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21 reviews


"I never felt rushed, or pushed to hurry up and make a decision."

"Or, expect poor customer service and a horrific experience!"

"Sat in the drive thru for over 10 minutes and still nobody acknowledged me."

Jennifer Warn · almost 11 months ago

Just closed out my personal and business accts. The fees are ridiculous. When I opened my accounts I was told there would be no fees and they would be waived. I don't recommend doing business at all here. Very upset at the fees they charged and wouldn't refund. Bad business!!

Owner's response · almost 11 months ago

Hello, please email us your full name, ZIP code & phone number to [email protected] & reference case#91663. We'd like to escalate your concerns and will have the appropriate area reach out to you within 2 to 3 business days. Thank you. ^PR

M. Peezy · almost 2 years ago

I have banked at most of the major banks in the area, and every time I have gone to this Key Bank, I've had only good experiences and wonderful customer service. I went in to set up a new account, and was greeted by a super nice young woman, named Shannon, who honestly couldn't of been nicer. But she wasn't nice in a fake or forced way, like you can tell when people do that just because they want your business. Throughout the whole time I was there, she was professional, and was so helpful. She answered all of the questions I had, she was very smart and knowledgeable, but didn't look down on me, or get annoyed by how many questions I asked. I usually ask a lot of questions, sometimes even when I know the answer, but I am trying to see if they actually know what they are talking about, or reading from a script, and Shannon definitely knew what she was talking about, and didn't have to look anything up, or ask anybody else there. I never felt rushed, or pushed to hurry up and make a decision. These days, great customer service is getting harder and harder to come by, so when I do receive excellent customer service, I want to make sure it is recognized. I get so sick of going in to a bank to make a withdrawal, or deposit money, and the tellers trying to upsell me on something, especially when I say "I just need to make a deposit, and that is it," but that has never happened to me at this Key Bank. I will continue to bank here just because I have always received excellent service from Shannon. Thank you Shannon for being a nice person, and being great at your job, I appreciate it.

Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

Good Morning and wow what a great review. Thanks so much for sharing that with us, I'll be sure I pass this along to Shannon and her manager. Hope you have a great day! ^LH

Cristina Corella · almost 2 years ago

This is the 5fth time I had to go to the Parker branch which is really bad I want to make a formal complaint about this branch and how unprofessional they are. I opened a "hassle-free" account here and all I have had is problems just to obtain the basic stuff. The person who opened my account did so many errors and we have been contacted several times to submit either my social security card or to confirm information that I already provided, my debit card never arrived to my house and it finally arrived after I went to the branch 4 times. I still have not received the money from the promotion that was offered when I opened the account. I received a direct deposit within 60 days of opening the account and the money is not yet in my account. Either no one knows how to do it or no one cares but everytime I go to the bank in Parker I receive the same answer, that the promo was not there and that they will call me later with more information and I never received the call. I just want to have an account that gives me everything that was offered to me and after that don't go to the bank again and only use the app for banking, that is what I think is hassle free. Never open an account here. I will be closing my account soon this bank is a joke

Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

Hi Cristina - We're sorry to hear about your experience, and we will forward your concerns to our Branch Partners. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with any additional concerns or details. Reference case# 77212 in the subject line. Thank You, ^DD

Adam Alexander · more than 1 year ago

Good bank, friendly people. If the teller is busy an account manager will handle deposits so you don't need to wait.

Owner's response · more than 1 year ago

Hi Adam, Thank you for this wonderful 5-Star review. We're glad we were able to make your experience a positive one. We will gladly pass this information along to our Branch Management Team. ^DR

Cynthia Cooper · 3 years ago

Sat in the drive thru for over 10 minutes and still nobody acknowledged me. Finally I called inside and asked her to send my card back! The teller said they were backed up. I understand, but next time greet your customer!!!!

Owner's response · 3 years ago

Hi Cynthia - Your feedback is important to us. How can we earn your 5-star rating? If there's anything we can look into, please send us an email with more details at [email protected]. ^SH

MA Turner · 3 years ago

After seeing the other reviews on here, I was surprised to have somewhat similar personal interactions the first couple times I went there. However I was very surprised seeing reviews saying they didn’t do their job because that does not match any experience I’ve had there. They weren’t overly friendly to me at first, but they were professional and never had a problem helping me with exactly what I came in for, which could sometimes be tedious jobs. Over a few weeks, they have gotten to know who I am and crack jokes when I walk in and even remember personal things about me! I think people are quick to judge off of a one time experience. At first, I didn’t feel overly welcomed in, but I also didn’t feel like they didn’t want me there either. Now after I’ve been in there just a handful of times, I am happy to go and see my girls!

Owner's response · 3 years ago

Good Morning, thank you so much for the 5-star rating and review! We appreciate your feedback and will forward the kudos to the proper team. Hope you have a great day! ^PR

Karen McGrath · more than 4 years ago

I had a wonderful experience. Quiche was my banker. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Explained everything thoroughly. The manager, Natalia came and sat in with us too. I felt special and appreciated. I would recommend this branch to anyone.

Owner's response · more than 4 years ago

Karen, thank you, for your branch employee experience feedback. Use the red key! ^JL

Carolyn Pierce · almost 3 years ago

I waited 45 minutes to deposit and cash checks as the 2 “financial consultants “ worked with folks who had complex banking transactions. And the bank manager worked with another client for over an hour!!!There were zero, nada, zip cashiers at the counter. Folks in the drive thru were not serviced and their money was locked in tubes as no one was available to help them! This place is a mess. After 15 plus years ( personal checking, savings, and biz account) with this bank in different states, I am done and closing all accounts. Who needs a financial consultant to deposit/withdraw money to personal or biz accounts?? The are so many banking choices in and around Parker; who needs Key Bank? Not me. Carolyn Pierce

Owner's response · more than 2 years ago

Hi Carolyn - We appreciate your feedback, and we apologize for the inconvenience. This isn't the service we strive to provide our clients. We'd be happy to forward this to our branch experience team. If you'd like to provide any additional information, or contact information for a follow up, please email us at [email protected] and include case #65677 in the subject line. ^SH

dylan kadrmas · almost 6 years ago

The Acting branch manager Denise was an absolute nightmare, mean, absolutely awful. If this bank doesn’t get rid of her, they are going to lose customers left and right. Brian was kinda helpful. However, I suggest you don’t bank with them at all. Or, expect poor customer service and a horrific experience!

Owner's response · almost 6 years ago

Hi Dylan - We appreciate you providing us with your feedback. We will make sure to have this forwarded to our branch experience team for review. Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with by sending an email to [email protected]. Thank you. ^JF

Krishna Chaitanya · almost 4 years ago

Lies , Lies and Lies all around, they send you promotional letters and say it will be done, upon opening account nothing shows up, and the rep says "No guarantee" for the promotional credit, if we want promotional credit can open a new account ..... B.S. Stay away. Just a bogus play to increase # accounts.

Owner's response · almost 4 years ago

Hi Krishna, we're sorry to hear about what's going on. If you send us an email at [email protected] we'd be happy to look into what's going on. ^ JJ


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