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25 reviews


"The rates, promotions, programs, and website are just the best."

"Hire more people to work on a Friday.!!!"

"My wife opens an account here, depositing a personal check from another bank."

Liz tv · almost 1 year ago

I'm generous enough to give this branch in Longmont a One Star, but it should only deserve a Zero Star! I received a promotion of $400 cash bonus in the mail if I open a new checking account as a new customer. I went to the branch, met the branch manager named Martha Todman. I handed her that paper promotion. She opened the account for me, and I deposited the required amount. She promised me that everything looked good and told me to wait for the cash to be deposited to my account within 90 days if I keep my balance of $1000. I did not receive the cash bonus, so I contacted her, but she asked me to email her the promotion paper and I did. She told me to wait again because she had to find out what was going on. I waited then also emailed her again asking for the status. She told me that she was still working on it. I tried to be patient and I trusted her, so I waited until the beginning of May 2023, I emailed her again, but she never responded. It's been over 6 months, no status, no resolution, no communication from her. Customer service kept telling me that they could not help because I opened at the branch so only Martha can resolve the issue. Unfortunately, I cannot keep waiting because of her lie so I had to withdraw my money and closed the account. I cannot trust this branch and this bank. I never can work with them, and I don't recommend anyone to go through the hassle as I did.

Owner's response · almost 1 year ago

Good Afternoon Liz, we would like to look into what happened for you. Please email your full name, billing ZIP code and phone number to [email protected] and reference case# 90579 in the subject line. Our Escalation Team will contact you within 2 to 3 business days.^CH

Carolina Weaver · almost 2 years ago

I have banked at several banks in CO for both Business and personal and Key Bank is far and away my Favorite. I can't say enough about quality service from my initial phone call to how being a bit late to my appt. of how well, efficiently and kindly I was treated. The rates, promotions, programs, and website are just the best. I thought Chase had the best convenience features on their website, No: Key Bank does. Yet: what I value even more is the exceptional human touch, business knowledge and features to make it easier to do business well. Things have been tough lately for small to medium businesses. These features are like finding water in a desert. Thanks, Key Bank. May every representative be like Martha: you are amazing! Well earned: Gratitude & Respect from me and company to yours.

Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

Thanks for the kind feedback, Carolina! I'll be happy to share your warm thoughts and praise with our branch team! Have a wonderful weekend! ^CS

Neil W · 3 years ago

The below review is my Original, but here is an update. Now I have also been helped by Bryant he helped me open a Credit Card, and a second checking account. He was also wonderful to work with. (Original) I opened a Checking Account and a Credit Card with the help of Dan, the manager, at this branch. He was so wonderful to work with and has been really great helping me. I would recommend anyone looking to open a new bank account to talk to Dan at Key Bank. Thank You Dan.

Shilo Cass · 3 years ago

Andre is my favorite! My husband has been a long time customer of key bank with nothing but a positive experience so I decided to make the switch from a credit union over to key bank and open a checking and savings account. Andre helped me get my account open and I was in and out within 45 minutes. Post opening the account I experienced a bunch of technical problems with being able to get into my online banking, while I can’t provide the 1-800 customer service representatives a five star review, Andre was right there with me working to get it resolved. He reached out to the back office, the 1-800 online banking department and myself until the issue was resolved and I was able to get logged in. He was a tremendous help in getting the issue resolved and I give him an A+ for helping me get an issue figured out that was outside of his department. He was my miracle worker in being able to resolve the problem I had been unable to resolve via the 1-800 number over three days. Andre has a great sense of humor, is super personable and knows his bank. If anyone needs a bank I highly recommend working with Andre!

Deanna Stevens · 2 years ago

I'm getting charged out the as for things I've canceled. I've used their wellness services, I've made sure everything is in order, and THIS MONTH ALONE I've been hit with over $300 in overdraft fees alone. Most for charges that customer service said were not even posted??? This is absolutely unacceptable.

