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Wells Fargo Bank

    8500 W Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO, 80123, United States
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    38 reviews


    "We love the one on one service they offer."

    "The staff at this location are friendly, and timely."

    "I am unfortunately stuck at this bank as a business customer for the time being."

    Pete Stidman · more than 1 year ago

    Do not use Wells Fargo if you are a small business. They froze our account on a fraud check without notifying us, and only when our employees started to cash their paychecks did we realize. And even then, corporate was telling us they should redirect if the staff takes it to the branch manager level-- but the manager at this branch told one of our employees they couldn't cash her paychecks. Remains to be seen how far this fiasco will go and how badly it will hurt our small business. STAY AWAY!

    Owner's response · more than 1 year ago

    Hi, Pete. We're sincerely sorry to hear about your recent experiences at this location. We would like to better understand what occurred so that we can learn and improve. To ensure I can forward your concerns to the appropriate team, please email me with some details about what happened at [email protected] (no account numbers). Be sure to include the link you your Google review so I can keep an eye out for your message. I look forward to discussing this further. -Angel

    Penny McCarthy · almost 2 years ago

    What happened to Wells Fargo customer Service. Have called 3 different Wells Fargo location and 3 phone # for people who work there - NO ANSWER to any call between 4:00 to 4:10. Office hours say til5pm - Apparently that is no longer true

    Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

    Hi, Penny. I'm sorry you've had a difficult experience trying to reach this branch over the phone. To ensure I can forward your concerns to the appropriate team, please mention your review, full name, phone number, address, and the reason for your call in an email to [email protected] (no account numbers). Thanks so much. -AJ, Wells Fargo HL Social

    Tiffany Gunther · more than 5 years ago

    Wonderful branch! I have had my personal accounts set up with Wells Fargo for many years, but also have started my business accounts and business loan a little over a year ago. They educated me on the process, and setting these accounts up went very smoothly. Every time I walk in, I get greeted and asked how my business is going, how my family is doing, etc. They truly care about their customers!

    Austin Harris · 7 years ago

    Even though Wells Fargo bank does not seem to be the best bank around by any means, this location is wonderful. Very nice staff with quick service. Always accommodating and they even offer free waters and what not. Great branch. Now if only corporate could step it up ;)

    J Eldridge · almost 8 years ago

    The staff is friendly almost to the point of annoyance. However the staff is extremely helpful they never try to sell me extra products when I come in to talk with a banker. I've been a customer of Wells Fargo for over 18 years now and I don't see myself ever banking elsewhere.

    kimmy still · 7 years ago

    Christian was so helpful. I went in very early & he was eager to help even though he wasn't gaining any extra money from it. We spent a while resolving my problem and he never stopped caring or paying attention to me and my account. He remebered my family and was friend to talk to while also very efficient. I highly recommend this Wells Fargo to everyone.

    X-Ella Rose · almost 5 years ago

    This branch has always been super friendly with me and I just opened up a bank account with them not too long ago for an everyday checking account. The woman who helped me was Dominique. She was super friendly, answered all my questions when I asked a lot of them, I felt she was super honest, and I hope people there keep up the good work! :)

    Joseph Franco (Franco) · 6 years ago

    I've been a customer with wells Fargo for 12 years. So I know what to expect when visiting different branches. This branch does offer coffee, and always has a full stock of DumDum suckers. The staff at this location are friendly, and timely. With two drive through ATM's and one drive-up window. its pretty easy to manage finances.

    Lainie Vi · almost 11 years ago

    This has got to be one of the worst locations to bank with Wells Fargo! Not only do you have to wait forever, but when things are "fixed", you'll just have to go to a different location to get it taken care of! The bankers are inept and the branch managers are not upfront with you. I will NOT be banking with them again. Please take caution if you are to visit this location!

    Kristy Paolucci · 3 years ago

    This branch is great, but my review leans more towards banker Jordan Pacheco. He was so kind, helpful, knowledgeable and helped me so much with an issue I was having with my account. He went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and I’m not used to that at a bank!!! So thank you Jordan!!

    Owner's response · 3 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to review this location. I’m glad to read you had such a wonderful experience. I've made sure these kind words are forwarded to the appropriate teams. -Jessica, Wells Fargo HL Social



    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance


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