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Metro by T-Mobile

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    15453 E Hampden Ave Ste B, Aurora, CO, 80013, United States


    47 reviews


    "Friendly staff, but somewhat slow to active a phone."

    "Refused to give me port in deals because I'm porting in from tmobile."

    "I paid for two phones with unlimited service plans."

    Shalonda McNairalmost 10 months ago

    I went to this metro to go get me phone.looked online to get the address and went there to find the store don't exist.if you not in business anymore put on the website that you permanently closed. Because I came all the way on the bus.

    Owner's responsealmost 10 months ago

    Hi Shalonda! Your time is valuable and I am sorry for your experience yesterday. Our store information should always be up-to-date and we missed the mark here. I'll make sure we get this updated ASAP! If you'd like to further discuss your visit and service needs, please email me at [email protected] so we can chat!

    Yuri Alvarenga2 years ago

    The worst customer service experience. 1 star only because that's what I can give. However ok with one star because 1 out of the two girls working today seemed helpful and courteous. Unfortunately I ended up with the one who sold me a phone took my payment and gave me a bag with my new phone and said "Here you go" did not help with activation or setting up my phone. Unlike the other girl who we noticed explain everything and more to her customer. Kudos to her. I'm sure you know which one you are馃槈

    Owner's response2 years ago

    We鈥檙e sorry to hear this Yuri. We always want to take care of you promptly, but it sounds like we missed the mark this time. We hope you鈥檒l give us a chance to provide you with a better experience on your next visit. Your concerns have been shared with both the owner of the location and the store manager, both of which are committed to providing a better experience in the future. I believe an email has also been sent to you directly to provide additional feedback about your visit based on a recent survey response.

    Evan Thompson3 years ago

    I have been waiting on my phone to come in for half a month (NOT EVEN KIDDING OKAY) They didn't give me a temporary phone or anything said I'd have to wait on my new one said it would be here in 3-5 days called at 4 days - no phone - said it would be here Monday. Today is Wednesday & guess what? Still no phone and oh they also apparently don't have a tracking number for a $1,000 phone either. When I asked to speak with the regional manager the store then stopped taking my calls - had to call another store in order to even speak to someone! Never in my life would I recommend them or this store. How in the heck are you a phone store but don't carry the phone in store or have one in any of your stores? I've called the main office and all they don't deserve one star i wish I could give them a -10 whoever is the manager here - sorry but you should lose your job & im a sour person so we will see how long you do have your job for. - Written by his wife

    Owner's response3 years ago

    I鈥檓 sorry to hear this Mrs. Thompson That鈥檚 not the experience we want for our customers! Can you email me at [email protected] so I can get this fixed for you?

    Ava Karafiatova5 years ago

    I went to this store on Hampden Ave. I came before the store opened and waited about 15 min. At 10 am, the store was still closed. I waited about 10 mins past opening time, when a young women came, open the store, told me to wait till she counts her drawers, she said a about 7-10 min, that she's the manager, and she was at a meeting (yeah, right!) walked in and locked the door behind her. I waited another 10 mins. When she finally opened the door and started to help me, some other customer walked in. She stopped helping me and started helping the woman behind me. When I asked her if she's helping me, she said she's multitasking because she's in the store alone. I purchased a new phone and asked her to transfer the data from old to my new phone. She told me I have to come back for that, probably in the a afternoon. When I asked her why I have to come back since I'm already there, and drove all the way from Kiowa (1 hr 10 min trip), she kept insisting that she has to multitask and I have too many pictures in my old phone. I then asked her to transfer just the contacts, but she said again, I'll have to come back. All this conversation was while she was helping the customer who came after me. Then she handed me the phone and said she transferred the data and I'm ready to go. As I took the phone from her ready to go, she said she has some things to give me. She took a bag and put the empty box from thephone in it along with the receipt and set it on the counter, out of my reach, and went back to helping the other woman. When she was done with her, she came back to me and finally handed me my bag. Very poor service. Maybe because I am not Mexican. But this manager was Hispanic. Her name is Adrianna. I came home and found out that NOTHING was transferred. Had to go back the next day, but I went to another store where I got an excellent service from an American, who even shook my hand before I left the store. Never will go back to the store on Hampden again. Shame on you Metro for hiring lousy employees like her.

    Cecellia Shelbourn3 years ago

    Went there to switch a phone line to a new cell phone. The new phone will not make calls or send texts despite them spending an hour switching it over. They completely messed up and now its like I don't have a phone. Ridiculous the phone says "not registered on network" and does not function whatsoever. Please train employees better

    Owner's response3 years ago

    I鈥檓 sorry to hear this Cecillia. That鈥檚 not the experience we want for our customers! Can you email me at [email protected] so I can get this fixed for you?

    Angie Friskalmost 6 years ago

    Wish I could give less than one star. I paid for two phones with unlimited service plans. The next day they were both disconnected. When I went back to the store, the representative who had helped me the previous day saw me, knew she had screwed up, and literally ducked behind the desk and crawled into the back to hide from me instead of resolving the problem.

    Growmaster Genetics Organic Cannabis Gardening5 years ago

    They will lock the front door during business hours and the employees should be fired. So im in the parking lot at 5:00pm on a monday and the doors are locked and they dont answer the store phone either. This store opens late, closes early, and these kids that work there dont give a damn its just a easy paycheck for sitting around, hiding in the back, playing games and just F'ing around all day. Thats my honest opinion about the Hampden and Chambers Metro location. Go to another store and maybe you will get some service, just maybe.

    Lexy Cardonnemore than 6 years ago

    Beware! They do not allow refunds on any of their accessories, only exchanges. The person at the counter sold us the wrong size screen protectors (that she picked out), and then wouldn't refund them after not having the correct size at the store! The only place we saw the no refund policy posted is on the receipt, which you get after you purchase!! Ridiculous!

    rocky road porter2 years ago

    Refused to give me port in deals because I'm porting in from tmobile. Different company don't get it. False advertising

    Owner's response2 years ago

    Hi rocky road porter! It's disappointing to learn that we did not live up to our high standards for customer service. We are always improving and hope you'll give us another chance to provide better service in the future.

    Chris Morales3 years ago

    Maria had great patience, even when I didn鈥檛 know what to do she jumped into action.

    Owner's response3 years ago

    Thank you so much Chris! We appreciate you stopping by to see us.



    Wireless provider supplying phones, tablets & accessories, plus cell phone & device data plans.

    Service options

    In-store shopping


    Wheelchair-accessible entrance




    LGBTQ+ friendly


    Debit cards


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