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Service Street Auto Repair

    12740 Colorado Blvd, Thornton, CO, 80241, United States
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    1497 reviews


    "Thank you Service Street staff for all that you have done for our family."

    "Mediocre workmanship & high prices maybe be good place for an oil change"

    "Work was done quickly and for a great price."

    Phyllis De Novellis · 10 months ago

    This is my second oil change service this year. I drive a lot. I love the team at Service Street. They treat ladies with respect. The waiting room is always clean, the guys are professional and friendly. I’m so happy I snagged my friend's’ mailer and found them. I will continue here, rather than the dealership, for my future service needs. Their oil change package is incredible. It’s a better deal than any dealership package I’ve ever been offered.

    R Z · 1 year ago

    The guys were super nice, nice break room to use while you wait. My online appointment did not come up in their system (I blame the site) but they took care of my oil change with no problems. The prices here are very competitive compared to others. They checked my filters which is nice of them. Overall a great place to take your vehicle.

    Kris Wood · almost 11 months ago

    Frank provides the best customer service I have experienced in eons! He was thorough with his explanations of the CarMax connections/requirements, the team provided 2 thorough brake inspections for me (at NO cost) and their 5 pack of oil changes/tire rotations cannot be beat. It's my first time working with them but feel good about continuing!

    S Jimenez · 1 year ago

    I googled A/C repair and Service Street Auto Repair popped up, so I gave it a try. I glad I found out about this shop, all shops can get pricy but as long as its done correctly its worth it and this shop delivered, thank you for your service and courtesy.

    David Lopez · 9 months ago

    Great customer service here! Took my vehicle in for an inspection and the guys there were all great, friendly and super helpful. I definitely found a shop to get all my services done on my vehicles.

    Mary Wilkerson · 9 months ago

    They were courteous, and got me in right away. Provided ride home and back through Lyft. Diagnosed problem. Discussed what was needed right away and suggested other services not so urgent. Fixed everything in a few hours. Gave me a ballpark quote but it came out to be less.

    Carol Vallee · 1 year ago

    1st time at .Service Street Went to Service St. #401. Had a warning light that indicated the car need servicing. I needed the car the next morning and was so happy they opened iat 7am. They took care of the servicing for me quicker than any other places I previously went to. I was so happy that the noise when I braked sometimes turned out the brake drums just needed a cleaning. This has given me confidence that I have found a repair shop with honest, professional and enough employees to get the job done quickly.

    Steven J · 9 months ago

    I have used Service Street for a number of years for about 5-6 different cars. I used to really like the service I received but lately it’s been meh. I still think their work is pretty good quality but the pricing seems to be hit or miss. I took my wife’s Chevy there a while back because the fuel pump went out and they initially quoted me like $1500ish. After asking more about their mechanic rate and the cost of the part, the math wasn’t mathing so I declined and said I’d take it to the dealership. Magically, the price came down several hundred dollars so I decided to go ahead with the service. Again, the quality of the work was fine but that was annoying. Today we took the same Chevy in for an oil change. Full synthetic 5w30. Well they called and let me know they had to use 6 quarts and instead of $64ish, it was $94ish. When I picked the car up they said their pricing was based on only using 5 quarts so it costs extra. Ok, fine I paid for it no problem. But seriously, a quart of oil isn’t $30. All in all, I would say proceed with caution. I feel like I am going to look for another company for my car services.

    isabella primavera · 1 year ago

    I utilize and will continue to use service street for all of my vehicle needs and recommend them to anyone. They are genuine and trustworthy with the advice they give pertaining to diagnostics and potential services you’ll need down the line, without the sales pitch and urgency. Justin is great and went above and beyond to make sure my car was taken care of. Thank you to the service street team for keeping my car in good health!!!

    Carattack · 11 months ago

    I have only been here twice, but FRANK really took care of us. Have always had a great experience. I have no complaints, just happy that they don't try to force you to do extra work on your car. Just give recommendations. I absolutely love this place and will always use SS.



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