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154 reviews


"I have always have an excellent experience here great service, and great prices."

"They always give me good deals and have the best customer service."

"They did an excellent job fixing my phone, its practically a new phone."

Kevin Walsh · almost 8 months ago

Was extremely fiendly, to an uncomfortable level. Asked for the pin number to get into the phone to make sure he could test it once the new screen installed but we felt very unconfortable with this. The glass is cracked, not sure why you need access to info on the phone to replace the glass. I checked with two other cell phone shops and they both confirmed they could make the repairs without having the pin code. After leaving, I decided to ask for a refund which was given immediately. I feel more comfortable doing business with a franchise company.

Rachel Dixson · 8 months ago

Had the screen on my Apple Watch fall off from my arm 48 hours after getting the battery replaced here. I called and was told to bring it back in, as I was told the adhesive sometimes doesn’t stick. Unfortunately, it was not repairable as the force of the screen and battery following from the watch broke a wire. I was told that I broke the watch and had to negotiate receiving refund for the repair. They had slightly better Apple Watch that the offered to sell me at a discount, but I was weary of giving them any more money. I’m now out $150 for my watch and the time. I won’t be back.

Owner's response · almost 8 months ago

Even the apple watch was given to you in perfect working condition but then damaged when you were using it. We offered you for only $50 for a Series 5 44mm watch which was better than the series 4 watch you had that was destroyed as a replacement. But you refused. We took $150 loss to compensate for your watch even though your watching getting damaged completely was not our fault.

Stephen Pinkerton Jr. · 1 year ago

This is my first time utilizing a cell repair shop. My screen had become severely cracked and I couldn't do a single thing on it and needed a full replacement. Cell Zone gave me top notch customer service and also quoted me a price being 2 to 2.5 times less than 3 other different repair shops for the same service. Josue was working when I dropped my phone off and was the only one working till close. He still had it finished 2 hours after I dropped it off and it looks and works like brand new! I couldn't see anyone being unhappy w/service from this shop. Thank you so much!

Allysa Carpenter · more than 10 months ago

BUYER BEWARE!!!!! This place buys and sells stolen cell phones. My sisters phone was stolen and the location is clearly pinging inside the store as an active location and instead of working with her to get HER PROPERTY back they want to lie and claim they don’t have it. SMH no way to run a business.

Owner's response · more than 10 months ago

Stop lying, when it pinged and you called thats when the guy already left with the phone and we told you but you just like to accuse people falsely. If someone brings a phone to be resetted or they claim to have forgotten the apple ID and it pings at our store doesn't mean we sell or buy stolen phones. We are not God to know if someone brings a phone ifs its stolen or not. Your so unthankful or cheap we even told you if the guy brings it back to sell for parts or something. Do you want us to buy it for you and your response was no take it from them by force. We won't put our lives in danger over your $300-$400 old iphone 12. You even brought the cops and they were very kind and understood the situation and said nothing. I will definitely let the cops know that your harassing us and spreading lies over the google reviews.

Jenn Marie · 1 year ago

I was trying to get a new phone screen and was told by owner that if I had phone insurance it would be cheaper to use my insurance then just getting a new screen for my older phone. Thank you so much for your honesty. I am so glad your advice was helpful. I will direct my friends to you business if they ever need help with their phones.

Owner's response · more than 10 months ago

Your so welcome and thank you for your great review.

Alexis Perry · 1 year ago

I had them fix the back of my watch when it fell off and the back fell off again a few days later because they used a rubber glue. Complete waste of my money. They were nice people but that's where my praise ends. Thankyou for the response. I already took it somewhere else to have that issue fixed.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

I am sorry to hear that. You should bring it back so we can reglue that back instead of leaving 1 star review. We used rubber glue instead of adhesive so it's more water resistant than adhesive. If you bring it back we can try adhesive instead if that works better for you.

Tisa Anders · almost 2 years ago

Received excellent customer service. Very respectful and professional. Fit me in on same day plus fixed a particularly small yet difficult repair on my smart phone. Also purchased a nice protector for my phone from them. Grateful and glad to support this small business. I will return.

Daniel Leach · 9 months ago

I've called three times now, and it seems like it's someone's personal cell phone, they just answer with, 'Hello?' and 'Go ahead' but no company name, info, etc.

Owner's response · 8 months ago

Okay, thanks for the fake review.

Nathaniel Adams · almost 2 years ago

If your looking for a great phone repair business that appsolutly cares about there customers this is the place to go 100%. They literally went out of there way to make sure I was taking care of!! My phone isn't a common phone and I called multiple different repair shops and they all said they didn't have what I needed in stock and it would take days to get it ordered. But cell zone however keeps a large inventory of different parts for different phones. They did an excellent job fixing my phone, its practically a new phone. Not only were they great people who offered multiple different strategies but they were extremely affordable and when I was 3 dollars short they knocked 10 dollars off my already cheap bill. Not only do they do an excellent job at repairing phones but they have an amazing assortment of different phone products such as cases screen protectors etc.. I highly recommend them for any of your cell phone needs. They really saved me today when many other phone repair businesses turned me away. Thank you cell zone!! I will be back to pay that $10 you so gracefully knocked off. And I'll also be buying one of your amazing cell phone protection cases. I never write reviews but if theres a business that deserves a good review its most certainly cell zone!!!

baju isis · 1 year ago

Super fast and very friendly, awesome store location too! Definitely coming back if I need another screen done!



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