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Metro by T-Mobile

Wireless provider offering phones & more

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16911 E Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO, 80015, United States
Open · Closes at 8 PM


10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
10 AM - 8 PM
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35 reviews


"Moto e5 plus is flawless highly recommend this over an phone or iPhone lol."

"Called customer services and they advised me to return to the store ..."

"3 pm store locked, no answer , lights on but no service,"

AwesomeVictor Sawyer · more than 6 years ago

Jocelyne was an absolute treat. Got everything I needed taken care of in a jiffy. Had issues activating my phone and she got it done in 10 minutes. Always love the service I get in stores with MetroPCS

michael wendelin · 2 years ago

Emiliano was a great help. Best customer service need more people like him that like to help people. 10/10 Best customer service experience.

Kamary's_world · almost 3 years ago

If I could give no stars I would. First off they always have the doors locked. No one answers the phone and if they do someone is hanging up. I have an emergency and I can't even get them to answer the phones. Terrible store! go elsewhere! I have called every Metro there is and they said this store always gets complaints. Edit: I will be calling the T-mobile headquarters/// Metro letting them know how this location is making them look bad.

Owner's response · almost 3 years ago

I’m sorry to hear this Kamary's_world. That’s not the experience we want for our customers! Can you email me at [email protected] so I can get this fixed for you?

MannyZ · 2 years ago

Emiliano was an excellent help 10/10 great customer service helped with everything went to a few metros with bad customer service they didn't want to help and refuse to help this location is the only one I will ever go to again. Thank you to Emiliano for the best customer service experience ever!

Sarah Hayden · 2 years ago

Emiliano is the greatest! Biggest help need more people with his customer service! Best customer service experience need more phone techs like him around!

Purgatory Traveler · 1 year ago

This has been my store of choice since moving here years ago when I changed carriers to save money. The staff have always been friendly to me. Every now and then it's busy and I have to wait but given the time I was there it was to be expected. There's only been a couple times where they didn't have what I wanted and I had to go to another store that did but they told me exactly which one it was.

Katie Wetherbee · almost 4 years ago

WORST customer service! Showed up, doors locked, no explanation why, finally an hour and a half later (I stuck around because the mail lady said the clerk was at lunch) "Veronica" shows up. I com in, no hello, nothing., I say hi I'm here for a warranty exchange and she rolls her eyes at me! Then I tell her there are a ton of notes from corporate customer service about the exchange and that I need to switch out the SIM card too, per "Tawnya" at Customer service, and she says no! I said please read the notes and she says "Do you want to do your exchange here or not" I could NOT believe it! I have ALWAYS received awesome customer service from other Metro PCS stores and calling in, this Veronica chick needs to be fired and a real customer service employee hired. I was already on the verge from having to call every 2 to 3 days because my phone was acting up but this chick has almost done me in. Thank God for reps like Tawnya that keep us wanting to stay customers. If you want service, DO NOT GO TO THIS STORE!!!!!!! Edit: Thank Goodness for managers like Rachel, whom called me back that evening and promised me that when when my new phone came in i would get the new SIM card and she even threw in a new screen protector for my new phone since I obviously can't take mine off and transfer it over, as a courtesy. Now THAT is the customer service I have come to know and expect from METRO PCS! I'd also like to mention that Ms. "Veronica's real name is Linda- she gave me a fake name to report. Ha. Ive been a customer of Metro PCS for years, I just changed my number again. Thank you Rachel!!!

Spyon myemail · 5 years ago

The girl who works there with tattoos either forgot to give me my change or tried to lie to me about accepting my 100 payment on my $85 bill . I wanted to have the option of having extra amount of credit to be able to buy hotspot data or use it towards my next bill. Called customer services and they advised me to return to the store ... The girl then gave me 7 in cash and charged me 5 towards my account. ...... Not credited bit another charge. .... Wth.... Ridiculous

Steve Childers · almost 3 years ago

I had a wonderful experience with Alex Connick from corporate. He was able to address all my concerns and issues rather quickly. I couldn't have had better service.

Owner's response · almost 3 years ago

I’m sorry to hear this Steve. That’s not the experience we want for our customers! Can you email me at [email protected] so I can get this fixed for you?

Co Conuts · 5 years ago

I believe the salesman name was Greg who was very informative, helpful, kind, and patient with us with our multiple questions but once again we left satisfied and is greatly appreciated I would definitely recommend this store if you're looking for someone with some phone knowledge. moto e5 plus is flawless highly recommend this over an phone or iPhone lol.



Wireless provider supplying phones, tablets & accessories, plus cell phone & device data plans.

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In-store pick-up
In-store shopping


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