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Berkley Automotive

    436 S 5th St, Grand Junction, CO, 81501, United States
    Closed · Opens at 8 AM
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    86 reviews


    "Its the only place i take my vehicles great service and quality work"

    "They also have the best prices for interlock services in town."

    "Great fast service my boyfriend is so happy with their work."

    Kathleen Schrader · 1 year ago

    We first went to Berkley last June for an air conditioner problem. It NEVER worked right and I had to return 3 times in the next few months to try and fix the problem. A condenser fan was put in in August. The a/c compressor kit was put in in June. It has now gone out again. They say all is covered by the warranty and we would only pay for labor but that is the problem. We now don't trust them to do anything. Last August was the last time we were there and it is the last time for sure. So sorry. After paying $1,489.00 nothing ever worked. I was so disappointed

    Jerri Sams · 9 months ago

    We have a small business and depend on our one delivery vehicle very much. When a problem did come up, Mark got us in right away. Jeremiah was able to diagnose the problem and get it back on the road within hours. Thank You Mark & Jeremiah.

    Owner's response · 9 months ago

    Glad to help sorry we couldn’t fix it while you waited! Your our Flower People now!

    Kevin Jones · almost 5 years ago

    Very helpful, respectful and friendly! This time they are covering all the bases. My family's life is basically in their hands....i retract my statement.... I purchase the entire wiring kit for my truck and my trailer for a 7 prong and I have a picture of how they wired it this is not a professional job and I almost lost my trailer with my entire family's entire belongings in it thanks Berkeley and if you want a witty comment like this post2. Have a good one u a very specific brand of stupid. BTW I been at a different bk every time hoping that I quit running in to your wife but there she is with your nuts in her purse every time......

    Owner's response · almost 5 years ago

    All I can say is Mr Jones is very unhappy in his life he even 1 stared burger king 4 times but he keeps going back lol ! just one thing when you jackknife your trailer it pulls things loose especially the homemade outfit you were towing ! Btw the cursing of my employee was not necessary!

    Lora Wellborn · more than 1 year ago

    Amazing service!! I can't thank you enough for getting my car right, after 4 years and many mechanics later, Mr. Berkley and Jeremiah!! fixed my car. I am so grateful. I highly recommend Berkley Auto repair. They are diligent to find the problem and treat you fairly.

    Mitch Micheau · almost 2 years ago

    Mark Berkely and his crew have done fine work on all of my vehicles for 20 years or so. Always a fair price and great work. Despite his sometimes gruff demeanor, Mark is one of the most honorable and kind people I have ever met. Highly recommended!

    Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

    Thanks Mitch !

    Amanda M · 2 years ago

    Beware of this company after my last post this last summer I removed it because it was part of our agreement after they said they would fix it after they had signed a paper saying the transmission was rebuilt when it never was. They had it for a few months we waited forever to get it repaired there! After my son drove it to school for about 2000 miles it went out again. It’s at a professional transmission place and the cost will be $2700 because of there bad quality of work they did. Do not go to Berkley automotive. The lie and do bad quality work I’m So disappointed he apologized for his behavior and tried to fix it but know I see why it took a long time to do cause they don’t know what they are doing!

    Ryan Wickard · 2 years ago

    There's 3 things that make Berkley Auto the best shop for people, like me, that know what they're doing but are in no way an ase certified mechanic. Point 1. They will use YOUR parts! I understand why other shops don't but just let us sign a waiver and move on. Berkley will just use them. I needed a clutch replacement, brought my own clutch and they made it work even with it giving them problems up front! Point 2. My part gave them trouble and instead of making me panic and try to find a different clutch, they figured out the issue. My clutch was fixed and even with the extra labor they didn't charge me for it. I paid what they quoted me. Point 3. About 2 weeks after the job was done, my clutch was starting to get tough, hard to shift and for 2 days I couldn't even get into reverse! They told me to bring my car down and they'd take care of it. They next day I returned and my car was driving beautifully and smooth! I asked what I owed them and they said "nothing, we got you!" Its been 2 months since and she still drives like a dream! My perspective is one of someone who learned to fix his car SOLELY because he was tried of dealing with shady shops. There's a reason I only trust my car with Berkley and you'll feel safe knowing you choose them!

    David Wilson · almost 5 years ago

    This man is a complete ripe off. I was an automotive tech for fourty years and was treated like I was gulity when I went in for a interlock download. Shame on you and your crew for the way I was treated. As always this man is a liar and a cheat. Here's the proof.

    Owner's response · almost 5 years ago

    Never had a David Wilson on a DUI PROGRAM !

    Gavin Finlayson · 2 years ago

    I took my 4l60e in to get it rebuilt and when I got it back it's was slipping after 200 miles so I brought it back again and this time it took them 42 days to rebuild my 4l60e and it started slipping 2000 miles later. So now it's at a actual quality transmission shop and the bill is $2,600 to get it done right. So if you want to spend 2k on a rebuild and get your transmission back and it's still not fixed this is the place for you. Stay away from here

    Scott DeLancey · more than 2 years ago

    Very friendly down to earth. Had a question about my AC system. He young man even interruptted lunch with his wife or lady friend to come out and look. I will be returning to get the AC checked and charged. Do not be mislead by all the cars on the lot. Like a good restaurant, lots of cars mean good things inside.



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