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7710 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO, 80920, United States
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"I thought they had a good selection and some great name brand deals."

"Great staff and great prices"

"Edit: almost came again but the parking sizes are too small for customers."

Tracey Coco · 1 year ago

I just got my tax check and I stopped in to do some serious damage at the Colorado Springs store, but I did not spend one dime. I absolutely and completely refuse to shop in a store that doesn’t have a public restroom. It completely takes away your dignity and basic human rights. It’s a dealbreaker for me. Keeping your restrooms repaired and maintained is just the cost of doing business with me. Period.

Erica · 1 year ago

The store is BS! Sunday when we walk in they say they are only accepting cash which ok internet or something must be down, it happens. Then we go look just to see what they have found my daughter a couple pairs of shoes go to put them up front so I could go get cash. Then I get back amd they aren't accepting any form of payment. So we put it on hold to come back when the system is back up. They were supposed to call but never did. Then I go back today to get them after making sure their registers are working and they put the items back

Quyana Bailey (Que) · 2 years ago

Went there and the manager (or shift lead) was so rude! He was not helpful! I was trying to buy a jack that had fabric stuck in the seam… it was a $60 jacket and I was worried if it was pulled it would rip so I asked for a discount (like 10% off). He started to go pull it off and I said oh no what if you rip it there’s no more in that size that’s the only reason I am asking for a discount and he said your right and no I won’t give you a discount you can pay full price and buy it how it is. I said okay fine try to take it off and he said no I don’t want to rip it you can buy it as is! He was the rudest person I’ve ever met in that store!!! Normally they are all so kind.

Owner's response · 2 years ago

Thank you, Quyana, for letting us know about your recent in-store experience at our Colorado Springs, CO location. Please be assured that we will look into this and make every effort to rectify the situation. We value your patronage and trust you will continue to shop at Burlington and enjoy the excellent service you received in the past. We have passed this information along to our team for review. Thank you! - Nura

Jessica Branham · 1 year ago

No restrooms, even though they used to have them available. No fitting rooms. Their demagnetizers for their protected items are broken. Very inconvenient all around.

Christy Sugathapala · more than 1 year ago

I stopped in Burlington yesterday to do some shopping, and I just have to write a review about what a great overall experience I had! The store manager, Tristan, is incredibly nice and so very, very helpful! It's beyond refreshing to meet someone so kind and who provides such excellent customer service! A salesperson on the sales floor saw me shopping (with quite a few items) and brought me a shopping cart to hold the items I was going to purchase. The cashier was very friendly, and the gentleman at the door was very friendly as well. If I could leave more than five stars for this store, I would. I can't remember the last time I had such a great shopping experience. Thank you, Burlington.

Ryan West · 2 years ago

The store hours are 8:00 am. It’s almost 8:30 and the doors won’t open. It’s already bad enough the customer service is lacking. I’ve been waiting since 8:15 to enter. If the business hours aren’t 8:00am, you need to change that on your doors and website. EDIT: then some woman on a loud speaker explains the store can’t be open to the public yet? Okay, change your hours then because you’re lying saying 8am. Smh

Owner's response · 2 years ago

Thank you, Ryan, for letting us know about your recent in-store experience. We apologize for the inconvenience. We have passed this information along to our local store team to review and address. We appreciate your patience and hope that you will try to visit us again at your convenience. Thank you. - Nura

Frederick Gimino · 1 year ago

Very unprofessional. Greeted with unauthentic concern about what I was eating. Followed around store for no reason. Management was totally not understanding about my concerns. Some customer service coaching is in order.

Owner's response · almost 10 months ago

Thank you, Frederick, for letting us know about your recent in store experience. We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced at our Colorado Springs Burlington store. We have passed this information along to our local store team to review and address. We appreciate your patience and again, we are sorry for any inconvenience. We do hope that you will try visit us again at your convenience. Thank you - Tina

Amy Wieden · 1 year ago

For SOME inexplicable reason, apparently corporate has handed down the order that all Burlington stores must close their fitting rooms. That's a real dumb policy for a CLOTHING STORE to enact. We left the shopping cart of clothes we were wanting to buy, and left the store. That was my first visit to a Burlington, and will be my last.

Janie Reyna · 1 year ago

I can’t believe this place , ridiculous I was getting ready for an interview with them no one called so I had to call and got put on hold for another 15 minutes and never got a call so I called. Absolutely ridiculous! Then to top it off I got a girl on the phone and she goes I’m not usually the one who does the interview so let’s get started so I’m like okay ? And then she was like umm, okay let’s do this she had no idea what she was doing hence she wasn't supposed to be the one to interview me . Anyways we continue talking doesn’t ask me a single question about why I want to work here nothing . She’s asks for my availability and I go I can work mom-fri 9-5 half days on Saturday but absolutely can’t do Sunday's I have a 3 year old and one month old I need sundays to be with my family , and proceeds to say well I think we have to go into a different direction because you can’t do Sunday ? Mind you she didn’t ask me anything else ? Bad bad no wonder there is always a sign saying hiring or help wanted .

Rebecca Mae · 2 years ago

Nicest experience shopping in a Burlington. I thought they had a good selection and some great name brand deals. Store was very neat and well organized. Checkout was quick and cashiers friendly. But I was especially impressed by the doorman they had working (6/11/22). Keep that man, he is fabulous. He was beyond friendly in how he greeted folks, was getting carts for everyone as they entered, taking them when they left, and was just a very pleasant human being. 👍


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