Owner's response · 2 years ago

Sounds really frustrating for you Deanna. We absolutely want to help with this in any way that we can. If you would send an email to [email protected] including any additional details, along with your full name, phone # and zip code, I'll give you a call. Also, please include case #69950. Thanks! ^LH

Alexei Bogdanov · 5 years ago

Horrible experience. My wife opens an account here, depositing a personal check from another bank. KeyBank puts this deposit on hold "for a day or two." A bank employee, named Martha, assures my wife that if something unexpected happens, she will call us. We write a KeyBank check to pay our rent. No calls from Martha at KeyBank. Two weeks later our landlord slaps us with two huge fines for two unsuccessful attempts to deposit our KeyBank check. We are furious, my wife closes our KeyBank account, to never use KeyBank again. Bottom line: don't use KeyBank.

Owner's response · 5 years ago

Alexei, please have your wife email us her full name with contact phone number and zip code to [email protected] we would be happy to do an account review. Thank you. ^JL 24178

JB Hookerstien · almost 6 years ago

This bank charges a $7 fee for cashing a check written by an account holder at Key bank. The teller also asked for my social security number. I asked "why do you need that?" She started to say " Federal regulations..." I interrupted "No it is not." Being as I have never been asked that before. She proceeded to cash my check from Jey bank (with the $7 check cashing fee), without my social security number (Federal regulations hogwash). Between the check cashing fee (which I would be okay with, if it wasn't a check written from a Key Bank account). As well as the blatant lie about "Federal regulations". Is why I was so generous with 2 stars. The positive side, no line clean well put together lobby. Thanks. JB

Owner's response · almost 6 years ago

Hello JB - thank you for taking the time to submit a review. KeyBank charges non-customers a fee to cash a check at our KeyBank branches. While we believe the fee is reasonable, and is an industry standard, I understand your frustration. None of us likes to pay fees, even when we understand why they exist. I would like to offer you an explanation: KeyBank is glad to render services to our customers – services they pay for through regular checking account service charges. We are just as glad to render these same services to those who are not yet our customers – we simply ask that they “pay as they go” for them. Checks cashed by those who are not our customers still require the same level of service, hence the fee. We also feel strongly that consumers should have the choice to either cash a check at KeyBank and pay the fee, or choose not to, and go to their own financial institution. That is why the teller informed you of the fee before you completed the transaction. Please be aware that KeyBank policies comply with the Uniform Commercial Code. Please let me know if there is anything further you would like to discuss in regards to this. Thanks! ^ JK

Tiffany Byrnes · almost 5 years ago

I'm extremely unhappy with key bank. They dont stay open as late as most banks, seem to take more holidays, and dont have any weekend hours on saturdays. Not to mention the fact that making check deposits through their ATM is seriously unreliable. And to top that off, the only branch near me was closed for no apparent reason during business hours with only hand written signs with no explanation telling me I'd have to drive an hour or more to a different bank. Extremely unprofessional. I will be switching banks asap.

Owner's response · almost 5 years ago

Hi Tiffany- We would hate to see you go. Is there anything we can do to change your mind? Please send an email to [email protected], and we will be happy to see what we can do to help. Thank you. ^JF

Janel Campbell · more than 1 year ago

I have been with this bank for 6 months and had a little problem at the beginning but it was resolved real quick. Whenever I go to the longmont branch the people are all so nive and helpful

Owner's response · more than 1 year ago

Hi Janel - Thank you for the review and the 5-⭐rating! We'll pass this along to our Branch Partners as well. Have a great day, ^DD

Hilda Garcia · almost 10 years ago

So done with Key Bank. There always seems to be an excuse to why some charge pops up out of nowhere.. I don't understand why they say there will be a charge of $15 for every withdrawal from savings after the limit (7) and I look in my statement and its $30.. Huge difference and not the only bad experience. But worst bank I've ever had that's for sure.. I'm not the only person my own boss had the same problem..


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