and rather wait another two years to buy it from somewhere else. I’m honest so mad right now.

Ziggy 79 · 6 years ago

Regular gamestop, the associate was very nice and helpful. The store was organized well at the time and was fairly clean.

Connor COMU8888 · 2 years ago

Hours are incorrect. The mall is not open until 9, so they definitely aren’t either. Staff is nice enough, and are willing to interact with you, but do some things that make the transaction just… awkward. I come here occasionally to buy Pokémon cards, and it seems like a new girl was being trained the last time I went in. She was very nice, so kudos to her. I did ask her for some packs though, and she proceeded to look to the girl “training” her (with her feet up on the corner sitting back in a chair) for approval. This was odd just because she was only asking because the other girl might have wanted to buy them for herself. The girl, with her feet up, responded “I already got what I wanted”. It might’ve just come off wrong, but it definitely felt weird. That’s not how any of this is supposed to work. Safeguarding stock from your customers? Weird. I can’t say that enough.

Amy Spruce · almost 1 year ago

Always nice people working there. And always something to buy.

Gabriella Jade · more than 1 year ago

The more time you spend in GameStop, the more you find little gems. We had an amazing time at this GameStop & had a very helpful employee named Todd. Awesome service, highly recommend

Leandra DeLeon · almost 4 years ago

Horrible experience. EXTREMELY rude staff. There was a 5 person limit on customers inside the store, which is fine and understandable due to Covid. However, my boyfriend and I waited outside as the sign suggested. We waited as there were 5 people in the store. So we waited until 2 people came out, no one else was waiting to go into the store, so we entered. We walked around for a bit and then started talking about some games. This is when neckbeard comes over to us and asks us to go outside because "there was a family here before us". They kicked us outside their store to let 5 ADDITIONAL people inside the store (leaving 8 PEOPLE inside the store, instead of their suggested 5.) My boyfriend and I looked at each other, then the employee, and who seemed dumber than a box of rocks, and then left once we realized what a waste of space those employees are. It's okay, your prices are about as ridiculous as your employees, we don't need it. thats what the internet is for! Can't wait to see this business burn to the ground like Blockbuster did! Thanks for helping us realize this isn't the place to shop! Do not take your business here or to any gamestop for that matter.

sheepy · more than 2 years ago

Walked around for 20 minutes, no greeting, no approach, two associates on staff in a nearly empty store. They helped a man that walked in after me though, and one employee totally disappeared. Games were mixed and disorganized on the shelves and there were gaping holes of missing product. Lighting was shoddy, and the gate looks like its been taped. The PUR is $20 now too, which is a joke. I love buying physical games but not from here anymore.

Meagan Shadle · 4 years ago

Had the pleasure of dealing with Corrine (sp?), the store manager. She AND her team were very helpful. I had a return and was a little confused. She explained everything and I could tell she genuinely cared and wanted to help. She totally went above and beyond for our family. It's so nice and reassuring to know there are still people like this in the retail/sales world. Highly recommend this particular Game Stop guys!!!



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