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Ross Dress for Less

Discounted apparel, shoes & housewares

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455 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO, 80226, United States
Open 路 Closes at 10 PM


9 AM - 10 PM
9 AM - 10 PM
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881 reviews


"Great selection but need better customer service at the cashier."

"This place was understaffed for the weekend business they received."

"Employees were nice, just wish they had more plus size clothes/dresses."

Vik Scotty1 year ago

Not well organized. Messy. Saw many broken items still on the shelves. Workers nor helpful at all. Cashiers are cranky. The sweetest employee is the security man: Greets, smiles, offers help, gets the cart.

Sara1 year ago

Worst Ross in Colorado. Staff hate their jobs in here. The store is messy and never stocked and the customer service sucks! All what they care about is your money. I bought a few items and Nadia the cashier refused to open the restroom for my elederly mother who urgently needed to use the restroom stating that the restrooms are for employees only. Go to another Ross store you'll find better deals and get better customer service!

Allison Delgado1 year ago

Was shopping here and they closed so we were making our way towards the front and they literally started yelling at me and my family to go towards the front(even though we were clearly walking towards the cashier), literally yelling rudely and i asked why she was being rude and she said because we are closed. they were closed for 2 mins and i wasn鈥檛 even shopping anymore. and in line the lady with black hair started telling us to do her job basically and take off the hangers from clothes. no please just straight up yelling. very unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Bondservant X10 months ago

Timing is everything, with kids back to school the inventory was full! Found what I was looking for. Great housewares is a plus, gets me Everytime!

Jordan Friedlander (Bigredboots)6 years ago

The first rule of Ross is you never go there for what you need specifically, you go there for the broad idea and see if they can get you close. So don't go there looking for a pair of bikes, go there for athletic shoes. Don't go for a phone charger, go for electronics. The best any worst thing about this Ross is you never have a clue what they have in stock, and chances are you will walk out with something close ish to your needs, but not quite. This particular Ross is clean and the staff are nice, it is super busy on weekends and can get pretty trashed from people trying to find deals.

Demetrious Carter1 year ago

One person standing at the cash register to tell me to go ring myself up. Another at self check out to remove security tags because i CANNOT be trusted to do it myself. ABSOLUTELY no employee to actaully check anyone out

Nicky Katzer1 year ago

The self checkout thing would be better if it had another thing to take your tags off instead of just one person taking tags off. A line of people that paid waiting for one guy to take off tags on over 100 pieces of clothing? Come on Ross do better

Phat Matt (PhatMatt1297)10 months ago

meh. I didn't like the selection when I was there. also the shoe section is a mess with mismatched shoes in the wrong size area.

XOXOalmost 5 years ago

Well, 馃 I think that's a good in fact this store it's one of my favorites I only like to go between week because Saturdays or Sundays are full BUT I think that they gotta be careful with some people I don't know how they do it, because I went today to the store and one of the bras were on the hanger but It was used maybe a lady changed because the tag looks like used just that be careful.

Mars1 year ago

I usually like and enjoy shopping here, but today as I was in the dressing room with the 8 items they only allow. When I came out to try on more stuff the dude working had already started hanging my stuff up and had another employee take my cart back to the front. I asked if I could try on the pants before he sent those away too. I come back out with the 8 items I wanna buy between skirts, dress wear and shirts and he hasn鈥檛 even tried to call someone on his radio to bring me my cart back and said I would have to just carry it all up to the front, meanwhile I鈥檓 trying to balance my purse, I wanna see if something I had was in another size. I don鈥檛 know after today a little common sense and help would鈥檝e went a lil further, but I may not come back after the unprofessional help. He had one job



Retail chain selling brand-name clothing, shoes, accessories & housewares at discount prices.

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